SVN modifies the new URL address method (Linux,windows,centos)

When the work environment adjusts, sometimes the SVN server address needs to be modified, how can we modify the address of the local library instead of downloading it again? SVN has a simple workaround: 1, Environment for Windows7

A simple example of running a timed task under CentOS crontab

First, open the command line. If crontab is not installed, 1, first install crontab: Yum Install Crontabs Description /sbin/service crond Start//boot service/sbin/service Crond Stop//Off service/sbin/service crond Restart//Restart

Ubuntu/debian/centos Install Sunflower File Manager

Let's take a look at Sunflower's picture. In Sunflower and other systems, we can use PPA installation, very convenient, open the terminal to enter the following command:sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/sunflowersudo apt-get updatesudo

Aliyun CentOS server Add swap space

I am now using the Aliyun minimum configured server, 1 cores, 512MB memory, viewing memory information swap space is 0MB, as follows: [root@www ~]# free-m               total       used        free     shared    buffers     Cached mem:           4

Install Apache 2.2.24 in CentOS

1. Unzip the installation package: tar-zxvf httpd-2.2.24.tar.gz2. Enter the unzipped installation package: cd httpd-2.2.243. configure the compilation and installation path and parameters:./configure -- prefix =/opt/httpd/-- enable-so -- enable-ssl -

View and disable IPV6 in CentOS 6.0

Check whether to open an IPV6 account1. Check whether ipv6 is enabled in the system.A) view the Eni attributesCommand: ifconfigNote: "inet6 addr:..." is available :....... The ipv6 feature is enabled.B) view the information loaded by the kernel

How to install remote desktop tigervnc in CentOS

CentOS Linux:1. Packages to be installed: tigervnc and tigervnc-server2. Configure the display resolution, desktop, and User:Edit/etc/sysconfig/vncserversAdd two lines according to the last two lines commented out. The code is as follows:Copy code

Detailed description of Redhat/CentOS installation and configuration through yum

1. Check whether vsftp is installed in the current Linux system. The code is as follows:Copy code [Root @ localhost ~] # Rpm-qa | grep vsftpd // If no output content exists, vsftp is not installed in linux.2. Install the vsftpd serverExtract

Install and configure pptp vpn for an NIC in CentOS

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an extension of a Private Network. It can simulate a point-to-point Private connection through a shared Internet or public Network connection, send data between a local computer and a remote computer.It has good

Detailed steps for installing and configuring pptpd in centos 6

Configuration environment:Server version: centos 6.4x86Pptpd version: pptpd v1.401. Introduction to vpnVpn is called virtual private network. The technology is simple, that is, setting up a private network in the public network and setting up a VPN

CentOS 6.6 64-bit system source code installation GitLab7 tutorial

CentOS-6.6-x86_64-minimal.iso environmentInstall LNMP (Nginx, MySQL, redis, and PHP are required). For more information, see lnmp one-key installation package.Add an epel repositoryCat>/etc/yum. repos. d/epel. repo [Epel]Name = Extra Packages for

CentOS 7 system configuration exim mail server tutorial

1. Configure the epel source (the exim package is located in the EPEL software source)CentOS7# Cat>/etc/yum. repos. d/epel. repo [Epel]Name = Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux 7-\ $ basearch# Baseurl =\

Centos 7 system configuration and installation VNC environment tutorial

First, try installing VNC on the server.[Root @ wic ~] # Rpm-q tigervnc-serverIf it is not installed, it will appear directlyPackage tigervnc is not installedPackage tigervnc-server is not installedIf the X-Windows desktop is not installed, install

How to install Nginx in Centos

Centos compiling environment# Yum-y install gcc automake autoconf libtool make Install g ++:# Yum install gcc-c ++ Install the PCRE libraryCd/usr/local/srcWget

Install PHP5.5 and mysql5.5 in centOS yum

In the previous articleSteps to deploy the LAMP environment in CentOS6.2 system environmentThe installation of the lamp environment in CentOS is described, but because the source in centos is relatively old, the php and mysql versions installed are

Centos Lvs server load balancer configuration

In this experiment, we used three virtual servers (centos5.5) under Vmware, one as the load scheduler (Lvs-server) and two real web servers (web1 and web2 ).I. Lvs-nat experiment:Configure the IP address:1. Configure the Nic connected to the virtual

How to install CentOS 6.3 _ x86_64

1. Start power supply:2. Select the first item, as shown in the following figure:3. Select the Skip address, as shown in the following figure:4. Click Next, as shown in the figure below:5. Select English and click Next, as shown in the following

Centos vpn server creation script

#! /Bin/bashFunction installVPN (){Echo "begin to install VPN services ";# Check wether vps suppot ppp and tun Yum remove-y pptpd pppIptables -- flush POSTROUTING -- table natIptables -- flush FORWARDRm-rf/etc/pptpd. confRm-rf/etc/ppp Arch =

Centos configuration and installation of vsftp server

Install vsftp serverRun the rpm-q vsftpd command to check whether this service is installed. If yes, the vsftp version is displayed. If no version is installed, the system prompts "package vsftpd is not installed ". Run the "yum-y install vsftpd"

CentOS 7 system installation wordpress No Permission problem solution

If your wordpress installation directory is wordpress, the default wizard configuration will show insufficient permissions:Sorry, but I can't write the wp-config.php file.You can create the wp-config.php manually and paste the following text into it.

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