CentOS access to files in Windows in virtual machine VMware tutorial

1. Set the file as a shared folder2. Determine your Windows IP address, username and passwordThe 3.CentOS terminal enters the following content:[root@*** mnt]# mkdir Wind[root@*** mnt]# mount-t cifs//

Aliyun server CentOS configuration process record

Step1. System Mount Data diskDf-h, the data disk is not visible.Fdisk-l, you can see the data diskExecute the "fdisk-s 56/dev/xvdb" command to partition the data disk;According to the prompts, enter "n", "P" "1", two times carriage return, "Wq", the

The method of root password reset and crack in CentOS

One, crack root password solution The first is how to retrieve the root password under CentOS: We first install a CentOS for testing: Select the feature software to install Installation Complete Beginning

Resolve CentOS installation vncserver and solve the black screen problem

My server defaults to minimal installation, so there is no vncserver. Install one using Yum. # yum Install Tigervnc-server Then start up: # vncserver:1 Try to use the Vncviewer connection under Windows, and find that the same server as the

CentOS 7 MARIADB Installation configuration steps detailed

System Environment: CentOS 7MARIADB version: Mariadb 10.0.14Download Address: http://mirrors.neusoft.edu.cn/mariadb/mariadb-10.0.14/source/mariadb-10.0.14.tar.gzOther Package Address: https://downloads.mariadb.org/ Add a MySQL User Useradd MySQL

CentOS Apache default directory log and prevent Trojan cross-station settings

Apache Default Site Directory settings The Apache Default Web site Directory is in/var/www/html, we now want to change the site directory to/home/wwwroot/web1/htdocs, the following actions To create a directory:Cd/homemkdir wwwrootCD Wwwrootmkdir

Iredmail installation and configuration tutorial in CentOS 6

See a lot of VPS users are not used to build the site, but used to create mail server use to send mail, so the old left also to learn the application of such functions. To learn and use the build mail server must first use the free open source

Lamp Environment (CentOS operating system) installation steps tutorial detailed [figure]

First download the CentOS operating system ISO, you can go to the official website, or to the nearby mirror open source server download. Here, in version 5.3, for example, there are two forms of downloading files, one is CD-ROM version, to six disk,

How to install L2TP/Ipsec VPN in CentOS

After countless attempts over the past six months, we have tested many methods for installing the software on the internet. The following is a record of successful methods.One-click L2TP installation packageThe one-click installation package of Zed

Ip address restrictions for memcache in centos 5.9

System: centos 5.9Required software: iptablesMemcache limits ip access: The code is as follows:Copy code Iptables-a input-p tcp-s -- dport 11211-j ACCEPTIptables-a input-p tcp-s -- dport 11211-j ACCEPTIptables-a

Centos prompt ImportError: No module named MySQLdb solution

System: centos 5.9Required software packages: setuptools-0.6c11.tar.gzMySQL-python-1.2.3.tar.gz               1. Install setuptools-0.6c11 The code is as follows:Copy code Wget -- no-check-certificate

How to enable the rewrite module for Apache in CentOs

Centos configuration files are stored in:/etc/httpd/conf/httpd. confOpen the file and find: The code is as follows:Copy code LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so Remove the preceding "#". If it does not exist, add the above sentence.

How to set static IP addresses in Centos 6.4 and eth1

1. Modify Nic configuration Edit: vi/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0DEVICE = eth0 # describe the DEVICE alias for the NIC, for example, it is eth0 in the ifcfg-eth0 fileBOOTPROTO = static # set the way for the NIC to obtain the IP address.

How to increase the download speed of the YUM Image address in CentOS

You can modify the image address in either of the following ways,1. Install yum-fastestmirror to automatically select the fastest image to download2. Change the image download address and select the image download address in China.Note that after

In CentOS, how does one modify the network connection configuration?

Recently, I have been tossing the CentOS6.4 server configuration, and I have been configuring LNMP + Django on the server.Although I have been using MAC for development, the configuration in CentOS/RHEL for the first time still needs to be

Install vnstat monitoring system traffic tool in centos

System: centos 5.9Required software packages: vnstat-1.11.tar.gzVnstat_php_frontend-1.5.1.tar.gz1. Download vnstat The code is as follows:Copy code Wget http://humdi.net/vnstat/vnstat-1.11.tar.gzWget http://www.sqweek.com/sqweek/files/vnstat_php_

An error occurred while Installing Git on CentOS and compiling and Installing git.

Compile the basic environment The code is as follows:Copy code Yum-y install gcc make  Make sure that the dependent package is installed. The code is as follows:Copy code Yum install-y curl-devel zlib-devel openssl-devel perl-devel cpio

Centos apache2.2.4 MySql5.6.X PHP5.5.3 note for future reference

It is more important to see how software is installed !!!* First, uninstall apache mysql php aprapr-util and so on.Install a third-party PHP extension packageNote the following before installing iis6:First, check whether libtool and

Detailed description of how to decompress rar archive in centos

InstallThe rarfile is not supported in liunx. You need to install winrar in liunx as follows: The code is as follows:Copy code Wget http://www.rarsoft.com/rar/rarlinux-4.0.1.tar.gzTar-zxvf rarlinux-4.0.1.tar.gzCd

View logged-on users and disconnected users in Centos

View the users in the system: cut-d:-f 1/etc/passwdView users who can log on to the system: cat/etc/passwd | grep-v/sbin/nologin | cut-d:-f 1View user operations: w command (root permission required)View a User: w user nameView logon User: whoView

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