Installation configuration process for puppet under Centos 6.3

System Environment: centos6.3 puppet:puppet-2.7.13 facter:facter-1.6.5 Ruby:yum Source Note: Facter used to obtain client system information (such as HOSTNAME,IP,OS-VERSION,FQDN, etc.) Ruby is the puppet development environment Puppet server:1

CentOS 6.3 The Haproxy and Apache configuration process

A. What is Haproxy Haproxy provides high availability, load balancing, and proxies based on TCP and HTTP applications to support virtual hosts, a free, fast, and reliable solution. Haproxy is especially useful for Web sites that are heavily loaded,

Centos 6.3 DRBD Installation Configuration notes

Recently prepared to update the point load balanced high availability of documents, so the previous DRBD have been trying to conquer the time to take out today. DRBD (distributed replicated block Device) We can understand that it is actually a

CentOS 6.3_nagios Configuration Notes

First, Nagios monitoring host configuration (ip: 1, Installation Nrpe service Decompression [Root@nagios ~]# TAR-ZXVF nrpe-2.14.tar.gz [Root@nagios ~]# CD nrpe-2.14 Compile [[Root@nagios Nrpe-2.14]#./configure Root@nagios nrpe-2.

CENTOS 6.3 x64 under Installation VirtualBox

1. Download RPM Package # wget 2. Install Dependency Pack # CD/ETC/YUM.REPOS.D # MV Oracle-base.repo oracle-base.repo.disabled # wget

CentOS 6.3 x64 Install VMware server 2

First I would like to say that VMware installs the real TM pit dad under Linux. Spit it out, then see how I got it done. 1. Go to official website download VMware server 2 Compile

CentOS 6.0 Network card Problem summary

Eth0 the missing treatment. 1. Just started to run ifconfig Eth0 found the NIC is missing. [Root@localhost ~]# ifconfig eth0 Eth0:error fetching interface Information:device not found//But network-scripts the configuration files are all eth0, why

CentOS 6.0 Installation bind9.7 FAQ

1.[root@zh888 ~] #yum-y install bind*//Install all bind software with Yum 2.[root@zh888 ~]# rpm-qa|grep bind//query all software installed by

PXE Network installation CentOS 6

PXE (Preboot Execute environment) is the latest technology developed by Intel Corporation, Working client/server network mode, supporting workstations to download images from remote servers over the network, and thus supporting the boot process of

Centos 5.5 to build Tomcat 7.0

The new week began, today to build a tomcat, just do a simple build, and did not go to use the functions of which, this and other needs in the study. 1, Tomcat source paper download address:

Solving vmware virtual machine CentOS Linux Networking issues

I started to learn Linux these days because I used windows so I installed a virtual machine. Here, I installed the virtual machine VMware9.0 download address and the Chinese method. Http:// and give a centos5

How to configure VNC Server in CentOS

Main reference documents: Chinese: English: Http:// Description is very normative and comprehensive. Record the knowledge points/points in the installation process:

CentOS 5.5 DNS deployment diagram

Experimental environment: Linux CentOS 5.5 Units IP Address: Test Purpose: To install a DNS deployment pack Create forward and reverse zones. Test to verify DNS success. Create a record, PTR pointer; Deployment process: 1, view

Detailed explanation based on CentOS 6.2 DNS master-slave replication build and deploy

1 Master-Slave dns--prepare--dns master-Slave theory 1, what is DNS? Simple understanding, Domain Name System, is the Internet a core service, he as a bridge can be a domain name and IP address of the mutual factors of a distributed database, can

CentOS PPTP VPN Installation

The purpose of this is for the company's research and development department to visit foreign websites through Hong Kong's servers, just mark it, maybe later, and not spend any more time studying it. CentOS 5.x/6.x under PPTP VPN server

Centos 5.8 The process of installing a KVM virtual machine

Introduction to KVM Virtual machines The abbreviation for KVM (kernel-based virtual Machine) is an open source, fully virtualized solution. Since Linux2.6.20 is integrated in various distributions of Linux, KVM virtualization runs in the x86

How to build a pptpd (VPN) service in CentOS 6.4

Since Linux itself does not have integrated PPTP functionality, it is necessary to install the relevant components to allow our Redhat to support PPTP, according to the kernel version, download the appropriate installation package, the components

How to use crontab under CentOS 5.5

Server System: 64Bit CentOS 5.5 Although the introduction of Crontab is everywhere, read the term in detail, the harvest is still available. Crontab This name comes from "Chronos", an ancient Greek, "time" meaning (the following usage in the

CentOS DHCP Configuration detailed

Experimental environment: CentOS 6.4 + VMware9.0 Remote Tools: Putty.exe (gorgeous color, lightweight) Experiment topology: Experiment steps: First, set up a DHCP server 1. Configure IP Address # Vim/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

Teach you to make Oel/centos Linux triple U disk installation disk

A business trip to the customer site to install the new IBM server, did not think the server did not configure the optical drive, the scene does not have a USB drive, the installation toss enough, so determined to make a U disk installation disk,

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