CentOS Linux uses logrotate to split management logs

The Logrotate program is a log file management tool. Used to split the log file, delete the old log file, and create a new log file that acts as a "dump". You can save disk space.Logrotate command format:Logrotate [OPTION ...] -D,--debug:debug mode,

Linux start-up process (CentOS 7)

Objective The Linux startup process plays a vital role in the actual production. Imagine what we should do if we had a problem with a service in the actual production and couldn't start it. If we understand the Linux detailed start-up

"Linux Series" "Basic edition" know Linux, and install login CentOS

1.  know Linux, and install login centos1.1  learning methods and tools introduction     1.1.1  positioning  the choice of location, priority choice of first-tier cities, opportunities, learning space big;  target

Linux forgot root (here is the CentOS 6.5 example) password solution

In the process of using Linux, sometimes forget the root user's password (especially when the handover and the content of the document is not complete), this time we can enter the single-user mode to reset the root user password. Here's how to reset

Linux CentOS 6.5 Installation and configuration Tomcat-8 method

Installation Environment: CentOS-6.5Installation method: Source InstallationSoftware: apache-tomcat-8.0.0.rc3.tar.gz: http://tomcat.apache.org/download-80.cgiInstallation PrerequisitesThe system must have the configuration jdk6+ installed, please

Linux system installation (CentOS version)

First, overview:Learning the Linux operating system requires a hands-on operation, not just videos and textbooks. Must be hands-on operation, and constantly to deal with the problem, and constantly try. Please remember that the computer you are

How Ubuntu connects to CentOS Remote Desktop

1. System software SetupCentOS side:See if the VNC software is installed# rpm-q VNC vnc-serverPackage VNC isn't installedvnc-server-4.1.2-14.e15_3.1The above information means that VNC is not installed, and Vnc-server is already installed.Then,

Introduction to RABBITMQ Cluster construction method (test machine Linux CentOS) "Turn"

This article will introduce four machines to build RABBITMQ clusters:RabbitmqIP and hostname (per machine installed RABBITMQ 3.5.6, Erlang 18.1) localhost73 localhost74 localhost75 192.16

Vmware12pro Installing the CentOS 6.9 Tutorial

VMware under the CentOS 6.9 installation tutorial, recorded as follows1. Create a new virtual machine(1) Click File--New virtual machine(2) Select Custom (Advanced)-Next(3) Select workstation 12.0--> Next(4) Select Install operating system

VMware builds shared folders with CentOS

For the convenience of work and daily use, we often need to use both Windows and Linux systems. Here's how to set up a shared folder after installing Vmware+centos on a Windows system to make it easier to transfer files between Windows and Linux:

Linux CentOS 7 Graphical interface installation

1, first install x (x Window System), the command isYum groupinstall "X window System" carriage return (note quotes)2. Check the software we have installed and the software that can be installed, using the commandYum Grouplist Enter3. Then install

Modify the default NIC name under Linux/centos 7

When using Linux/centos 7 o'clock it may be found that the default NIC name is a random number after installing the system, the use of the process is extremely inconvenient to use, Linux/centos 7 of this change is due to the introduction of new

Installing FFmpeg under Linux (CentOS)


"Memo" Windows environment 20 lines of PHP code to fix audio clippingThe last time I wrote the article on how to operate ffmpeg in the Web under Windows, here is a log of the installation under Linux (CentOS)First of all: I spent about 1 hours at

Installation Vmware-tools operating instructions for CentOS 6.x

Installation Vmware-tools operating instructions for CentOS 6.x=====First step: Mount the installation CDFirst click Install Vmware-tools on the VMware interface and mount the discmount/dev/cdrom/mnt/Step two: Copy compressed files to a local

Mac client Password-free login to CentOS server

Client modifies hostsServer-side Modify host nameVi/etc/sysconfig/networkNetworking=yesHostname=node1To modify the mappings between host names and IPsVim/etc/hosts192.168.1.101 Node1Generate public and private keys on Mac client command lineCD

VMware CentOS 7 Update Vmware-tools

There is no problem with the setup, but the/mnt/hgfs folder does not exist.Baidu has a variety of methods, said on GitHub is the vulnerability of VMware, the original tools need to re-install it!Click on the virtual machine in the upper-left corner--

Installation of Nginx under Centos/linux

1. Installing the GCC compilerFirst, see if the GCC compiler is installedIn the shell console input gcc-v if not installed see nextInstalling GCC with YumaYum Intsall gccSee the following view to indicate that the installation was successful2.

Centos/linux allows Maven/tomcat to be used in ordinary users.

The following action # represents the use of the $ representation under the root user under a normal user1. Create a new user# Useradd Lonecloud2. Set the user's password# passwd Lonecloud3. Since the installation of Tomcat and Maven to the root

Installing Linux CentOS with Xshell for remote connection

Note that after entering there is a choice of skip and OK, select SkipNetwork problemsVi/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0//Open Network configuration fileOnboot=no//no Change to YesReboot//restartifconfig//View Networked IPDetailed

Windows 7 using VNC to Telnet to CentOS 7 method

1. Before installing VNC, first install GNOME on CentOSYum " GNOME Desktop " " Graphical administration Tools "2. Installing Tigervnc and X11Yum Install tigervnc-server xorg-x11-fonts-type13. Copy the VNC configuration fileCP

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