Install and configure the SVN server in CentOS 6.6

InstallationCheck whether the system's built-in subversion is installed:[Root @ topseek ~] # Rpm-qa | grep subversionSubversion-1.6.11-12.el6_6.x86_64If it has been installed, uninstall:[Root @ topseek ~] # Yum remove subversionDownload the

How to configure static IP addresses and dns in centos

Generally, dncp is not configured in the production environment. It is usually configured once, once and for all. Then, write down how to configure the static address:Nic configuration files are placed under/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts, you can

Steps for installing nagios and pnp4nagios in centos

I. INTRODUCTIONNagios is an open-source computer system and network monitoring tool that can effectively monitor the status of Windows, Linux and Unix hosts, network settings such as vswitches and routers, and printers. It's a powerful O & M tool,

How to install and configure keepalived in centos

[Install keepalived]1. Download keepalived.Wget Compile and installYum install-y gcc openssl-devel ipvsadm libnl-develTar zxvf keepalived-1.2.13.tar.gzCd keepalived-1.2.13./Configure --

Detailed steps for building the shadowsocks-libev server under CentOS

1. Install necessary componentsRun the yum install build-essential autoconf libtool openssl-devel gcc-y command on centos.2. Install gitRun yum install git-y on centos.If it appears after executionLoaded plugins: fastestmirrorLoading mirror speeds

How to install an ssl certificate for Nginx in centos

Https is also an ssl certificate. We generally think that https is secure, but the credit chain system of the SSL certificate is not secure. In particular, man-in-the-middle attacks are equally feasible in some countries where you can control CA

CentOS 7 Docker application container installation tutorial

This article describes how to install Docker on CentOS 7. Docker is like a lightweight virtual machine, which makes it easy to create and manage Linux containers. It can be started or stopped in milliseconds. Docker helps system administrators and

Install svn and configuration using yum in CentOS

1. EnvironmentCentos5.52. Install svnYum-y install subversion3. ConfigurationCreate a version Library DirectoryMkdir/www/svndataSvnserve-d-r/www/svndata4. Create a version LibraryCreate a new Subversion projectSvnadmin

Steps to upgrade CentOS 6 to CentOS 7

Upgrade Centos6.6 to Centos7:Step 1:[Root @ localhost ~] # Cat/etc/yum. repos. d/upgrade. repo [upgrade] name = upgradebaseurl = 2:[Root @ localhost ~] # Yum install

How to modify the host name hostname of CentOS

Change host name permanentlyOpen/etc/sysconfig/networkHOSTNAME = localhost. localdomain modify localhost. localdomain to your host name.The code is as follows:/Etc/hosts127.0.0.1 localhost. localdomain localhost. Here, is the local loop

Find commands in centos

In linux, finding files that have changed at a specific time and files that have time-related relationships with a given file is particularly important for troubleshooting. The find command is used to do this, find the files that have been modified

Steps for upgrading to Git2.1.2 from Centos 6.5

Installation Requirements# Yum install curl-devel expat-devel gettext-devel openssl-devel zlib-devel# Yum install gcc perl-ExtUtils-MakeMakerUninstall git1.7.1 from CentosUse git-version to view the version of the system. Cento6.5 should contain the

How to install and configure a Vsftp server in CentOS 7.0

1. Configure the firewall to enable the port required by the FTP serverCentOS 7.0 uses firewall as the firewall by default. Here, it is changed to iptables firewall.1. Disable firewall:Systemctl stop firewalld. service # stop firewallSystemctl

Centos source code compilation and installation of lnmp (linux + nginx1.5.5 + mysql5.21 + php5.3.27)

I. Install related dependent componentsFirst install the basic dependency components in yum:Yum install make apr * autoconf automake gcc-c ++ zlib-devel openssl-devel pcre-devel gd kernel keyutils patch perl kernel-headers compat * mpfr cpp glibc

Detailed steps for modifying the default ssh port in centos

1. Modify the s h PortThe default s h port of VPS is 22. To prevent MJJ from scanning the port to crack the password, it is necessary to change the ssh port to another number.Now, log on to the VPS through SSH and modify the configuration

Two methods to prevent ssh Brute-force password cracking in Centos

Method 1,Collect information in/var/log/secure. If an IP address is linked more than a certain number of times, record the ip address in/etc/hosts. deny.Run crontab at 01:01 every day.1 *** sh/root/bin/Denyhosts. sh #! /Bin/bash# Denyhosts SHELL

Example of setting static IP addresses for vmware bridging in centos

Use bridge ModeSelect the bridging network card when bridgingSet centos static IP addressTwo configuration files are involved:/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth1First, modify/etc/sysconfig/network as follows: add GATEWAY = Gateway

How to install, configure, and use VNC in CentOS

** Preface **Two common remote management tools in Linux: CLI-based SSH and GUI-based VNC** Basic concepts of remote management **For the computers we use, if it is a personal computer, there is no remote management concept. We can use it when we

Configure Nginx VM in centos

Preparations:[Root @ lnmp ~] # Mkdir/usr/local/nginx/conf/extra-p # Where/usr/local/nginx/conf is the default configuration file of nginx[Root @ lnmp ~] # Mdkir/var/site/www-p # Create a website directory[Root @ lnmp ~] # Mdkir/var/site/bbs # bbs

Detailed steps for installing node. js in CentOS

Compile and install node. jsWget zvxf node-v0.8.5.tar.gzCd node-v0.8.5./ConfigureMake & make installModify the wget version by yourself.Run the yum command to installYum install

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