The setting method of Centos/debian environment automatic timing restart for Linux server

The server in the project needs to be scheduled to automatically restart the server function, the same is also the use of crontab command. First, install Crontab Generally our servers are installed by default, the direct

Centos 6.4 Replacement of 163 Yum Source Configuration method

CentOS system with the speed of the updated source is really slow, you must feel that the domestic speed is unbearable. In order to let CentOS6 use faster yum update source, generally do operational maintenance of the principle of replacement source,

Large File command rollup found in CentOS

It's easy to find files and directories in Linux #已易读的格式显示指定目录或文件的大小, the-s option specifies the size of each subdirectory or file not shown in detail for the directoryDu-sh [Dirname|filename]Such as:The size of the current directory:

CentOS Installation Configuration Puppet Tutorial detailed

Puppet is a centralized configuration management system for Linux, Unix, and Windows platforms, using its own puppet description language to manage profiles, users, cron tasks, software packages, system services, and so on. Puppet these system

CentOS Modify the SSH remote port/default port method

Linux Server:centos 6.2 Desktop system Environment: Windows 7 Connection tool: Putty 1. Modify SSH configuration file Vi/etc/ssh/sshd_config Modify port, disable root login, add limit user The code is as follows Copy Code

Dante-server method for installing Nginx and SOCKS5 proxy servers in CentOS

Normally we can use Yum install Nginx to install Nginx in CentOS. But usually the installed nginx is not up to date, so how do you install the latest version of Nginx with Yum? 1, edit/etc/yum.repos.d/nginx.repo file, write the following content:

Virtual machine Learning CentOS Server Edition

Virtual machine Installation Download Tutorial: 6.5: Learning Address: creating a virtual

Centos version 7.3mini change ssh default 22 port boot failure problem handling

First, IntroductionThe default SSH port for CentOS 7.3 Mini system is TCP 22 port, and for security reasons, the default 22 port is often modified for other ports. General city by modifying the/etc/ssh/sshd_config file, the file inside the "#Port 22"

Booting a program from the CentOS boot

SYSTEMD is a Linux system tool used to launch daemons and has become the standard configuration for most distributions. You can systemctl --version view the version you are using by commandCommon commands# 立即启动一个服务$ sudo systemctl start

CentOS Hadoop Installation configuration details

General idea, prepare master and slave server, configure Primary server can SSH login from server without password, unzip and install JDK, unpack and install Hadoop, configure HDFs, MapReduce and other subordinate relations.1, the environment, 3

CentOS Network Configuration Example

1. Configure DNSVim/etc/resolv.confNameServer Configure the Gatewayroute add default GW Dev eno*This changes the gateway to , which is only temporary, when you restart the

CentOS Configuration Domestic Yum source

NetEase (163) Yum Source is one of the best yum sources in the country, both speed and software version is very good, the Yum source is set to 163yum, can increase the speed of package installation and update, while avoiding some common software

CentOS 7.3 Banner Information settings

I. Banner information related documents/etc/issue: This file information is used for local login when the prompt information is saved in this document, by modifying the contents of this document can modify the local login prompt information.

CentOS Online Upgrade Kernel


Upgrading the kernel requires the use of Elrepo's Yum source first we import the Elrepo keyRpm–import Upgrading the kernel requires the use of Elrepo's Yum source First we import

CentOS 7 Set static IP

Solve the problem that the CentOS 7 history command does not display the operation record time and user identity.

Solve the problem that the CentOS 7 history command does not display the operation record time and user identity.The history command in centos6 displays the operating Command time and user identity. [Root @ bdkyr ~] # History294 16:46:48 root clear29

Optimizing Nginx server configuration in CentOS (1/3)

Nginx is a mainstream and powerful reverse proxy WEB server. Since moving to Tencent cloud server, Nginx has been used as the WEB server on this site. Next we will talk about some of the Nginx optimizations:The specific process of compiling and

Summary of nginx restart command methods (linux, centos, ubuntu)

Smooth restartIf the Nginx server is running and the module needs to be upgraded, added, or deleted, we need to stop the server and modify it accordingly, so that the server will stop service for a period of time, nginx can be upgraded without

Common CentOS 7 system yum source set

Record several common yum sources under CentOS 7, including PHP7, MariaDB, Redis, and Nginx, as well as Alibaba Cloud sources to facilitate installation of these software on virtual machines or cloud hosts.1. PHP7 remi sourceUse remi Source:$ Sudo

How to compile and install git in the Linux (centos) environment

Recently, git has been used for code release and version management online, but it has never been recorded before. This is recorded from today.On linux (the current article uses centos, ubuntu uses apt-get, which is not described here) there are two

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