ZABBIX Practice (ii) CentOS the agent-side deployment and installation __zabbix

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First, repeat the previous plan.

Server end: centos6.5 (virtual machine)

Agent End: centos6.5 (virtual machine) below, we will install the Zabbix agent on agent end 155 to see how to install and monitor

1, synchronization client time, to prevent inconsistent with the server side, resulting in the detection of the unavailable monitoring data

This practice only involves Zabbix itself, so NTP time synchronization is not detailed, the other chapters of this blog are introduced.

2, create the Zabbix to run the user and group
GROUPADD-G 201 Zabbix
Useradd-g zabbix-u 201-m Zabbix

Usermod-s/sbin/nologin Zabbix

3, decompression installation zabbixagent end
Enter the directory where you put the installation package, first unpack the installation package.

TAR-VXF zabbix-3.2.0.tar.gz
CD zabbix-3.2.0
Make install
When make is successful, the following image is the interface:

4, copy agent side of the script required to run
CP misc/init.d/tru64/zabbix_agentd/etc/init.d/
chmod +x/etc/init.d/zabbix_agentd
Note that to modify this startup script, Vi/etc/init.d/zabbix_agentd changes the directory to the following


5. Configure the agent-side configuration file

Vim/usr/local/zabbix/etc/zabbix_agentd.conf #此处千万别写成了zabbix_agent. conf, otherwise configured not to take effect
server= #填写Server的IP地址
serveractive= #修改为Server的IP地址 #填写本机的HostName, note that the server side should be able to resolve
Unsafeuserparameters=1 #是否允许自定义的key, 1 is allowed, 0 is not allowed
#Include = etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.conf.d/This option does not configure, otherwise it will cause the agent to find the Conf recursion, can not start.

6, from the Zabbix service side verification, you can resolve the client server hostname (NOTE: This step in the service side operation)

7, start Zabbix agent End
/etc/init.d/zabbix_agentd start

8, finally in Zabbix server end through configuer-"host configuration, you can monitor

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