Centos IP tunneling between VPN servers real case of multi-IP routing toward streaming

In this paper, the system is Centos6.0, the VPN service takes PPTPD as an example, and the bottom involves pptpd+freeradius+mysql authentication. Related url:http://lansgg.blog.51cto.com/5675165/1225461 This paper is a real case; leader demand is

CentOS the process of configuring KVM

CentOS under KVM Trial Recently tidied up the company's several servers, because the machine less application, always feel the server resource is tight, so the pain determined to use the virtual machine. Examined the decision to use KVM, because

How to mount ISO under CentOS

how to Mount ISO under CentOS Used to use these ISO image files in Windows, we can use the virtual optical drive to load, can not be under Linux without those tools, then what to do under Linux? First we have to load the ISO into a directory,

CentOS System Backup Script detailed

#!/bin/sh #设定变量 Bak_path=/root/bak_linux date=$ (Date +%y%m%d) log_file= $bak _path/$date #log.log #把执行结果写到日志中 EXEC 1>> $log _file 2>&1 #把要备份的目录打包放到 $bak the _path directory TAR-ZCVF $bak _path/$date #boot.tar.gz/boot TAR-ZCVF $bak

Centos 6.2 Department of Extmail E-mail Tutorials

Extmail is a Perl language, for High-volume/isp applications, free high-performance webmail software, mainly including Extmail, Extman two parts of the program suite. The Extmail Suite is used to provide a web interface for logging in from a browser

Troubleshoot problems with PXE installation CentOS 6.3 and Fedora 17

Cannot use # Python-m Simplehttpserver to build a temporary HTTP provider file server, However, this scheme can be done yum source, but the installation system is not allowed, or error, the specific reasons unknown. FEDORA17

Redhat and CentOS using service control to start and shutdown

Sometimes, when we install a software ourselves, we want to make it easier to control the service, in Redhat/centos we will first think of using service XXX start|stop to implement, but unfortunately, this requires us to write the startup shutdown

Centos 5.5 x86_64 Practical Kickstart Automation installation

Principles and Concepts: 1.1 What is PXE In strict terms, PXE is not a way to install, but a way to boot. The prerequisite for PXE installation is that the computer to be installed contains a PXE-supported network card (NIC) that must have a PXE

To teach you to deploy a remote VPN service using OpenVPN under CentOS 6.3

Today, I saw some people in the group mentioned OpenVPN, just a holiday at home, incidentally, the study of the next. 2 years ago when I was a little white when the old unit even headquarters OA used OpenVPN This client, feel pretty good, and feel

CentOS to prohibit users ssh and SFTP login

CentOS to prohibit users ssh and SFTP login In Linux for security purposes, we will prohibit certain users SSH login system to operate. Here I take the CentOS operating system as an example to record how to do the processing. 1, open the sshd

CentOS egrep Command Detailed

Egrep Feature Description: The Egrep command is the same as the grep command with the-e flag, except that the error message and the use message are different and the S-flag function is different. To search for one or more files using the Egrep

How to install and use the Iostat command under CentOS?

Iostat command to monitor system input/output device load You can perform the following command at installation Yum Install Sysstat Can [Root@zhaopin zhaopin]# Iostat Linux 2.6.18-164.el5 AVG-CPU:%user%nice%system%iowait%steal%idle 0.45 0.00 0

How to find broiler on CentOS server

how to find broiler on CentOS server SSH login to the server, the frequent delay off the line, landing to the firewall above to see, found that the firewall of the external network of the flow reached the 800m/s, the check found that there is a

Linux system CentOS can not start how to solve

Linux system CentOS can not start how to solve Workaround: 1. We have tried a single user can login Ah, how to do not say, yes can login, think of the hard disk is not the problem, fsck repaired the next or not. Google it. From the information

A detailed explanation of badblocks instructions under CentOS

A detailed explanation of badblocks instructions under CentOS First, command parameters Badblocks uses the format: Reference badblocks [-SVWNF] [-B block-size] [-C blocks_at_once] [-I Input_file] [-O output_file] [-P num_passes] [-t

PXE unattended Installation CentOS system

PXE unattended installation CentOS system PXE unattended installation of Linux system, can be multiple machines at the same time automatic operation management, reduce the workload of administrators, but also make management more scientific and

How do I temporarily disable a user in CentOS?

Temporarily disable users in Linux 1. In the/etc/passwd file, locate the disabled user in the row, add # at the beginning of /etc/passwd #coderbolg: X:500:500::/home/coderbolg:/bin/bash 2. In the/etc/shadow file, locate the disabled user row,

CentOS Start and stop service detailed

CentOS Start and stop service detailed Service Introduction Linux system services are system tasks that are automatically loaded when Linux is started and are automatically stopped when Linux exits. In the Linux boot process, we can see a lot of

CentOS method of setting file character encoding

1. view file character encoding # # #using File command### [Root@ipython report]# file--mime-encoding analysis.csv Analysis.csv:utf-8 # # #using Vim command### [Root@ipython report]# Vim Analysis.csv : Set fileencoding Fileencoding=utf-8 2.

CentOS using all the parameters of the previous command

Reduce keyboard input, can greatly improve the programmer's work efficiency, the use of shortcut keys is a good example. Programmers often use terminals. So is there a similar "shortcut key" on the terminal that can improve our efficiency? The

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