CentOS The reason why the website cannot be accessed by other computers on the LAN

After the CentOS configuration of Apache server, with other computers to access my site, there is no access to the situation, may have been caused by the cause. 1. First make sure that the computer can access, Linux does not like Windows to

CentOS under Shadowsocks One-click installation script

This script applies to the environment:System support: Centos/redhat/fedoraMemory Requirements: ≥64mDate: February 16, 2014 About this script:One-click to install the Python version of Shadowsocks, while installing the Python package tool PIP.

Rhce/centos configuration is a simple way to bind a large number of IP

Under Linux, configuring multiple IPs is usually eth0.0. eth0.1.. eth0.x and so on, then if you want to configure a large number of IP, so configuration is also possible, but cumbersome, although this situation is very small. For the addition of a

CentOS Forget root user login password how to do

Boot system, press the ESC key on the keyboard before entering the system, enter the following interface Press the e key on the keyboard and the following interface appears Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the cursor to the second

CentOS How to create a new minimum permission SSH account

So got a Tunnelier + Proxy switchy with OpenVZ VPS to scientific Internet, plus autoproxy rules, change a way, also changed the mood.The full name of SSH is Secureshell. By using SSH, all transmitted data can be encrypted so that the

Centos 5.5 64 bits, compile and install Subversion1.7

Two days of subversion!!!! Ah, go crazy ~ I use the same version: Subversion-1.7.2.tar.gzSubversion-deps-1.6.1.tar.gz Before these two versions of the files, I succeeded in compiling the installation under Ubuntu12.04 AMD64. However, here, Apr,

CentOS 5.5 mount a removable hard drive method

1, first confirm Fuse,centos 5.5 with fuse, you can use Rpm-qa | grep fuse to see if it is installed. The code is as follows Copy Code [Root@localhost ntfs-3g-2010.5.22]# Rpm-qa | grep fuseFuse-2.7.4-8.el5

How to reinstall Yum in CentOS

Reinstall YumInstall Yum Download relevant files to the archive server of the University of Righteousness, or direct RPM installation. RPM-IVH http://mirrors.sohu.com/centos/5/os/i386/CentOS/yum-metadata-parser-1.1.2-4.el5.i386.rpm http:// mirrors.

Proxy proxy server configuration under CentOS

Installation Kits Yum-y Install squid*Cp/etc/squid/squid.conf/etc/squid/squid.conf.bakVi/etc/squid/squid.conf #请视使用人数和硬碟状况加大 Cache Folder CapacityCache_dir Ufs/var/spool/squid 1000 16 256 #限制允许连线范围, please revise your school status.ACL hostname

The method of IPV6 configuration and opening under CentOS

IPV6 Fire-enabled Service Ip6tables Start Set boot up Chkconfig--level 2345 Ip6tables on Check the default gateway address: Ip-6 Route 2001:288:82b2:1:209:fff:fe85:f71e Network Related Settings Vi/etc/hosts 2001:288:82b2:1::77 w2.ipv6.shsps.

CentOS system in sky-wing cloud host to build FTP server environment

If there is no FTP, the site upload download files will be very troublesome, so FTP is necessary to build a station tool. We use the virtual host, has default to provide FTP services, and provide FTP account management interface, etc., we only need

CentOS scheduled Backup remote FTP file method

Let's get to the point. The company now has 2 servers, are CentOS systems, a local (LAN), a computer in the telecommunications room. Because the work needs, the daily backup room data to the local, has been FTP login, and then downloaded to the

CentOS Installation Configuration Golang development environment detailed

Golang is installed in a variety of ways, today the new one [Www.111cn.net] uses its own standard installation method. First go to the official download address to download their corresponding installation package go download address: URL A new

CentOS command line installation VirtualBox detailed

Add VirtualBox Source The code is as follows Copy Code Cd/etc/yum.repos.dwget Http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/rpm/rhel/virtualbox.repo Add Rpmforge Source The code is as follows Copy

CentOS how to see which application/process is occupied by the port

Sometimes when you start an application, you will find that the port is occupied, or that some of the ports are not being used but are found to be open. At this point we want to know which application/process is using the port. CentOS can be viewed

CentOS 6.4 git Chinese display garbled problem solving method

System version: CentOS 6.4Git version: 1.7.1, installed directly using Yum. When you use Git status to view, if the filename is in Chinese, then the garbled (literally escaped character) is displayed, as shown in the following figure: Chinese

CentOS install postfix send mail step

The test environment is a Aliyun Centos 5.4 32-bit system. 1, if installed SendMail, the first uninstall. The code is as follows Copy Code Yum Remove SendMail 2, install Postfix The code is as

CentOS Installation Kloxo panel and some problems summary

Kloxo has not been updated for some time, last updated in 2011-11-12Latest Version 6.1.7 First, installation requirements 1, CentOS or rhel5.x,centos6.x temporarily not support2, at least 256M of memory3, at least 2G hard disk space Second,

Centos 6 User Login prompts-bash:fork:resource temporarily unavailable

Operating system CentOS 6.3 Normal, one day log in to the normal user prompts as follows:-bash:fork:resource temporarily unavailableChecked online, because the Linux system's file restrictions cause the root user login does not have such a hint.Then

Install GoAccess in centos to analyze nginx logs

If you are using centos, use yum:Yum install goaccessIf your yum cannot find goaccess, install epel first.Wget http://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/epel/6/x86_64/epel-release-6-8.noarch.rpm wget http://rpms.famillecollet.com/enterprise/remi-release-6.rpm

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