Minimal installation of Linux CentOS-6.6 post-deployment Fastdfs + Download Address It's dry, dry.

Reference: some necessary softwareYum-y Install wgetYum-y Install GCCYum-y Install Perlmkdir ~/zyCD ~/zyInstallation: LibfastcommonDownload:wget

Installation and configuration of the R language in the CentOS environment

Recently looking at data statistics and analysis, think of the R language, and then started in their own CentOS environment for installation and configuration. The steps are as follows:1. Go to the R official website to download the installation

Installing CentOS 6.7 with VirtualBox under Windows 10

Need to prepare:1) Virtualbox-5.0.4-102546-win.exe: Https:// Centos-6.7-x86_64-minimal.iso or Centos-6.7-x86_64-bin-dvd1.iso: Virtualbox-5.

Nginx 3 virtual Machine load Balancing in the CentOS environment

Load BalancingLet's start with a quick look at what is load balancing, which is interpreted literally to explain the average load sharing of n servers, not because a server is under-loaded and idle on a single server. Then the premise of load

CentOS 6 32-bit

#运行: cat /dev/net/tun #返回的必须是: cat: /dev/net/tun: File descriptor in bad state #运行: cat /dev/ppp #返回的必须是: cat: /dev/ppp: No such device or address # 方式一安装 bash -c "$(curl

Centos 6.5 Upgrade Kernel

Install Kernel 3.10 on CentOS 6.5CentOS 6.5 ships with kernel 2.6 and it's a quite old for today (CentOS 7 already comes with 3.10), but compile a kernel on C Entos is a mess and it's not recommended. But the fear no more, the guys from Elrepo took

Open and close the CentOS graphical interface

[[email protected] ~]# vi /etc/inittab  # inittab is only  used by upstart for the default runlevel.## adding other  Configuration here will have no effect on your system.## system

[Gearman] installation of Gearman on CentOS

I. INTRODUCTIONGearman installation in 2 steps, the 1th step is the installation of Gearmand, the 2nd step is the installation of Gearman PHP extension.1th Step:Two. Installation of Gearmand1. First install the Libdrizzle#yum Install Libdrizzle

How to configure a CentOS or redhat5.x, 6.X, 7.X network Yum Source

The first step: Find a reliable yum sourceZhong KeHelp: Https:// Http:// Http:/

CentOS 7 Minimized installation cannot find ' ifconfig ' command--fix tips

As we know, the "ifconfig" command is used to configure the network interface of the Gnu/linux system. It shows the details of the network interface card, including the IP address, MAC address, and network interface card status. However, the command

CentOS 6.5 under Jira installation deployment

Jira Introduction:JIRA: Professional defect tracking and project management softwareJira is a project tracking management tool that helps teams create scheduled tasks, build and publish good products. Thousands of teams around the world choose Jira,

Install vsftpd on CentOS

Install the VSFTPD program.sudo Yum Install vsftpd Start the FTP service.sudo service vsftp start Add the FTP user and set the password.sudo FTP FTP-wwwsudo passwd FTP-www Establish Ftp-www as the FTP root directory, while creating

Display-bash-4.1 after logging into the CentOS virtual machine

Http:// my phenomenon, it should be the deletion of files in the/root directory. By this fix should be done, to your own home

Install JDK1.8.60 and glassfish4.1.1 original under CentOS

First, installation environmentOperating systemWindows7 Enterprise 64-bitThe software that needs to be usedjdk:jdk-8u60-linux-x64.rpmGlassfish:glassfish4.1.1.zipSecond, installation PreparationStep1: Copy the JDK files on the host to the virtual

CentOS 6.X Learning Experience

First: SSH-based remote login securityTurn command on or off: service sshd Start/stopModified file Address/etc/ssh/sshd_configThe main functions are: Prohibit the root user remote login: permitrootlogin=noLimit Trust Host: addressfamilyShielded

CentOS 7 Modifying the default run level

To view the current run level:# RunLevelTo modify the default run level:#systemctl Set-default to Level 3 (text mode)Each operating = = =

CentOS 7 VSFTPD Unable to start the detailed

Accidentally installed CentOS 7 (said more is the tears, all kinds of not adapt), but let It Go (PS: Do not use improvise clear, do not understand can Baidu. ), after loading the system to run a vsftpd,Yum-y Install VSFTPDWait for the installation

Solve the Problem of NIC restart failure in Centos

Solve the Problem of NIC restart failure in Centos Prepare to restart the NIC. failed to use both commands [Root @ localhost Desktop] # ifup eth0Active connection state: activatingActive connection

Solve the problem that eth0 disappears after the CentOS system is cloned by VM and eth1 is displayed.

Solve the problem that eth0 disappears after the CentOS system is cloned by VM and eth1 is displayed. After cloning the CentOS system, run the ifconfig-a command to find that only the eth1 Nic is available, and the eth0 Nic disappears. However,

Solve command not found problems in CentOS 6.5

Solve command not found problems in CentOS 6.5 Today, when you open the centos system, all the commands suddenly fail to work normally, such as shutdown reboot ssh scp. Command not found is displayed. Puzzling !!! A few days ago. Find the

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