Linux (centos) Imagemagick upgrade script

In May 3, the image processing software ImageMagick was released a serious 0-day vulnerability (CVE-2016-3714) through which attackers can execute arbitrary commands and finally steal important information to gain control of the server.For more

CentOS 7.1 install Zabbix2.5 (Zabbix3.0 Alpha version) tutorial

Installation environmentSystem: CentOS7.1Apache: 2.4.6MySQL: 5.6.26PHP: 5.6.12Before Zabbix installationObtain Zabbix2.5 source code# Cd/tmp# Wget 'http: // response'# Tar-zxvf zabbix-2.5.0.tar.gzAdd zabbix user# Groupadd zabbix# Useradd-g

Example of how to compile and install nodejs in centos

Today, let's talk about how to compile and install nodejs separately. If so, let's take a look at the end. If not, let's install nodejs step by step.System: centos 6.x( 64-bit)Software version: nodejs 5.3.01. Upgrade gcc firstFor more information

Detailed steps for installing the monitoring tool monit on CentOS 7

During server O & M, we usually use Zabbix for monitoring. Here we install and configure monit. When the process is detected to be stopped, the process can be automatically started.We recommend that you use the rpmforge source to install monit,

How to install php5.6 in CentOS 7.0 yum

After php5.6 is installed, you no longer need to install Zend Guard. Instead, you can use the yum command to install php-opcache and php-pecl-apcu, which can effectively improve the php execution speed.1. Configure the yum sourceCheck whether the

Install the use of Let's Encrypt SSL certificate for the website on CentOS 7

Install the Let's Encrypt clientFor the CentOS release, there are currently two ways to install the Let's Encrypt client, one is to directly install yum from the upstream EPEL source, one is to download from the GitHub source of Let's Encrypt. The

How to enable automatic and scheduled restart of crontab in centos

For example, set the restart method at every day:After successfully logging on to the server using the SSH tool, run the following command:Crontab-ePress the Insert key to enter the editing mode.Then, enter:0 5 ***/sbin/reboot(Pay attention to

Centos 6.4 64-bit compilation and installation of mysql5.6 steps

Direct-to-topic: dependency installationInstallation environment: centos 6.4 x86_64Install the c ++ compiling environment:Yum install gcc-c ++ ncurses-develBision:Cd/usr/local/srcWget bison-2.7.1

How to install vmtools in CentOS 7 under VMware

Many problems have occurred before the installation, mainly due to Kernel version issues (the specific situation is probably that the Kernel Header cannot be found ). This time I went through the process again and found that the problem was solved.

Steps for building a vpn pptp server under RHEL/Centos/Fedora/

 Vpn has been used for many years. However, due to laziness, I have never written any articles about how to build a vpn server. This year I am interested in this. I would like to share with you the process of building a vpn server, it is easy to

CentOS 7 reports that the iptables firewall prompts "Unit iptables. service failed to load"

I have been using CentOS 6 for a while, but I am not used to it. After the firewall is configured, run service iptables save to display "Failed to restart iptables. service: Unit iptables. service failed to load: No such file or directory. "Error.

How to log on to the CentOS server on a Windows Server

Step1. install client softwareWhen you log on to CentOS from a local Windows server, you must use the client software to establish a connection.We recommend that you use the SecureCRT and putty clients to log on.Install the SecureCRT client on the

Install and configure the ftp server on CentOS

You need to use the FTP channel to upload applications from your own server to the ECS.This article describes how to upload an application to a CentOS ECS instance in a Windows environment.Step 1 configure the FTP service on the ECS1. Run the

Detailed description of CentOS data disk partition mounting and formatting

1. Common CentOS systemRelated tools:CentOS6.5 64bitPuttyData DiskFirst, check whether the hard disk device has a data disk.Unlike VPS hosts outside China, cloud host products in China are generally purchased, such as Alibaba Cloud hosts and Tencent

How to install Bind on CentOS to build DNS service

Because the company's internal network needs to be tested, domain names are used to access the company's internal server. However, the vro does not have the domain name forwarding function. Therefore, the DNS method is used.Background:One internal

CentOS to modify the system date and time

Time-related commands:Date: modify the current system timeClock: modify the CMOS time (view the CMOS Time: clock-r)Hwclock: modifies the system hardware time.Lock usage:Clock-w writes time into CMOSView the CMOS time in clock-r Hwclock usage:

Summary: CentOS yum error analysis solution

I. Today, when I was on a small cloud host in yum, I encountered an error:$ Yum-y updateRpmdb: Thread/process 28636/139844750771968 failed: Thread died in Berkeley DB libraryError: db3 error (-30974) from dbenv-> failchk: DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error,

CentOS git upgrade case

1. First uninstall CentOS's built-in git1.7.1:Use git-version to view the version of the system. Cento6.5 should contain the git version 1.7.1.> # Yum remove git2. Install the package required for git compilation> # Yum install curl-devel

Centos 6.5 (64-bit) upgrade gcc4.8.2 step tutorial

Today, my company's development colleagues asked me to install node on the server for testing. At first, I wanted to use docker for it. However, many problems on the docker node were not solved due to temporary flexibility, I had to compile and

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