WINDOW10 and CentOS Dual system installation Detailed tutorial

CentOS's Mirror to the website to download 1, first use UltraISO to burn mirror to the U disk UltraISO Open CentOS Mirror, start-> write hard disk image-> format (Put U disk Gecheng FAT32)-> write 2, u disk installation

How failed to create Aquota.user and files in CentOS Quotacheck

Today, while looking at the disk quota Quotacheck command for CentOS 6.5, the partition has been mounted to the/home directory, executing the command and then encountering the error prompt, finally finding the cause and resolving the problem.

Linux (Centos,ubuntu) common commands for learning notes

characteristics of Li Nux 1) free, open source 2) support multithreading/multiuser 3) Good safety 4 Superior memory and file management Shutdown reboot sudo

Replace specified strings in files in batches in Centos

These two Angels used the locomotive to collect some data because they generated a lot of SQL files. I want to replace the fixed content in each SQL file with another content.Manual file configuration change is a bit impractical, so google, find a

CentOS virtual memory (swap) tutorial

I didn't expect Alibaba Cloud hosts to have no swap partition, but is it difficult to buy large memory hosts?Mysql5.6.27 cannot run on an ECS instance of M. This problem has plagued me for a long time.At first, no error is reported when mysql is

Solution to the "Cannot find a valid baseurl for repo" error in CentOS Yum

Some netizens told the Old Man to prompt that "Cannot find a valid baseurl for repo" could not be executed when deploying the environment on the Tencent ECS to use the yum command. The problem is certainly caused by source failure. Search for the

Tutorial on upgrading CentOS OpenSSH to build SFTP Server

SFTP is short for Secure File Transfer Protocol and is a Secure File Transfer Protocol. It provides a secure encryption method for transferring files. Sftp has almost the same syntax and functions as ftp. SFTP is part of SSH and is a secure method

Another example of building pptp vpn in CentOS 6.5

Yesterday I had an idle server, so I set up a VPN. The system is centos 6.5 X64 and The PPTP type is set up. Strip Records, weed removal...The procedure is as follows:1. Install software related to PPP and PPTPDThe installation command is as follows:

How to reset the root password for CentOS 7/RHEL 7

In the past, the centos7 virtual machine was installed. In order to play with Docker, I forgot the password I set. I reset the password in a circle on the Internet and recorded it.Only know that you can enter the single user mode by pressing e, but

How to compile and install the gcc compiler in CentOS

We know that for GCC to install the default version through yum in CentOS, CentOS 5 is 4.1.2, CentOS 6 is 4.4.7, and CentOS 7 is 4.8.3.Most of the time, compiling and installing software requires a later version of GCC. Otherwise, an error is

Installation and deployment of Graphite programming interfaces on CentOS 6

Graphite is a Python-written web application that uses the django framework. Graphite is used to collect all the server's real-time statuses, user request information, Memcached hit rate, and RabbitMQ message server status, the load status of the

How to configure server load balancer for centos7 + apache and CentOS + Nginx

Install apache on centos7 for load balancing1. Install apache.Yum-y install httpd Installed in the/etc/httpd DirectoryII. Install mod_jkGo to download the packageTomcat Connectors 1

How to modify the network card em1 to eth0 in CentOS

Problem:After installing the Linux operating system, some Dell servers find that the nic name has changed to em1.Solution:Change the nic name to eth0. The CentOS Operating system is used as an example.1. Modify the grub systemVi/boot/grub. conf #

How to install and use vnstat in Centos

1. Install vnstatThe epel package comes with vnstat. You can install epel and run the following command:Yum install vnstat-yII. ConfigurationModify the/etc/sysconfig/vnstat file and you can see the following configuration (if the default network

How to install OpenVPN in CentOS 7

The command is very simple, but there seems to be no information on the Internet, only the information below RHEL6.Directly paste the command:Cd ~Wget

How to install Tengine in CentOS 6.6

Tengine was introduced in previous articles. Previously, it only used the content configured by the O & M personnel, but did not install and configure it on its own. Tengine was installed on a trial basis. Record the following information for

Centos source code compilation and installation lnmp (linux + nginx1.5.5 + mysql5.21 + php5.3.27) details

I. Install related dependent componentsFirst install the basic dependency components in yum:Yum install make apr * autoconf automake gcc-c ++ zlib-devel openssl-devel pcre-devel gd kernel keyutils patch perl kernel-headers compat * mpfr cpp glibc

Basic application of iptables firewall on CentOS

Iptables is one of the commonly used firewall software in Linux. After LNMP is installed. After you restart the machine, you will find that the Web site cannot be opened, which is largely caused by iptable. Below are some common settings for

Centos 7 system installation and configuration MariaDB database

Step 1: Download and install MariaDBThe installation slave database MariaDB is run as a CentOS 7 repo in CentOS. Any lower requirements require you to add additional repository servers. Run the following command on your server:Yum update-yYum

Tutorial on using Samba shared folder on Fedora or CentOS

Nowadays, sharing folders between different computers at home or in the office is nothing new. Under this trend, modern operating systems use network file systems to make data exchange between computers simple and transparent. If you work in both

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