CentOS/Ubuntu VPN proxy server configuration tutorial

Configure the VPN proxy server in CentOSI use CentOS 6.4 Here. The configurations of other linux versions are basically the same.1. Check whether the PPP and TUN devices of the VPS are correctly installed.  The code is as follows:Copy code

The bash: service: command not found error is reported when root restarts the service in CentOS.

Yezee user ssh to the server, then su to the root user, ready to restart the iptables serviceRun the service command to restart the iptables service:[Root @ www sysconfig] # service iptables restartThe bash: service: command not found error is

The SVN server in CentOS 6.x supports both the http and svnserve independent servers of Apache and uses the same access permission account.

Note: Server operating system: CentOS 6.x Server IP address: Purpose: 1. Install and configure the SVN service on the server; 2. Configure the SVN service to support both http and svnserve independent servers of Apache; 3. The http

Search for and replace a string in all files in a directory in centos

For some reason, a method in the project is lost, and many files reference this method. You need to replace all of them with a new method. This method is referenced many times and manual modification is too troublesome. therefore, one-time

The SVN server in CentOS automatically updates files to the Web Directory configuration.

Note:Server operating system: CentOSServer IP address: installation path:/usr/local/svnSVN project path:/home/svnSVN logon account: osyunweiSVN logon password 123456Root directory of the Web site:/home/webPurpose:When any changes

Example of installing PostgreSQL9.4 in CentOS

Add a software source. PostgreSQL 9.4 is used as an example.Yum install http://yum.postgresql.org/9.4/redhat/rhel-6-x86_64/pgdg-redhat94-9.4-1.noarch.rpmInstall databaseYum-y install postgresql-server limit sql94 postgresql94-develCreate a database

Centos EPEL installation tutorial

EPEL is short for Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux. It is officially translated as an additional software package for Enterprise Edition Linux. As the name suggests, he can expand your software library, saving a lot of time when installing a lot

Differences and functions of/etc/profile,/etc/bashrc and other files in centos

When we perform some bash-related operations, such as setting aliases and logging on to startup items, we will deal with the following files more or less. When we use them, we will check them and forget them. A good memory is not as bad as a pen.

CentOS 6.5 system shutdown and restart command usage

1. shutdown command (root permission required)Usage: shutdown [OPTION]... TIME [MESSAGE]OPTION: OPTIONTIME: TIMEMESSAGE: warning MESSAGE sent to all usersOptions:-R: restart the system after the system service is stopped.-H: shut down the system

How to install Git 2.0.4 in CentOS

Step 1: install the required packageFirst, make sure that the required packages are installed on your system. Run the following command to install the required package before compiling the Git source code!# Yum install curl-devel expat-devel gettext-

Centos installation and configuration JDK toolkit tutorial

When installing NetBeans in Centos for development, you will be prompted to install the java jdk, especially the latest version of NetBeans requires jdk 1.7 and later.1. Download the installation fileDownload jdk-7u72-linux-x64.rpm files on sun

How to install nginx and port configuration in CentOS

Find the supported information on the official nginx website:Currently, nginx packages are available for the following distributions and versions:RHEL/CentOS: Version Supported Platforms 5.

How to install and use composer in centos

I. InstallationCd path-to-your-projectCurl-sS https://getcomposer.org/installer | php# Composer successfully installed to:/tmp/composer. phar# Use it: php composer. pharIf this prompt is displayed, it is because php is not in the $ PATH environment

Iptables usage and instances in centos

View ip connection count:Netstat-ntu | awk '{print $5}' | cut-d:-f1 | sort | uniq-c | sort-n1. Install iptables firewallIf iptables is not installed, install it first, and run CentOS:Yum install iptablesRun Debian/Ubuntu:Apt-get install iptables2.

Install the LAMP environment manually on CentOS 6 (general Edition)

1. Install/configure Apache1. Update the system & install ApacheYum updateYum install httpdRecommendation: Use the following command to back up the Apache configuration file:Cp/etc/httpd/conf/httpd. conf ~ /Httpd. conf. backupIn order to expand your

Google Authenticator in CentOS configures the dynamic verification code for SSH login

Note:1. Generally, you only need to enter the account and password to log on to the server through ssh.2. Purpose of this tutorial: add a verification code between the account and password. You can log on only after entering the correct verification

Several methods for installing Node. js in CentOS 7

I. Source code installation1. Download the source code (visit the official website to view the latest version)Wget http://nodejs.org/dist/v0.10.30/node-v0.10.30.tar.gz2. Decompress the source codeTar xzvf node-v * & cd node-v *3. Install necessary

VirtualBox installation of VBOXADDITIONS in CentOS shows Building the OpenGL support module FAILED

The latest CentOS6.4 is installed in VirtualBox.Building the OpenGL support module [FAILED]Find the solution on the network.Cd/media/VBOXADDITIONS_4.1.8_75467/Export MAKE = '/usr/bin/gmake-I'./VBoxLinuxAdditions. runDuring installation, use "make-I",

CentOS 7 Kernel upgrade to Kernel 4.0.2

Linus Torvalds has upgraded Linux Kernel to Kernel 4.0.2, new Kernel patches and updates of Bluetooth, USB, SCSI, ACPI drivers, improved NFS and EXT4, and improved ARM64 and PowerPC architectures.In addition to the updated drivers and enhanced

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