Installing MySQL5.7 using a compressed package under CentOS

Tag: encoding requires status names ISP line to create white serverInstalling MySQL on your own CentOS server today is a lot more problematic, and it's much more complex to install MySQL than in Windows. Here's a look at some of the blog posts

CentOS 6.8 Compilation Installation MySQL5.5.32 (i)

Before we deploy, we're talking about several ways to install MySQL:Compile and install: The advantage is can be customized, according to the company requirements of personalized settings; Cons: Compile complex, solve dependency problemsBinary

CentOS 6.9 Installation mongodb3.4.4 binary package

1. Download wget Unzip TAR-XF mongodb-linux-x86_64-3.4.4.tgz3. Copy to the appropriate software installation directory Cp-r-N mongodb-linux-x86_64-3.4.4/install/mongodb4. Configure

CentOS 6.5 Configuration network under VMware virtual machines

Using NAT modeThe virtual Machine network connection uses NAT mode, and the physical Machine network connection uses VMNET8.Virtual machine settings inside--Network adapter, network connection Select NAT mode. (The IP address used to share the

Linux CentOS installation JDK

The content is simple ~ ~ ~ The new person asks for care ~ ~How to install JDK under CentOS-this is centos6.5.1. First check to see if the current installed CentOS comes with a JDK--View JDK version: Java-version--Use the command to see if it comes

Virtulbox virtual machine to build a Linux CentOS system

Brief DescriptionThe article aims to build a pre-built article for Hadoop, and of course to build an introductory article on Linux. Then I'll repeat the installation preparation software.Environment Preparation: Http://

VMware Virtual Machine CentOS 7 Network Connection Configuration no eth0 simple solution

Personal blog: the previous steps basic and online Linux configuration is similar, the final step to configure eth0 when the results using the IFCONFIG-A commandFound and did not eth0, I based on my online

Centos Linux Iptables PPTP Configure

You can refer to the following article: didn't say anything before.Introduction to the Environment:Two network adaptersOne is eth1 this is an external network card is eth0 this is

CentOS and Ubuntu Modify host names

Centos1. Perform hostname to view host name2, hostname + hostname makes the hostname need to be modified to take effect immediately, but the next reboot will be invalid, so we need to perform the third step3, Vim/etc/sysconfig/network (red flag is

"Linux" Centos removal KDE desktop

Recently installed a centos6.5 system, found in the application menu with a lot of K-beginning applications and basically for me is not very useful.So want to uninstall these applications, because so many applications, on the computer watching also

Linux:centos Kernel Upgrade

CentOS Kernel UpgradeCentOS Upgrade 2.6 kernel to 3.10 in Yum's Elrepo source, there are 2 kernel versions of M ain L ine (3.13.1), L ONG-T erm (3.10.28), long-time for long-term support.See current kernel versionUname-rInstalling

CentOS 7 converts Linux system to virtual machine via DD

I.. configuring a KVM Server1. Configure Virtio Sourcewget Https:// Install related software packagesYum Install virt-v2v Libguestfs-winsupport

CentOS Python3 version replaces Python2 version

1. Download #wget wget Unzip and install #tar  zxvf python-3.6.1.tgz#cd python-3.6.1#./configure --prefix=/var/local/ Python appears configure: error: no acceptable c compiler found in 

How to implement CentOS in a native Windows-connected virtual machine

1. Determine the CentOS IP address, the command is Ifconfig, the LINUXIP address is IP address of the 2.WIndows is,3. Ensure that CentOS and windows can ping each otherPing Turn off

CentOS booting itself proactively mounts NTFS disks in Windows

With windows and CentOS dual systems, you can't get into windows in CentOS today, not to mention the files on the disk!Originally by default. CentOS does not support widows NTFS hard disk partition read/write, if you want to mount NTFS-formatted

Solve the Problem of installing mysqldb using pip in centos

Solve the Problem of installing mysqldb using pip in centos On the centos-6.4 pip install mysql-python, the error is as follows [sentry @ kjtest111 mysql-python] $ pip install mysql-python Downloading/unpacking mysql-python Running setup. py

How to configure and install centos on the DELL R710 Server

How to configure and install centos on the DELL R710 Server At the time of writing this article, I just installed a DELLR710 system. Install the system on the server for the first time. The article will not describe the installation process in

CentOS System Startup Process

CentOS System Startup ProcessCentOS (Community Enterprise Operating System) is one of the Linux releases, it is from the source code compiled by Red Hat Enterprise Linux according to open source code regulations. Because of the same source code,

Solve the problem that tomcat is stuck in INFO: Deploying web application when started in centos.

Solve the problem that tomcat is stuck in INFO: Deploying web application when started in centos. When centos7. + is not familiar with the tomcat project, when it is started, it is suddenly strange that no error is reported, but the website cannot

Solution to slow centos SSH remote connection

Solution to slow centos SSH remote connection The primary cause of slow connection is DNS resolution. Solution: 1. Change the configuration in the/etc/ssh/sshd_config file on the ssh server as follows:UseDNS no# GSSAPI optionsGSSAPIAuthentication

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