CentOS An example of adding a swap partition

Create a swap partition using the DD command[Root@localhost Desktop] #dd if=/dev/zero of=/home/swap bs=1024 count=1048576Calculated formula for Count: count=size*1024 (SIZE in MB)This creates a/home/swap partition file with a size of 1G, and then

Troubleshoot CentOS boot card in progress bar problem tutorial

CentOS is stuck on the progress bar when the boot is on. This does not see the boot boot card where, had to restart and hold the "E" key to enter the boot menu: Then press E to edit the first item: Then move to the second item kernel ...

CentOS 6.2 Configure PPTP VPN (based on VPS)

One-click to build PPTP VPN scripts Download Centos6.2 a key to build a PPTP VPN script The code is as follows Copy Code #wget http://www.hi-vps.com/shell/vpn_centos6.sh#chmod a+x vpn_centos6.sh Install Centos6

How to view CentOS User login log

Data interchange, shutdown, and restart are also recorded in the Wtmp file. All records contain a timestamp.Each time a user logs on, the login program sees the UID of the user in the file lastlog. If found, writes the user's last login, exit time,

Installation and use of CentOS Pip and Shadowsocks

There are many Python programs that can be installed directly through the PIP, such as the well-known Django, Markdown, Shadowsocks, and so on. Briefly describe the use of the PIP (to install shadowsocks examples):1. Installation packagePip Install

CentOS under Shadowsocks One-click installation script

This script applies to the environment:System support: Centos/redhat/fedoraMemory Requirements: ≥64mDate: February 16, 2014 About this script:One-click to install the Python version of Shadowsocks, while installing the Python package tool PIP.

Rhce/centos configuration is a simple way to bind a large number of IP

Under Linux, configuring multiple IPs is usually eth0.0. eth0.1.. eth0.x and so on, then if you want to configure a large number of IP, so configuration is also possible, but cumbersome, although this situation is very small. For the addition of a

CentOS Forget root user login password how to do

Boot system, press the ESC key on the keyboard before entering the system, enter the following interface Press the e key on the keyboard and the following interface appears Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the cursor to the second

CentOS How to create a new minimum permission SSH account

So got a Tunnelier + Proxy switchy with OpenVZ VPS to scientific Internet, plus autoproxy rules, change a way, also changed the mood.The full name of SSH is Secureshell. By using SSH, all transmitted data can be encrypted so that the

CentOS kills process Kill method encyclopedia

The safest way to kill a process is simply to use the KILL command. First use the PS-EF command to determine the PID to kill the process, and then enter the following command:# Kill-pidNote: The standard KILL command usually achieves the purpose.

CentOS automatically backs up Web sites using crontab timed tasks

Do not need any professional software, use CentOS's own commands and services to complete the daily automatic backup.Here's a common backup method: 1. File backup Compress files for backup using the TAR command:#tar-ZCVF backup.tar.gz Dir1Dir1 for

CentOS set up the program to start the Automatic boot command introduction

1. The default for System Services program Boot boot method For example: MYSQLD,HTTPD, etc. You can use the command directly Chkconfig mysqld on so that you can start MySQL on the boot. 2. is not a system service, requires a command-initiated

Linux CentOS single NIC binding multi-IP method

Suppose that the NIC that needs to bind multiple IP is eth0, please create a file named ifcfg-eth0:0 in the/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts directory. Examples of the content are:Device= "eth0:0"Nm_controlled= "Yes"onboot= "Yes"Ipaddr= "

CentOS add multiple IP address methods

The operation is as follows, login ssh: The code is as follows Copy Code vi/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0:0 The second IP is The code is as follows Copy Code

Configure RHEL6 to use the Yum source method of CentOS 6

RHEL6 is installed on the server, the RHN service is not purchased, so the source of CentOS is used. Before deleting Yum Rpm-aq|grep Yum|xargs rpm-e--nodeps The following packages need to be installed: python-iniparse-0.3.1-2.1.el6.noarch.rpmyum-

Centos/redhat/fedora lower RPM installation nload monitor network card Traffic/non-manual compilation/linux Real-time bandwidth monitoring

Nload is a simple and easy-to-use bandwidth flow monitoring tool under Linux, and dynamic graphics based on character interface display the current traffic of the NIC. However, CentOS official source does not have it, can not directly use Yum

CentOS on the installation of MOD_JK module detailed

In order to implement the front end using the Apache processing page, the backend uses JBoss or tomcat processing logic, we need to install the MOD_JK module for the httpd. The operation is as follows: 1, download the latest Apache Tomcat

Summary of the method of preventing CentOS automatic dormancy

You can disable hibernation by modifying the configuration of the X11,/etc/x11/xorg.conf, and remember to back up the file before modifying it to prevent the X11 desktop from being configured incorrectly. The modification involves two places, the

CentOS 7.X systemctl Command usage detailed

From the Linux system version CentOS 6.x to CentOS 7.x changes overall is not large, but there are many places need our attention, most intuitive when the service Management command, before CentOS 7.x system we use service and chkconfig to manage

Modify the encoding method of MySQL5.6 in CentOS 7 to solve the Chinese display question mark of the website.

Solution:In CentOS 7, modify MySQL database character encoding to UTF-8, which contains all the characters needed by all countries in the world, is an international code.Specific operations:1. Log on to the MySQL console.Mysql-u root-pEnter

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