How to reset the root password for CentOS 7/RHEL 7

In the past, the centos7 virtual machine was installed. In order to play with Docker, I forgot the password I set. I reset the password in a circle on the Internet and recorded it.Only know that you can enter the single user mode by pressing e, but

How to compile and install the gcc compiler in CentOS

We know that for GCC to install the default version through yum in CentOS, CentOS 5 is 4.1.2, CentOS 6 is 4.4.7, and CentOS 7 is 4.8.3.Most of the time, compiling and installing software requires a later version of GCC. Otherwise, an error is

Installation and deployment of Graphite programming interfaces on CentOS 6

Graphite is a Python-written web application that uses the django framework. Graphite is used to collect all the server's real-time statuses, user request information, Memcached hit rate, and RabbitMQ message server status, the load status of the

How to configure server load balancer for centos7 + apache and CentOS + Nginx

Install apache on centos7 for load balancing1. Install apache.Yum-y install httpd Installed in the/etc/httpd DirectoryII. Install mod_jkGo to download the packageTomcat Connectors 1

How to modify the network card em1 to eth0 in CentOS

Problem:After installing the Linux operating system, some Dell servers find that the nic name has changed to em1.Solution:Change the nic name to eth0. The CentOS Operating system is used as an example.1. Modify the grub systemVi/boot/grub. conf #

How to install and use vnstat in Centos

1. Install vnstatThe epel package comes with vnstat. You can install epel and run the following command:Yum install vnstat-yII. ConfigurationModify the/etc/sysconfig/vnstat file and you can see the following configuration (if the default network

How to install OpenVPN in CentOS 7

The command is very simple, but there seems to be no information on the Internet, only the information below RHEL6.Directly paste the command:Cd ~Wget

How to install Tengine in CentOS 6.6

Tengine was introduced in previous articles. Previously, it only used the content configured by the O & M personnel, but did not install and configure it on its own. Tengine was installed on a trial basis. Record the following information for

Tutorial on deploying pptp vpn server on CentOS 6.4 x86_64

Background:It should be very easy to build a pptp vpn Server. However, many of my friends have turned to me for help after reading some articles and have taken many detours.Therefore, I think it is necessary to write an article to explain it. After

How to deploy Shadowsocks Server on CentOS 6

Background:Compared with VPN, it is much easier to build a Shadowsocks service and use it through browser proxy.Similar to SSH Tunnel, the Shadowsocks server establishes an encrypted Tunnel with its dedicated Shadowsocks client. Then, the

CentOS 6.6 Hadoop cluster installation record (preparation phase)

Cloudera Hadoop CDH 5.2.3 and Cent OS 6.6 are used for this installation. The installation process is very unprofessional. For record only, do not refer.I. Preparations before installation1. Update the systemYum update2. Install JDKA. Download and

How to install ffmpeg in CentOS

Download Address: File: ffmpeg-2.0.1.tar.bz2Compile :. /configure-prefix =/usr-enable-gpl-enable-shared-enable-version3-enable-nonfree-enable-libmp3lame-enable-libvorbis-enable-libxvid-enable-

Use Rsync for Centos 6.3 installation and configuration

Rsync has the following advantages:1. Images can be used to save the entire directory tree and file system.2. You can easily maintain the permission, time, and soft link of the original file.3. Installation without the authorization of the special

How to compile ipython instance in CentOS 6.2

  The code is as follows:Copy code [Root @ chenyi unix-python] # tar jxf Python-2.7.2.tar.bz2[Root @ chenyi unix-python] # cd Python-2.7.2[Root @ chenyi Python-2.7.2] #./configure -- prefix =/software/python[Root @ chenyi Python-2.7.2] # make &

Manage vsftpd Virtual User scripts in CentOS

Usage: The code is as follows:Copy code [Root @ itchenyi-1 ~] #./ create chenyi # create a userPlease input your ftpuser's password>>: Password[Root @ itchenyi-1 ~] #./ delete chenyi # delete a user[Root @

Detailed explanation of CentOS system service optimization script

#! /Bin/bash# Author: sherwin# Version: v1.1# Author blog: Email: Description: This script is the maximum service optimization for CentOS servers and does not apply to all servers. Please increase or decrease

How to configure and install Nagios in centos

# Create a userUseradd nagiosPasswd nagiosGroupadd nagcmdUsermod-a-G nagcmd nagiosUsermod-a-G nagcmd apache# Install basic packageYum install-y gcc glibc-commonYum install-y gd-develYum install-y libtool-ltdl# DownloadWget

Solution to the R8169 driver in centos 6.3

Recently, a centos server has been installed on the PC motherboard, but it always crashes from time to time. The various loads before the crash are very low. No specific problems can be found in multiple tests. Later, google searched the article

Centos system synchronization time problem solution

Perform the following steps to synchronize time in the CentOS system:The newly installed CentOS system server may be set incorrectly. You need to adjust the time zone and time.The following is how the CentOS system uses NTP to synchronize data from

Summary of CentOS server security configuration methods

Startup and login security1. BIOS securitySet the BIOS password and modify the boot sequence to disable system startup from a floppy disk.2. User passwordThe user password is a basic starting point for linux security. The user password used by many

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