Server-enabled Remote IPMI console feature in CentOS

Background information:IPMI, an acronym for the Intelligent Platform Management interface (Intelligent Platform Management Interface), is an industry standard used in managing peripherals used in intel-based enterprise systems, which is based on

CentOS upgrade Firefox appears to be a flash-back problem solution

Recent test page think the Firefox version is too old, it is time to upgrade Firefox, System: centos6.5Update finished, dot Firefox wood have any hint to retreat ... Does this automatic upgrade not consider dependency packs?Run directly under the

CentOS Netspeeder Network Accelerator/Optimizer installation Tutorial

Support Environment: CENTOS5, 6Support Architecture: KVM XEN Open-vzProject Address: Installation Tutorials1.1. Before installationRuntime-dependent libraries: Libnet, LibpcapDebian/ubuntu installation Libnet

Automatically start scripts when INIT.D service is powered up in CentOS

Method One, Edit/etc/rc.d/rc.local File Format is program name program path such as The second method Just replace the your_prog_name with the name of your actual script or execution file, and set the Prog_path to a specific path.

SSL configuration steps for Tomcat in CentOS system

Recently because of using CAs to do single sign-on, you need to configure SSL, the process is relatively simple, record the meaning of each step, so as not to forget later.Requirements Scenario: CAs single sign-on requires SSL and the server

CentOS 7 To modify the user login password

Rhel7/centos7 used GRUB2 instead of the previous grub boot, initialized by Init and replaced with SYSTEMD initialization. The resulting root password is also different from the previous operation when it is retrieved. Specifically as follows: 1.

Tutorial on Yum installation mariadb database in CentOS system

1, under the/etc/yum.repos.d/to establish Mariadb.repo, the contents are as follows:[Azureuser@mono etc]$ CD/ETC/YUM.REPOS.D[Azureuser@mono yum.repos.d]$ VI Mariadb.repo # MARIADB 10.0 CentOS repository list–created 2013-08-23 13:08 UTC#

CentOS 6.5 Mini Firewall NAT configuration after installation

Configuration information:External Network network card: Eth0 network card: Eth1 steps:1. Turn on the system default Ip_forward forwarding.Echo 1 Or: vi/etc/sysctl.confModify Net.ipv4.ip_forward = 1Save exit,

CentOS config git command auto-complement

After installing Git in the CentOS system, it is found that there is no command automatic completion function, and the Ubuntu system has this function by default, the following is implemented so that CentOS also supports GIT's command automatic

Indexing method of Coreseek timing reconstruction in CentOS 6.3

Set up startup Coreseek service, here must add –pidfile file, lest the shell from start cannot find process PID. The code is as follows Copy Code Vi/etc/rc.local (or

CentOS 7 steps to create a local Yum source

The "local Yum source" in this article includes three types: one is to use the CentOS disc directly as a local Yum source, the advantage is simple and convenient, the disadvantage is that the CD package may be incomplete (CentOS 7 Everything A total

To compile and install the Python2.7.8 version in CentOS

Whim, want to learn python, I heard it is good to do reptiles. Starting with the running environment, Python is already built into the CentOS, but the version seems older and the version is 2.4.3 through the PYTHON-V command. The current version of

CentOS System VPS Installation of PPTP method

1, check whether the System kernel support MPPE patch The code is as follows Copy Code Modprobe ppp-compress-18 &&echo SuccessDisplay Success Description system support MPPE patch, if not supported, you need to install

CentOS system Installation Vncserver and black screen problem solving method

Last week, with the company's server test, a server connected to VNC, always black screen. Today in the teaching section with their own server to find a solution. My server defaults to minimal installation, so there is no vncserver. Install one

CentOS How to mount a FAT partition

After freeing up the NTFS, I found that my project file was in a FAT32 directory, so I decided to get him in.Yesterday carved a win7_sp1_x86_64 plate, ready to change a pure system, you know. 1. Use this command: Mount-o Iocharset=utf8/dev/sdb3/mnt/

CentOS System Configuration Vsftp (FTP) method Introduction

Recently purchased the Aliyun Cloud Host, in the configuration of a good PHP environment to configure FTP; The general procedure is: Install vsftp first. 1 Install vsftpd yum install vsftpd Press Y Enter, the system automatically installs

CentOS System SSH Service opening method

SSH is a remote login service similar to Telnet, but faster/safer than Telnet.1. View the status of the SSH serviceEnter the following command:Root user directlyService sshd StatusFront of non-root user plus sudosudo service sshd statusIf you

Nginx startup scripts and Chkconfig management in CentOS systems

After installing the Nginx, the reboot requires "Kill-hup Nginx process number" to reload, which is obviously inconvenient. It would be much easier to manage it directly through scripting, like Apache. Nginx official had already thought well, also

Setup method of Centos boot up NIC

We do not boot the NIC, so we can only use Ifup eth0 To start, but every time it feels so inconvenient. I hope to boot up the network card automatically Then Baidu search for a moment found that you can modify the network card (ifcfg-eth0)

CentOS system deletes the file name garbled file method

Method One, get the inode number to delete the garbled filename file by Ls-li, for example, get 123456Perform deletes Find./-inum 123456-exec RM-RF {}\;Note: after "{}", empty a grid and add "\;". Method Two, when the file name is garbled, can not

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