Linux/centos system under the KVM installation configuration

1. KVM Related Software Installation The code is as follows Copy Code sudo apt-get install QEMU-KVM libvirt-bin virt-manager bridge-utils 2, Bridge Network configuration sudo vim/etc/network/interfaces edit

CentOS Port shutdown and open command

1 Check the currently developed ports #netstat-an Suppose you found an unnecessary port of 631. 2 Find the port corresponding service #lsof-I: 631 631 The corresponding service is CUPSD 3 View all Current services #chkconfig –list Found

Centos 6.4 iptables firewall shutdown start detailed

To turn off the virtual machine firewall: Close command: Service iptables stop Permanently shutdown firewall: chkconfig iptables off Two commands run at the same time, view firewall shutdown status after the run is completeService Iptables Status

CentOS system mistakenly delete files how to recover

Method one extundelete to recover deleted files 1. Installation dependency The code is as follows Copy Code Yum-y Install E2fsprogs E2fsprogs-devel 2. Go to download

CentOS under Shadowsocks-nodejs One-click installation script

This script applies to the environment:System support: Centos/redhat/fedoraMemory Requirements: ≥128mDate: May 05, 2014 About this script:One-click to install the latest version of the Shadowsocks Nodejs version, while the installation of

Tutorial on installation configuration of Webmin Control Panel in CentOS system

I am very like to like the panel, since playing VPS, the first installation is Webmin! Feelings to deep, including my blog is also installed Webmin, the optimization is very good! For Webmin optimized open VZ VPS is more powerful than Xen VPS

Linux CentOS System Configuration install FTP server

The approximate process is: First install VSFTP. 1 Installation vsftpdYum Install vsftpdPress Y to enter, the system installs automatically/ETC/INIT.D/VSFTPD Start #启动vsftpdService VSFTPD Restart #重启Service VSFTPD Stop #停止Chkconfig vsftpd on

Web server Optimization Tutorial in CentOS system

① Modify the maximum number of files that can be opened by the server open files, because the Linux socket is also file, so this parameter has a direct impact on the number of network connections, the general machine is 1024, can be set to

Example of modifying SSH port number in CentOS

1, with putty or other terminals to connect the CentOS system, Vi/etc/ssh/sshd_config, find #port 22 2, remove the #port 22 before the #, and then put the copy to the following, such as the 22nd port to 2020, modified as follows: Port 22 Port 2020

Install Ioncube Tutorial in the CentOS WDCP panel

Service httpd Restart1, first do the operation to open the PHP extension file directory: Cd/www/wdlinux/php/lib/php/extensions 2, then 32-bit system Linux execution: Wget-c

How to set up SSH password-free logon on CentOS/RHEL

The following steps are successfully tested on CentOS 5/6/7, RHEL 5/6/7, and Oracle Linux 6/7.Node 1: node 2: 192.168.l.10Step 1:Test the connection and access from node 1 to Node 2:[Root @ node1 ~] # Ssh root@

CentOS SolusVM installation tutorial

SolusVM has not been introduced much. We should have some knowledge about VPS abroad. Next, let's get to know how to install SolusVM.Before installation, we 'd better use screen for installation, because the use of screen can reduce the

How to manage startup mode in CentOS 7

In CentOS 7, the init hosting service has been abandoned and changed to systemd. Therefore, the method used to modify the/etc/inittab file has expired.[Root @ Legion135 ~] # Systemctl set-default graphical.tar get # Start in graphic modeRm

CentOS/Fedora installation git1.9.0 tutorial

The current project uses GIT for version management, so it is appropriate to learn how to install GIT. This article describes how to compile and install git1.9.0. Although it is now 2.6.Run all the commands under root.Step 1: install the dependency

What if CentOS cannot use the scp command?

What if CentOS cannot use the scp command?In the test, files must be transferred between two virtual machines. The scp command is first generated, and the result is as follows:-Bash: scp: command not foundIf you use the yum install scp command for

Solution to the problem that the time in centos is modified and restarted is invalid

Linux has two types of time: system time and hardware Time (BIOS time ).The system reads the BIOS time every time it starts and assigns it to the system time. The system time will run independently, but the BIOS time will not change.There are two

How to upgrade PHP5.1 to 5.2.17 using YUM in CentOS

There are many similar online tutorials, but many of them have expired or are useless. I used the following method last night. It's good, simple, and easy to use.   The code is as follows:Copy code # Cat/etc/issue System version: CentOS release

How to install centOS

Well, if everything is okay, you should see the following picture on the screen after you start the instance with a DVD:Installation mode selection screen of the installer, default [F1] screen The above picture shows: You can directly press to

How to set up email service and virtual domain in CentOS

Set up email service in CentOSCyrus-sasl account authentication (local)Send email with postfixReceive email from dovecotI. System configurationAll account emails are stored in the system/data/% U DirectoryModify the user template and add a new user

CentOS installation and configuration of vsftpd server

Method 1: CentOS5.9 vsftpd configuration1. Enter the following code in The code is as follows:Copy code Echo "========================== install vsftpd ======== ====================================="Yum-y remove vsftpdYum-y

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