Using VSFTPD to build FTP server on Aliyun host based on CentOS

Recently, you need to build an FTP server on a Aliyun cloud server and share some of the configuration we've made based on our actual requirements in this blog post. The FTP software is vsftpd. VSFTPD is one of the most admired FTP server programs

CentOS How virtual machines set up shared folders and map network drives under Windows

Why do you do this? Recently in the Linux software development, but also want to use Windows under the Programming tool "Source Insight." Second, the installation environment Native System: Windows 7 flagship Vmware:vmware Workstation 9.0

CentOS DNS problem: Ping only IP domain name

Scenario: The day before the virtual machine in the configuration of the centos6.3, you can normally surf the internet, and the FTP server to build up, today a boot this goods unexpectedly can not surf the internet, depressed .... Problem: The

How to install Windows 7 and CentOS 6.3 Dual Systems

1. Download the CentOS installation disk My computer is 32-bit, so I downloaded the i386 version of Centos-6.2-i386-bin-dvd.iso Note: The hard disk installation version should be downloaded instead of the LiveCD version LiveCD (CD-ROM) is a

How to configure a gateway firewall using iptables in Centos 6.3

System environment: centos6.3 x64 IPTABLES: System with Self I. Deployment environment: 1. Close SELinux # Setenforce 0 # Vi/etc/sysconfig/selinux --------------- Selinux=disabled --------------- 2. Empty the default policy and restart

CentOS 7 Configuration Mariadb

First, install Mariadb:yum groupinstall mariadb mariadb-client-ySecond, start (set boot) service: Systemctl start (enable) mariadbThird, set only allow local access, add content in/etc/my.cnf: skip-networking = 1, the authentication command is:

The installation method of Yum source based on CentOS mysql5.6

First find the corresponding link on the official web, and then use the wget command to download it locally.wget mysql-community-release-el6-5.noarch.rpmInstall the client

CentOS 7.0 installs MariaDB and simple configuration using Yum

1, installation mariadbInstallation commandsYum-y Install Mariadb-server mariadb-clientInstallation Complete mariadb, first start mariadbSet boot upThe following is a simple configuration of mariadbMysql_secure_installationThe first is to set the

Several commands for the Centos view process

1. Ps-ef | grep javaRepresents the process information for viewing all processes where CMD is Java2. Ps-aux | grep java-aux Show All States3. kill-9 [PID]-9 means the forced process stops immediately4. lsof-i:8080 View 8080 port occupancyOther:1.

[Linux Learning] Centos graphics and command line interface switching

To switch between GUI and command line interface, you need to modify a file ...Under Root, change Id:5:initdefault to/etc/inittabThe Linux system has 7 runlevel (runlevel): RunLevel 0: System down state, system default RunLevel cannot be set

The CentOS tomcat process kills

Execute the PS-EF |grep tomcat output as follows Sun 5144 1 0 10:21 pts/1 00:00:06/java/jdk/bin/java-djava.util.logging.manager=org.apache.juli.classloaderlogmanager

Installing the CentOS-7 on VMware

1. Download VMware2. Ready the image file for CentOS3. Open VMware to create a new virtual machineSelect Custom Advanced and press NextContinue to the nextChoose to install the operating system laterClient OS Select Linux, version select CentOS

CentOS Installation Memcache

1. Install libevent before installing Memcached , first download with wget Libevent:wget zxf libevent-1.4.13-stable.tar.gzCD libevent-1.4.13-stable./configureMake && make install 2.

VMware installation Configuration CentOS

1. Create a new virtual machine and change the virtual machine location to E:/vmdata/centos.2. Custom hardware: Native 4G memory, 4 cores, allocate virtual machine 20G hard disk, 1.2G memory, processor number is 1, each processor core number is 2,

Installing TensorFlow (CentOS) under Linux

One, Python installationCentOS comes with python2.7.5, this step can be omitted.Second, Python-pipPip--python index package, lifetimes Linux yum, installs the Management Python software pack.Yum Install Python-pip python-develThird, installation

memcached installation under CentOS

The memcached is a high-speed, distributed memory cache system. Its official homepage in Pre-Installation PreparationLibevent support is required to install the memcached.CentOS throughYum Install

CentOS View System CPU number, number of cores, number of threads

  1, view cpu  physical number grep ' physical id '/proc/cpuinfo | sort-u | wc-l 2, view cpu  core number grep ' core ID '/ Proc/cpuinfo | Sort-u | Wc-l 3, view the number of cpu  threads grep ' Processor '/proc/cpuinfo | Sort-u |

Solve bash: xxx: command not found in centos

Solve bash: xxx: command not found in centos If some environment variables are set in the/etc/profile file, the system command is always unavailable: -Bash: xxx: command not found That's proved right. You have a problem modifying the environment

Configure port forwarding in CentOS

Configure port forwarding in CentOSEnable IP Forwarding First, enable the IP forwarding function, which is disabled by default. Temporary modification: # echo 1 >/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward The modification takes effect immediately after the

Solution: Install win10 first, then centos, and enter win directly upon startup.

Solution: Install win10 first, then centos, and enter win directly upon startup. Install win10 first, then centos, and then directly go to win at startup. solution:Use the centos boot disk to go to system rescue and enter the command line

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