Centos/rhel the method of minimizing installation by Yum upgrade _linux

1. If you have installed Centos/rhel minimum server installation, you may have a lot of trouble installing packages without 2. There is a way to install all the packages that require a basic server, using the Yum groupinstall command 3. Upgrade

CentOS to set up SVN server steps _ Server Other

This article describes the steps to build an SVN server under CentOS. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: 1. Install SVN Yum install-y Subversion 2. Verify that the installation is successful

CentOS Configure the virtual host VirtualHost enable the server to support multiple site multiple domain name Method _ server Other

This article describes the CentOS configuration of the virtual host VirtualHost to enable the server to support multiple site multiple domain name method. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: How to let CentOS (Redhat)

The method of building rpm with mock in CentOS system _linux

Objective When executed under CentOS rpmbuild -ba package.spec , the system is usually required to install the corresponding dependency pack, which will cause the system to load a lot of useless software packages, occupy space. So I searched and

Detailed CentOS method of setting static IP _linux

In the project as a result of the company's local area network automatically obtain IP way, to each server restart host IP will change. In order to solve this problem, I refer to other articles and set up static IP according to their own situation

Detailed CentOS-6.3 installation configuration svn method _linux

Installation Instructions System Environment: CentOS-6.3 Installation mode: Yum Install (source code installation is easy to produce version compatibility problem) Install software: The system automatically downloads SVN software Check for

CentOS to build an FTP server and brief introduction of _FTP server

CentOS Build FTP Server 1. Install VSFTPD sudo yum install vsftpd 2. Configure vsftpd.conf # Allow anonymous FTP? (beware-allowed by default if your comment this. ) Anonymous_enable=no # When SELinux are enforcing check for SE bool

CentOS 7 Installation Docker

Installing Docker # 0 on a virtual machine CentOS 7: Check Prerequisites: There are not many prerequisites for installing Docker in the Red Hat and Red Hat series of Linux distributions.# # # 1. The kernel uses the ' uname ' command to confirm that

CentOS 7 Network configuration (1)

Problem Description: The local IP cannot be found using the ifconfig command after installing CentOS7. No Internet access Unable to log on using SSH. Go to catalogue/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/To view the NIC configuration file name

Virtual machine Learning CentOS Server Edition

Virtual machine Installation Download Tutorial: http://www.cnblogs.com/CyLee/p/5615322.htmlCentOS 6.5:http://www.centoscn.com/centossoft/iso/2013/1205/2196.htmlConfiguration Learning Address: http://www.imooc.com/video/3245When creating a virtual

CentOS Delete Files by mistake

Under CENTOS6: RM-RF/has been blocked.Windows recover deleted files by mistake: Final data v2.0 and EasyrecoveryRemoval of files on CentOS ext4 file system can restore Extundelete (using range EXT4 and previous ext series file types)Extended:The

Centos version 7.3mini change ssh default 22 port boot failure problem handling

First, IntroductionThe default SSH port for CentOS 7.3 Mini system is TCP 22 port, and for security reasons, the default 22 port is often modified for other ports. General city by modifying the/etc/ssh/sshd_config file, the file inside the "#Port 22"

Booting a program from the CentOS boot

SYSTEMD is a Linux system tool used to launch daemons and has become the standard configuration for most distributions. You can systemctl --version view the version you are using by commandCommon commands# 立即启动一个服务$ sudo systemctl start

CentOS Hadoop Installation configuration details

General idea, prepare master and slave server, configure Primary server can SSH login from server without password, unzip and install JDK, unpack and install Hadoop, configure HDFs, MapReduce and other subordinate relations.1, the environment, 3

CentOS Network Configuration Example

1. Configure DNSVim/etc/resolv.confNameServer Configure the Gatewayroute add default GW Dev eno*This changes the gateway to , which is only temporary, when you restart the

CentOS Configuration Domestic Yum source

NetEase (163) Yum Source is one of the best yum sources in the country, both speed and software version is very good, the Yum source is set to 163yum, can increase the speed of package installation and update, while avoiding some common software

CentOS 7.3 Banner Information settings

I. Banner information related documents/etc/issue: This file information is used for local login when the prompt information is saved in this document, by modifying the contents of this document can modify the local login prompt information.

CentOS 7 Set static IP


Solve the problem that the CentOS 7 history command does not display the operation record time and user identity.

Solve the problem that the CentOS 7 history command does not display the operation record time and user identity.The history command in centos6 displays the operating Command time and user identity. [Root @ bdkyr ~] # History294 16:46:48 root clear29

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