Detailed Aliyun CentOS Server security setup Steps tutorial

Aliyun CentOS Server security setting steps are as follows1, open the Cloud shield all services 2. Restricting external scan behavior through firewall policyPlease according to your server operating system, download the corresponding script to run,

Fedora on the production of CentOS 6 7 with Aufs core RPM package

This is my github on the unintentional discovery, I started in CentOS 6.8 on the production but has failed, and then reluctantly changed the Fedora 24 production is good, the following talk about the process, [Root@localhost ~]# DNF

Aliyun ecs-centos installation node.js v4.2.6 Tutorial

Why choose v4.2.6 version, because the Ghost Blog support the highest version is v4.2.x. I'll introduce the NVM version manager to install and manage the Node.js version, NVM (Node version Manager), as the name suggests, is Node.js version

Linux/centos System Hanging Disk Tutorial

1. Use the SSH Remote Connection tool to log on to the system and view the disk status using the Fdisk-l command Here you can see two hard drives hda and HDB, the first hard drive HDA is installed system. HDB hard drive is not partitioned

Install Deployment Shadowsocks (centos/debian/ubuntu/windows) in Linux systems

The former is LIBUV version, just for mobile phone use, but later Millet update system, shadowsocks on my phone is always flashing, goagent also flash back, the only use is fqrouter. Recently shadowsocks Update, millet also updated, netizens let me

CentOS Network Interface configuration file Ifcfg-eth detailed

======centos Network Interface configuration file Ifcfg-eth detailed ======File/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 in/etc/sysconfig/network-script under this directory, the network interface (NIC) script file (control file) is stored,

Install vsftpd in centos and ubuntu and configure virtual users

Preparations:1. Create a security DirectoryMkdir-p/var/run/vsftpd/empty/2. Create vsftpd users and directories, and authorizeGroupadd-g 6005 vsftpdUseradd-c "vsftpd user"-g 6005-G vsftpd-u 6005-M vsftpd-s/sbin/nologinMkdir/home/vsftpdChown-R vsftpd:

Installing GBK encoding program webpage garbled in Apache environment in CentOS

Solution1. Open the Apache configuration file httpd. conf, for example,/etc/httpd/conf/httpd. conf by default.# Vi/etc/httpd/conf/httpd. conf2. Find the adddefacharcharset configuration item.Adddefacharcharset UTF-83. Modify the adddefacharcharset

How to thoroughly delete Apache from centos

First, disable the httpd service. /Etc/init. d/httpd stop List httpd related packages Rpm-qa | grep httpd The package list is as follows: Httpd-2.2.3-63.el5.centos.1 Httpd-manual-2.2.3-63.el5.centos.1 Uninstall package Rpm e httpd-manual-2.2.3-63.el5

Centos vpn Client/Server Configuration tutorial

 Vpn server configurationConfiguration process:[Root @ sv ~] # Pacman-Syu # update the system [root @ sv ~] # Pacman-S pptpd # install the pptpd service [root @ sv ~] # Cat/etc/pptpd. conf # cp/usr/share/doc/pptpd/samples/pptpd. conf/etc/pptpd.

Enable automatic completion of Git commands in the CentOS environment

Git does not need to be introduced much. Developers in Linux may find that Git installed by default does not implement automatic completion of commands, but it still feels inefficient and uncomfortable, so we need to adjust it. Go to the topic below.

Several commands for generating random passwords and encryption in centos

1. Use the command "pwgen" to generate any unique password with a length equal to 10 characters. If you have not installed pwgen, you can use Apt or YUM to install and obtain it.Use yum to install: yum install pwgenIf pwgen is installed here, an

Gitlab backup tutorial in centos

1. Back up gitlab1. Backup commandGitlab-rake gitlab: backup: create2. Modify the backup directory in the configuration fileVim/etc/gitlab. rbGitlab_rails ['backup _ path'] = '/mnt/backups'3. Add scheduled tasks for daily automatic backup0 2 ***/opt/

Install phpmyadmin in centos 6

First, install mysql before installing phpmyadmin. In fact, the lamp environment is the prerequisite for installing phpmyadmin. Here we only introduce the installation method of mysql under yum. (Note: the installation process can only be run with

How to solve the problem of No package nginx available when installing nginx in centos yum

Cause: Nginx is located in the third-party yum source, not in the centos official yum source. Solution: Install epel (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux)A. Go to epel website downloadB. My system is centos5.7,

How does Centos use iptables to disable access from certain IP addresses?

When we have our own linux Services, a lot of operations require a little linux Foundation. It is not as simple as using people's virtual hosts in the past... Uncle often met some wonderful people. In order not to allow their access, he had to

CentOS 6.5 64-bit specified version to compile and install LAMP

Note:Operating system: CentOS 6.5 64-bitRequirements:Compile and install the LAMP runtime environmentThe software versions are as follows:MySQL: mysql-5.1.73Apache: httpd-2.2.31PHP: php-5.2.17Specific operations:Preparation1. Configure the firewall

Install lrzsz in centos to implement xshell file upload and download

Install lrzsz under centos, and then input the corresponding command to upload and download files using xshell.   Installation Command: yum install lrzsz   The following figure shows the effect after installation. Use the lz command as an example

CentOS 6.6 x86_64 RPM package creation tutorial

I. INTRODUCTION to RPM packagesThere are five basic operation functions for the RPM Package: installation, uninstallation, upgrade, query and verification.Linux software packages fall into two categories:1. Binary package: including the rpm

How to uninstall built-in OpenJDK in CentOS

Check whether JDK is installed in Linux.The installed CentOS comes with OpenJdk and uses the java-version command. The following information is displayed:Java version "1.6.0 & Prime;OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0-b09)OpenJDK 64-Bit Server

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