VirtualBox Virtual machine installation CentOS Network configuration _virtualbox

The recent contact with Hadoop needs to be developed on Linux, so I've installed a VirtualBox virtual machine that installs a CentOS system on the virtual machine. The Linux system is installed, but the network configuration is another headache. I

CentOS 6.6 How to install a KVM virtual machine _KVM

KVM is the Linux kernel based virtual machine (Kernel-base virtual Machine), added to the Linux kernel is an important milestone in the development of Linux, this is the first integration into the Linux mainline kernel of virtualization technology.

CentOS 5.4+openvz+vtonf The method of implementing the VPS server _openvz

So far, vtonf has only supported Redhat, Fedora, and CentOS (which support Debian is planning). centos-5.4-i386 System (Vtonf does not support x86-64 system, installation process error, also described in its install) 1. Close SELinux Open the

CentOS 5.X Xen Virtual machine installation configuration and basic use _xen

CentOS 5.X Installation configuration Xen virtual machine and basic usage 1. Prerequisite Requirement 1.1. IntroductionXen is free software released under the GNU GPL and is designed to provide a system environment that is highly efficient,

CentOS One-click Installation OpenStack Detailed Introduction _openstack

CentOS One-click Installation OpenStack Recently to see OpenStack related knowledge, has been trying to install, but reference a lot of information, and unsatisfactory. Since the Linux version has been used for CentOS, most OpenStack installations

CentOS System of a key installation OpenStack graphics and text tutorial _openstack

Objective First find a foreign site, Http://, into the QuickStart page The simple translation is as follows: The tool used is a RDO, able to implement the three-step installation quickly in Linux based on the Rhel

CentOS 7.2 Installation Zabbix 3.2 Tutorial detailed _linux

Installation environment: VMware virtual Machines [Root@localhost ~]# cat/etc/redhat-release CentOS Linux release 7.2.1511 (Core) [root@localhost ~]# Uname-a linux localhost.localdomain 3.10.0-327.el7.x86_64 #1 SMP Thu Nov 22:10:57 UTC 2015 x8

CentOS 6.X Upgrade FFmpeg package steps detailed _linux

Objective FFmpeg is an important application software used to run video sites that convert video files into different video streaming formats and can be installed on Linux systems. This article is mainly recorded in the CentOS 6.X upgrade FFmpeg

CentOS 5 Manual partitions to install the system method _linux

There is no need to dwell on the relationship between CentOS, Fedora and Redhat. Redhat I can't afford it, its anti-piracy work is very good, so I have never used redhat. Fedora is my first contact with Linux on a system, I think it is very good,

CentOS 5.4 Kloxo Installation detailed instructions _linux

Now share the installation process: 1, the first to minimize the installation of CentOS 5.4, do not choose anything 2, set CentOSCENTOS5, this place changes, not in the installation of the process settings, but the system is installed, the first

CentOS Redhat series against DDoS home essential tool Banip.txt_linux

Copy Code code as follows: ############################################## #version = "20100718" #author = "Phpsir" #author_email = "" ############################################## Maxnum=50 runmin_max=300 #runmin_max

Detailed methods for installing Docker 1.12.3 version under CentOS 7.2 _docker

Docker is an open source application container engine that allows developers to package their apps and dependencies into a portable container, and then publish it to any popular Linux machine or virtualization. Containers are completely using the

Linux common commands in the VMware10 install CentOS 6.4 Graphics and text tutorial _vmware

Small weave used Linux system is now the mainstream enterprise-class Linu system Redhat and CentOS, this side mainly introduced under the CentOS 6.4 installation Redhat and CentOS difference is not small, CentOS is a based on Redhatlinux An

Aliyun CentOS Configuration iptables Firewall Tutorial _linux

Although Aliyun launched the Cloud Shield service, but it is always safer to add a layer of firewall, the following is my Aliyun VPS on the process of configuring the firewall, currently only configure input. Both output and ForWord are accept rules.

CentOS 6.5 ssh Password-free login configuration tutorial _linux

0. Notes For the sake of illustration, let's say that there are two centos6.5 hosts installed on both A and B. The goal is to achieve a, B two hosts can be through SSH password-free login to the other host. As with the configuration process of

CentOS Server Iptables configuration Simple tutorial _linux

Iptables is a Linux Class Server important network security system tools, considering that most servers have dedicated team hosting, server administrators most of the time only through SSH remote management, in the case of security, to ensure the

CentOS the configuration file for SSH without password login _linux

1, confirm the local sshd configuration file (requires root permissions) $ gedit/etc/ssh/sshd_config Find the following and remove the annotation "#" Rsaauthentication Yes pubkeyauthentication Yes authorizedkeysfile.

Detailed CentOS 6.5 How to install Realtek wireless network card driver _linux

First, before the installation of the preparatory work [A] Check the installation of the wireless network adapter driver (checked by viewing the installation of the network interface) Under the virtual terminal, enter: #> Iwconfig If

CentOS ssh Password-free login configuration _linux

Configure SSH without logon verification, in many scenarios is very convenient, especially in the management of large cluster services, avoid cumbersome password verification, the higher the security level of the server, the usual password settings

Centos 6 and Centos 7 the service startup method and the method to add to the boot entry _linux

In a Linux system, after installing a software or application, it is sometimes necessary to manually start the application, but also to receive the application added to the boot key, so that it can be installed on Linux once the application load

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