How to troubleshoot CentOS root run Elasticsearch exception

How to troubleshoot CentOS root run Elasticsearch exception Running Elasticsearch 2.3 on CentOS 6.5, the exception is as follows: ? 1 2 3 4 5 6 Exception in thread "main" Java.lang.RuntimeException:don ' t run Elasticsearch as

Linux CentOS Web server partitioning scheme

actual size resolution of partition type partition Swap partition 2G (memory is 1G, generally twice times the memory) /1g-2g (Minimum 150–250MB) /boot 32m-100m (boot partition, up to 100M only) /OPT 100m-1g (Additional application) /tmp 40m-1000

Linux system installation Tutorial CentOS 6.4

Linux Installation In this chapter we will introduce Linux installation. This section takes the English version of centos6.4 as an example. If you want to see the Chinese version of the installation tutorial can refer to this article:

Use Iptables to set port forwarding in CentOS system

Forward 3389 ports of the local interface IP to 3389 (The main access to the 3389 port, you will jump to 3389) Steps 1, the first thing to do is/etc/sysctl.conf configuration file

CentOS Enable Sudo method

CentOS does not enable sudo by default, and you can log on to the server directly as a super administrator. Ubuntu is doing a good job in this area, and it is recommended that sudo be enabled in order to be safe and reduce the damage caused by

Linux VPS CentOS Installation LNMP system Environment Tutorial

Our people use VPS installed system environment most likely is LNMP, the author recently also learning to install and use VPS, also see many kinds of system environment can choose, of course, including can choose to install Panel management.

Using VIRTUALENV to build python3 environment in CentOS

Virtualenv can build a virtual, stand-alone Python environment that allows each project environment to be isolated from other projects, keeping the environment clean and resolving package conflict issues. Here we will discuss how to build the next

CentOS system text interface to start the network card and modify the DNS address method

Win7 operating system, VMware installation centos6.2, in order to practice the WWW server configuration, using the text interface, has been considering a problem, this Nic how to start it? Anyway, I feel that learning CentOS is much smoother than

CentOS 6.5 server VNC Remote Desktop Connection error

First you need to check to see if the server has VNC service installed and check that the server has the following command to install VNC: Rpm-qa | grep VNC Using the above command the information returned to me here is the following (if there is

VMware installation CentOS system graphics and text tutorial

VMware Install CentOS6.2 Cancel Easy Install mode (this mode is not good, many software is not installed) Tools/raw Materials vmware_8.0.4.744019_lite_xiazaiba.7z "centos.5.6". x86. Disc mirroring]. Centos-5.6-i386-bin-dvd.iso Method/Step

Install the NIC driver for CentOS Linux system under Hyper-V

The solution is to install the Linux Integration Services Version v3.2 for Hyper-V tool (download address): After downloading it is an ISO document that hangs under the Linux virtual optical drive to execute the installation command: 1. Download

CentOS to prohibit users ssh and SFTP login

CentOS to prohibit users ssh and SFTP login In Linux for security purposes, we will prohibit certain users SSH login system to operate. Here I take the CentOS operating system as an example to record how to do the processing. 1, open the sshd

CentOS egrep Command Detailed

Egrep Feature Description: The Egrep command is the same as the grep command with the-e flag, except that the error message and the use message are different and the S-flag function is different. To search for one or more files using the Egrep

How to install and use the Iostat command under CentOS?

Iostat command to monitor system input/output device load You can perform the following command at installation Yum Install Sysstat Can [Root@zhaopin zhaopin]# Iostat Linux 2.6.18-164.el5 AVG-CPU:%user%nice%system%iowait%steal%idle 0.45 0.00 0

How to find broiler on CentOS server

how to find broiler on CentOS server SSH login to the server, the frequent delay off the line, landing to the firewall above to see, found that the firewall of the external network of the flow reached the 800m/s, the check found that there is a

Linux system CentOS can not start how to solve

Linux system CentOS can not start how to solve Workaround: 1. We have tried a single user can login Ah, how to do not say, yes can login, think of the hard disk is not the problem, fsck repaired the next or not. Google it. From the information

A detailed explanation of badblocks instructions under CentOS

A detailed explanation of badblocks instructions under CentOS First, command parameters Badblocks uses the format: Reference badblocks [-SVWNF] [-B block-size] [-C blocks_at_once] [-I Input_file] [-O output_file] [-P num_passes] [-t

PXE unattended Installation CentOS system

PXE unattended installation CentOS system PXE unattended installation of Linux system, can be multiple machines at the same time automatic operation management, reduce the workload of administrators, but also make management more scientific and

How do I temporarily disable a user in CentOS?

Temporarily disable users in Linux 1. In the/etc/passwd file, locate the disabled user in the row, add # at the beginning of /etc/passwd #coderbolg: X:500:500::/home/coderbolg:/bin/bash 2. In the/etc/shadow file, locate the disabled user row,

CentOS how to make the RPM package?

CentOS How to make the RPM package? Talking about RPM to many compiled and installed friends, RPM installation is a fool to install. Oh, in fact, RPM is a very effective centralized deployment of the solution. YUM+RPM is a very fast and

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