CentOS 6.5 Installation Docker and Jenkins detailed

As a result of the company's project requirements, let me today to Docker and Jenkins set up, I have to build success, the problems encountered therein and the solution recorded to share to everyone.System: CentOS 6.5 (64-bit)1. See if the kernel is

Centos LVS Dr server load balancer configuration description

Environment:LVS/Dr server: rip: rip: server configuration:Disable iptables and selinux to prevent failure due to firewall and other reasons.Install ipvsadmYum-y install ipvsadm *Run

Installing the cPanel panel in CentOS 6.5

CPanel is one of the most prestigious commercial software in the web hosting industry. It is based on Linux and BSD systems and is developed based on PHP and its nature is closed source software; provides powerful and complete host management

Summary of vsftp configuration in centos

This article does not describe how to configure FTP, but takes notes to record the strange problems you may encounter.The more I learn, the more I find my ignorance, and the more I say it is tears.Do not forget to enable iptables/Sbin/iptables-I

How to retrieve the root password of centos 7.0

During this time, mobile websites and mobile clients (phoegap + html5) were developed, while the company's local server (centos7) has been managing since the system was installed. Today, I specially used an SSH tool to connect to the local server. I

How to install CentOS 7.0 on VMware 10

To set up a server load balancer, Centos system and local testing are required. Therefore, you have to use VMware10 as the virtual machine to install CentOS7.0 for testing. To install CentOS7.0, follow these steps:Step 1: Download the ISO package

Installation of virtual machine Xen 7.0 on CentOS 4.5 in the latest version

It seems that this CentOS has not released the Minimal installation version, the following compilation and installation steps are completed on the LiveCD installation version (CentOS-7.0-1406-x86_64-livecd.iso.Install required software packagesAfter

How to mount and expand multiple hard disks (non-directory mounting) in the centos system of an Alibaba Cloud host

The default hard disk of the newly purchased Alibaba Cloud host is not mounted. If it is attached to the default hard disk that is not mounted, you can directly look at the tutorial provided by Alibaba Cloud. However, I felt that the hard disk was

Introduction to zabbix2.2 installation and configuration in centos

1. Install lnmp first. I will not talk about it here.2. Install necessary componentsYum-y install mysql-devel libcurl-devel net-snmp-devel3. Add a userGroupadd zabbixUseradd zabbix-g zabbix4. Create a databaseCreate database zabbix character set utf8

How to install and configure an NFS server in CentOS

1. Install the NFS serverYum install nfs-utils rpcbind2. ConfigurationVim/etc/exports/Usr/local/collection 192.168.1. * (rw, sync, no_root_squash) # Allow access from the IP address segment 192.168.1. *# Or/Usr/local/collection (rw, sync,

Install and configure OpenVPN in CentOS and log on with the certificate or account password.

OpenVPN is another VPN software package different from PPTP and L2TP. It is based on ssl vpn. The use of OpenVPN requires client support. Here the system is CentOS6.4.I. Check the environment required by OpenVPNOpenVPN requires support from TUN

How to solve unexpected inconsistency error during Linux/Centos startup

 1. Enter (optional) mount | grep ''on/''in the command line /''Obtain the root user's partition/dev/your_partition.2. EnterFsck-y/dev/root# Fsck-y/dev/your_partition# Check and fix the disk/dev/root. The-y option specifies that "yes" is

CentOS 6.5 installation of Pure-Ftp + web management pureadmin0.3 example

Software environment:Pure-ftpd-1.0.36.tar.gz (pure-ftp)PureAdmin-0.3.tar.gz (web management)Pureftp. SQL (virtual account database import file)Pureftpd-mysql.conf (Virtual Account linked Database profile)1. Install Pure-ftp server# Wget

Install the riak database in Linux/centos with a highly scalable distributed data storage service

Riak is a highly scalable distributed data storage written in Erlang. Riak is implemented based on Amazon Dynamo. One of Riak's design goals is high availability. Riak supports multi-node systems. Each read/write request does not require the

The CentOS system uses VNC to view the X11 graphic interface window

In Linux, VNC includes the following commands: vncserver, vncviewer, vncpasswd, and vncconnect. In most cases, you only need two commands: vncserver and vncviewer.My CentOS server is connected via SSH without a graphical window, that is, Headless

Install and configure CentOS 6.5 in the desktop environment

1. View the current system running level[Root @ iZ25fcztyabZ ~] # RunlevelN 32. Check whether the current system has installed and not installed components.[Root @ iZ25fcztyabZ ~] # Yum grouplist | moreLoaded plugins: securitySetting up Group

Download the nginx environment quick installation tutorial from CentOS

Install nginx in Ubuntu. You can simply use apt-get install nginx, which is very convenient.However, if CentOS6.2 is installed today and yum install nginx is not available, you must first handle the source. The following describes the complete

Steps for using yum to install and configure the lnmp environment in CentOS

Preparation1. Configure the firewall and enable ports 80 and 3306[Root @ localhost ~] # Vim/etc/sysconfig/iptables-A input-m state -- state NEW-m tcp-p tcp -- dport 22-j ACCEPT-A input-m state -- state NEW-m tcp-p tcp -- dport 80-j ACCEPT-A input-m

How to modify and set CentOS system time

Centos time adjustment operationWhen we use the CentOS system, problems may occur frequently in the time zone, and sometimes errors may occur after the change. Next we will learn a way to change this situation.If you are not using CentOS, run the

CDH5.2 Cloudera Manager installer installation configuration in centos

I. Machine preparation1. Three host names: server202 server203 server204In addition, server201 is used to build the repos of the local yum and does not participate in the cluster.2. Configure server202 ssh password-free login to other machines

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