Centos Install VPN pptpd firewall iptables forwarding settings

CentOS installation VPN appears some of the site can not access the problem! Some forwarding rule settings for iptables The NAT conversion rule is established, otherwise the dial cannot be connected to the public network through the remote gateway.

Detailed steps for upgrading Python2.7 version in CentOS


The code is as follows Copy Code ./configureMake allMake installMake cleanMake Distclean No accident, you should be able to see the python2.7 file in/usr/local/bin/, also explained 2.7 installation success. The next thing

Linux CentOS 5.5 to modify the Apache default port 80

Open/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf File Modify two places The code is as follows Copy Code #Listen 80 #把80改为你设置的端口, I set the port to 8080 The code is as follows Copy Code

Solve the problem that CentOS 6.5 is installed without a network

Yesterday I got CentOS 6.5 Minimal version. After it was installed on VMware 10, I found that the network could not be connected, and PING the internet could not work.I searched the internet and found that after Linux is installed, the NIC is not

Example of building a SVN server using Centos

1. Install subversion: The code is as follows:Copy code # Yum install subversion Check whether the installation is successful: The code is as follows:Copy code # Svnserve -- version II. Create a SVN database  The code is as follows:Copy

Solution to VirtualBox installation error in centos

Core tips:Check the file (SYmbolic LinK) header in the/lib/module/{kernel version number}/kernel/directory and whether the source is valid. They should be linked to your kernel Compilation directory.In centos 6. x linux, the self-compiled kernel 3.0.

In CentOS 7.X, Docker builds a local repository registry and reports an error.

Downloading images from docker hub is slow, and your internal images generally require high speed and security. Therefore, you can build a local repository registry. The following describes the next steps.Environment: centos 7.21. Install dockerYum

Master/slave server configuration of dns-bind9 in centos environment

Environment: centos 6.5 64bit (master) (slave)Software version: bind9Prerequisites: disable the firewall (or allow udp tcp port 53 953) and selinux.The master server configuration is not described here. You can view the

Install scp commands and troubleshoot CentOS errors

In the test, files must be transferred between two virtual machines. The scp command is first generated, and the result is as follows:-Bash: scp: command not foundIf you use the yum install scp command for installation, the result is:No package scp

How to install Python2.7.12 in CentOS 6.8

View the Python version in the current systemPython -- versionPython 2.6.6 is returned as normal.Check CentOS versionCat/etc/redhat-releaseThe CentOS release 6.8 (Final) is returned as normal.Install all development kitsYum groupinstall-y

How to install rancher in CentOS 7

If you want to use rancher, you need to install docker. If the official website cannot be opened, you can also visit the link on this site to refer to the installationOf course, installing rancher on the official website is also quite detailed. If

Steps for deploying LVS-DR mode in CentOS 5.x

LVS is short for Linux Virtual Server. It is a Virtual Server cluster system.In the following case, we use three hosts with IP addresses: them, uses LVS as the server load balancer to

Centos 6.5 upgrade the system from Python2.6 to Python2.7

# Python-VPython 2.6.61. Download the Python-2.7.3 # Wget http://python.org/ftp/python/2.7.3/Python-2.7.3.tar.bz22. Extract # Tar-jxvf Python-2.7.3.tar.bz23. Change the working directory# Cd Python-2.7.34. Installation#./Configure# Make all# Make

Upgrade OpenSUSE 13.2 to 42.1 in centos

With regard to OpenSUSE, micro-magic can be said to have a special liking for this release, mainly from feelings (to be precise, zypper is really popular ). However, teenagers playing with VPS will surely notice that this release rarely appears in

How to use dropbox in CentOS 6.x and regularly synchronize data

1. Install Dropbox32-bitWget-O-"https://www.dropbox.com/download? Plat = lnx. x86 "| tar xzf-64-bitWget-O-"https://www.dropbox.com/download? Plat = lnx. x86_64 "| tar xzf-Run the dropbox daemon from the New. Dropbox-dist folder.~ /.

Example of IPTABLES Port ing in Centos

We now have two servers, one with an intranet IP address and the other with an intranet IP address. To access an intranet server, you need to map the intranet port to the Internet.Server 1:Internet IP address IP address

Detailed configuration of LEMP environment construction in CentOS 7

Recently, due to project requirements, the server has been upgraded from CentOS6 to CentOS7, and the corresponding PHP version has also been upgraded to PHP5.6. We are familiar with the one-click installation package of the LEMP environment. However,

Example of building ssdb pseudo cluster with twemproxy in Centos

PrefaceI vaguely remember the second interview that I attended during the summer vacation in my sophomore year. Here, Weipin will join the school in a two-week study program for your company, I met the leader (X.C) of the PHP class (which was

How to Build Samba server under CentOS

PrefaceWhen we need to edit files on the linux server and do not want to log on to the server and use vi for editing, the Samba server is a good tool! The Samba server allows you to create a network ing on windows, and then you can use the sublime

Centos 7.x uses Dockerfile to create Beego Framework

Dockerfile contains all commands required to create an image. Based on the commands in Dockerfile, we can use the Docker build command to create an image. Simplify deployment by reducing the process of creating images and containersThe basic syntax

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