CentOS Enable Sudo method

CentOS does not enable sudo by default, and you can log on to the server directly as a super administrator. Ubuntu is doing a good job in this area, and it is recommended that sudo be enabled in order to be safe and reduce the damage caused by

CentOS system text interface to start the network card and modify the DNS address method

Win7 operating system, VMware installation centos6.2, in order to practice the WWW server configuration, using the text interface, has been considering a problem, this Nic how to start it? Anyway, I feel that learning CentOS is much smoother than

CentOS 6.5 server VNC Remote Desktop Connection error

First you need to check to see if the server has VNC service installed and check that the server has the following command to install VNC: Rpm-qa | grep VNC Using the above command the information returned to me here is the following (if there is

VMware installation CentOS system graphics and text tutorial

VMware Install CentOS6.2 Cancel Easy Install mode (this mode is not good, many software is not installed) Tools/raw Materials vmware_8.0.4.744019_lite_xiazaiba.7z "centos.5.6". x86. Disc mirroring]. Centos-5.6-i386-bin-dvd.iso Method/Step

Install the NIC driver for CentOS Linux system under Hyper-V

The solution is to install the Linux Integration Services Version v3.2 for Hyper-V tool (download address): After downloading it is an ISO document that hangs under the Linux virtual optical drive to execute the installation command: 1. Download

How to set and modify CentOS system details

In the use of CentOS system, we may feel that some settings are not suitable for themselves, although not cause a lot of mistakes, but it does bring us a lot of small trouble, I would like to give you some suggestions, modify your DNS, gateway and

Use the top command in CentOS to view the CPU

CentOS is the product of RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) source code, and it fixes a number of known bugs on a RHEL basis, and its stability is trustworthy relative to other Linux distributions. During system maintenance, you may need to look at

CentOS wget operation cannot be resolve (parsing) problem solving method

The wget operation result timed out on a VPS with the following information:wget http://down.45it.com/--2012-09-15 09:13:14--resolving blog.is36.com ... failed:temporary failure in name     Resolution.     wget:unable To resolve host address '

How to install and uninstall a graphical interface under CentOS

Although the text mode in the system occupies a small resource, but sometimes it is more convenient to operate in a graphical interface, so, learn to install a graphical interface under the CentOS must be. There are two graphics interface, you can

CentOS VPS How to open 80 port to solve the problem that the website cannot open

If you are using the cloud server when the site appears to not open the situation, then most of the VPS 80 port is not open or blocked, then CentOS to open the VPS 80 port it? Need to open through the firewall, the specific with the small series

To download the RPM package in CentOS with the Yum command, but not install the method

Yum is the default package Manager on Red Hat based systems such as CentOS, Fedora, and RHEl. With yum, you can install or update an RPM package, and he will automatically resolve the package dependencies. But what if you just want to download an

CentOS a tutorial on adding a new hard disk to its virtual machine without rebooting

Usually when you add a new hard drive to the virtual machine, you may see that the new hard drive is not loaded automatically. This is because the SCSI bus connected to the hard disk needs to be rescan to make the new hard drive visible. Here is a

CentOS installation vsftp to build new users

This article mainly describes how to install vsftp under CentOS and create a user's method, the need for friends can refer to the following   Rpm-qa | grep vsftpd See if VSFTP is installed Run command start installation Yum-y Install VSFTPD

How to open a port on a centos firewall

If you want to provide services on the server, the enterprise-class Linux distributions, such as CentOS or RHEL, contain built-in powerful firewalls, and their default firewall rules are very stringent. Therefore, if you install any custom services (

Install mod on CentOS

In order to implement the front end using the Apache processing page, the backend uses JBoss or tomcat processing logic, we need to install the MOD_JK module for the httpd. The operation is as follows: 1, download the latest Apache Tomcat

CentOS kills process Kill method encyclopedia

The safest way to kill a process is simply to use the KILL command. First use the PS-EF command to determine the PID to kill the process, and then enter the following command: # Kill-pid Note: The standard KILL command usually achieves the

CentOS Yum Add Epel Source method

Redhat Fedora Project has a Epel (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux), Epel is the Fedora Software warehouse Rhel, add it, you can get a lot of support rhel/centos free software packages. For example, the current popular nginx, OpenVPN and so on,

CentOS Modify host name (hostname) Tutorial

Two places need to be modified: One is/etc/sysconfig/network, the other is/etc/hosts, and modifying any one of these will cause the system to boot abnormally. First switch to root user. The code is as follows: /etc/sysconfig/network Open the file

CentOS 6 mistakenly deleted boot partition how to restore recovery

CentOS 6 mistakenly deleted boot partition how to restore recovery In the CentOS 6 system, is it possible to recover a deleted boot partition if the boot partition is removed because of carelessness or error? In fact, it is possible, the following

CentOS system password forgot how to crack the password?

1, boot to this interface, press any key 2. Edit Linux boot level by E 3, select the second, and then press E to enter 4, space input 1 or single 5, then return to the Grub interface by return,

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