Virtual machine CentOS installed Vmtools screen still not adaptive

The screen is still not adaptive after the virtual machine CentOS is installed, as shown in the following figure Solutions According to the online tutorials, change resolution, virtual display, these methods are ineffective, suddenly think of

The method of CentOS system hard disk to establish partition

(1)/boot partition (not required): The/boot partition is used to boot the system, which contains the kernel of the operating system and the files to be used during the startup of the system.The size of the partition is typically 100MB. (2) Swap

CentOS system mounts NTFS partitions using NTFS-3G

You must first install the source of the Rpmforge Software Library 1, download the rpmforge RPM packages 32-bit system wget 64-bit system wget

CentOS system view specified port status and kill

The results of the query find the process for the grep containing a specific string by pipeline. Pipe character "|" Used to separate two commands, the output of the command on the left side of the pipe will be the input to the right command of the

A detailed analysis of the CentOS of LVs Dr

About LVs DR (Direct Root) mode DR mode requires Director and realserver on the same network segment, the user through the VIP to access our services, Director received the user's request, will be the request of the target Mac to one of the

OpenJDK and installation Sunjdk method of CentOS system deleting self-band

View the current system Jdk:rpm-qa | grep jdk The results obtained: The code is as follows Copy Code [Root@dc-01 java]# Rpm-qa | grep JDKjava-1.6.0-openjdk- Uninstall OPENJDK:

CentOS iptables Firewall Open 80-Port method

Open ports: The code is as follows Copy Code [root@wx32 ~]# iptables-i input-p tcp--dport 80-j ACCEPT Save configuration: The code is as follows Copy Code [root@wx32 ~]# Service

Several methods for installing Chinese fonts in CentOS system

The day before yesterday there was a user response, the generated report form his name is missing a word. A careful examination of the original CentOS system is the default font does not have the word in his name, so it is directly ignored. In fact,

How to Build PHP7.0.x in Centos to make php5.3 and php7 compatible

Install php5.3 first, not to mention, saying that the Centos PHP7.0 tutorial is:# Wget and install# Tar zxvf php-7.0.4.tar.gz# Cd php-7.0.4Check the installation help.#./Configure -- helpMy blog

Detailed description of centos server configuration

The method is very simple. Thanks to the tutorials provided by the N16 group of friends!1. Make necessary preparations first!#! /Bin/shYum install-y gcc automake autoconf libtool make build-essential autoconf libtool curl-devel zlib-devel

Use the wget and source commands in CentOS to import SQL files

In Alibaba Cloud CentOS, you need to import an SQL file to the database, use wget to download the SQL file, and use the source command to import the SQL file.① First, log on to the database:[Root @ iZ94r80gdghZ tanteng. me] # mysql-u root-pEnter

How to install and use the ImageMagick command in centos

Let's first introduce ImageMagick.ImageMagick (IM) is an open-source free software package that supports the GPL protocol.It consists of a group of command line tools.It can be applied to over 100 image formats (including DPX, EXR, GIF, JPEG, JPEG-20

Enable and disable the IPtables firewall and ports 3306, 80, and in Centos.

1. Enable and disable IPtables1. Takes effect after restartEnable: chkconfig iptables onClose: chkconfig iptables off or chkconfig-level 35 iptables off2. It takes effect immediately and becomes invalid after restartEnable: service iptables

Solution to Chinese garbled characters in SecureCRT in centos 7

Solve the problem of garbled Chinese characters when using CRT links in CentOS 7:[Root @ hz/] # export LC_ALL = en_US.UTF-8Ideas:[Root @ hz/] # locale # default current language environmentLANG = en_US.UTF-8LC_CTYPE = "C"LC_NUMERIC = "C"LC_TIME = "C"

Build a shadowsocks proxy server in CentOS

Recently, the walls seem to be very congested, and the Great Wall jump methods are extremely slow. No way, you can set up the shadowsocks proxy server by yourself (take CentOS as an example ).Install related dependencies (enter the following

Centos wdcp moves website data and databases to other disks

Here we will put sdb1 under dataMkdir/dataMount/dev/sdb1/dataStop service:Service mysqld stopService pureftpd stopService httpd stopService nginxd stopMobile data:Mv/www/*/data &Ps-aux: the process mv-I is stopped. Continue with the following

Centos 7 firewall opens port 80

Enable port 80Firewall-cmd -- zone = public -- add-port = 80/tcp -- permanentIf success is displayed, the instance is successfully added.Command description:-- Zone # Scope-- Add-port = 80/tcp # add a port in the format of port/communication

Steps for installing the MariaDB database in CentOS 7

MariaDB is a branch of MySQL. It was developed by the father of MySQL. Since its acquisition by Oracle, MySQL has been updated slowly and has a tendency to close the source. Major companies have switched to Mariadb, including Facebook and Google.My

Manually add or delete virtual memory swap zones in CentOS

The released space may come from some programs that haven't been operated for a long time. The released space is temporarily saved to the Swap space and will be executed by those programs, then, the stored data is restored from Swap to the memory.

How to install Python3.5 in CentOS

Method 1: Online installation# Download Python source)$ Wget Extract Python package ):$ Tar xf Python-3.5.1.tar.xz$ Xz-d Python-3.5.1.tar.xz$ Cd Python-3.5.1# Compiled Python (Compile

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