CentOS 6.7 x64 The tutorial on compiling and installing FFmpeg

System Information[Root@lookback ~]# getconf Long_bit64[Root@lookback ~]# Cat/etc/redhat-releaseCentOS Release 6.7 (Final)Yum source information, here is no longer said Epel and Rpmforge source installation[Root@lookback ~]# Yum RepolistLoaded

Troubleshoot NIC problems with CentOS 6.6 installation

And the message appears Nov 20:34:12 St kernel:e1000e 0000:07:00.0:eth0:timesync Tx Control register not set as expected Network card information # ethtool-i

Centos Install VPN pptpd firewall iptables forwarding settings

CentOS installation VPN appears some of the site can not access the problem! Some forwarding rule settings for iptables The NAT conversion rule is established, otherwise the dial cannot be connected to the public network through the remote gateway.

How WordPress installs varnish acceleration under CentOS server

Varnish is a high-performance open-source HTTP accelerator, Norway's largest online newspaper Verdens Gang (http://www.vg.no) using 3 units varnish replaced the original 12 squid, performance is even better than before. Visible varnish is a rather

Just 6 steps to make your CentOS system environment more streamlined and optimized

The first step is to remove the unwanted self-carrying packages Yum Remove deployment_guide-en-us finger cups-libs cups ypbind yum remove bluez-libs desktop-file-utils PPP Rp-pppoe Wirel Ess-tools irda-utils Yum Remove sendmail* samba*

tutorial on how to compile Linux kernel under CentOS

Linux kernel compilation is a simple but cumbersome thing. But a standalone build Linux kernel will help you understand the Linux kernel's working mechanism well.First compile the Linux kernel we need to install the GCC compiler under the current

CentOS Install PPTP VPN configuration details

CentOS PPTP VPN Server (32-bit) installation 1. Package Installation The code is as follows Copy Code Yum install-y PPP Iptableswget http://poptop.sourceforge.net/yum/stable/packages/pptpd-1.3.4-2.el6.i686.rpmRPM-IVH

Linux CentOS 5.5 to modify the Apache default port 80

Open/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf File Modify two places The code is as follows Copy Code #Listen 80 #把80改为你设置的端口, I set the port to 8080 The code is as follows Copy Code

Solve the problem that CentOS 6.5 is installed without a network

Yesterday I got CentOS 6.5 Minimal version. After it was installed on VMware 10, I found that the network could not be connected, and PING the internet could not work.I searched the internet and found that after Linux is installed, the NIC is not

Example of building a SVN server using Centos

1. Install subversion: The code is as follows:Copy code # Yum install subversion Check whether the installation is successful: The code is as follows:Copy code # Svnserve -- version II. Create a SVN database  The code is as follows:Copy

Solution to VirtualBox installation error in centos

Core tips:Check the file (SYmbolic LinK) header in the/lib/module/{kernel version number}/kernel/directory and whether the source is valid. They should be linked to your kernel Compilation directory.In centos 6. x linux, the self-compiled kernel 3.0.

In CentOS 7.X, Docker builds a local repository registry and reports an error.

Downloading images from docker hub is slow, and your internal images generally require high speed and security. Therefore, you can build a local repository registry. The following describes the next steps.Environment: centos 7.21. Install dockerYum

Master/slave server configuration of dns-bind9 in centos environment

Environment: centos 6.5 64bit (master) (slave)Software version: bind9Prerequisites: disable the firewall (or allow udp tcp port 53 953) and selinux.The master server configuration is not described here. You can view the

Example of SNMP configuration for CACTI monitoring CENTOS LINUX

Install snmp on the monitored sideYum-y install net-snmp-develInstall and configure snmp on the monitored sideVim/etc/snmp/snmpd. confCom2sec notConfigUser default publicChange to (cacti host IP address)Com2sec notConfigUser

Install SUBVERSION on YUM in CENTOS for SVN server

Svn (subversion) is a version management tool that has emerged in recent years and is the successor of cvs. Currently, most open-source software uses svn as the code version management software.The following describes how to install the subversion.1.

64-bit cpu support example in Centos

Check whether lm exists in cpuinfo. If lm exists, 64-bit is supported. lm means long mode. The specific command is as follows:Cat/proc/cpuinfo | grep flagsCheck whether the output contains lm characters.OrCat/proc/cpuinfo | grep flags | grep lm | wc-

Detailed description of IFTOP installation script in CENTOS

Iftop is a good bandwidth traffic monitoring tool for linux.Each IP address connected to the local machine and real-time traffic are displayed.Usage: iftop-I eth0Help: iftop -- helpIftopTraffic monitoring toolsInstallation script:#! /Bin/shCd/tmpYum

Detailed introduction to CentOS file permission concepts

When "Permission deny" appears on your screen, don't worry. "Permission setting is definitely incorrect! (The following is an excerpt from Chapter 6 of laruence's Linux private House dish. Linux file permission and directory configuration. 2. Linux

How to make CentOS 6.5 read windows shared folders

Because of work requirements, you need to share the local folder and then temporarily use it on the CentOS server.The server uses the CentOS system, while the local machine uses the win7 system. For temporary use, we do not plan to build FTP and

How to build a Storm0.8.2 environment in CentOS

Storm depends on Zookeeper and ZeroMQ. You also need to have Java and Python in your system environment. The entire setup process is as follows:1. Build a Zookeeper cluster.2. Install the same environment (ZeroMQ, JZMQ, Java, Python, etc.) on the

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