Deployment CentOS Installation mariadb

EnvironmentVirtual machine: VMWare10.0.1 build-1379776 Operating system: CentOS7 64-bitSteps1, add MariaDB of the Yum Warehouse source, /etc/yum.repos.d/ under the establishment of the Mariadb.repo file, the contents of the file can be

Second day and half: installation of VMware and CentOS (for yesterday)

······················ Right next to the last chapter.Last night, when I finished loading the mainframe system, I installed the virtual machine and the Linux image until 12 o'clockAt the end of the day, something went wrong. (This should be a mirror

RPM Yum apt-get redhat centos Ubuntu

RPM is a package management method developed by Red Hat, which allows us to install, query, uninstall and upgrade the software conveniently. However, the dependencies between RPM packages are often cumbersome, especially when the software is made up

Centos 6 Installation python2.7.6

CentOS is self-bringing python. But the version is slightly older. For Python development, be sure to use a new stable version. So, to upgrade Python.Go to Python main station first download Python source bundle: Python-2.7.6.tar.xzwget

CentOS Installation and configuration DHCP service

CentOS installation process and configuration methodFirst, the installation processThere are two methods: one is to use the own RPM installation package, and the other is to install it online using the Yum command.1. Inspection and installation to

CentOS Set Static IP

1. Modify the network adapter configuration edit: Vi/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0, the content information is as follows: Device=eth0 #描述网卡对应的设备别名, for example, in Ifcfg-eth0 file it is eth0Bootproto=static #设置网卡获得ip地址的方式, the possible

Implementation of Nginx Self-startup script instance under Centos/rhel

1. Create a script file Nginxd[[Email protected]]# vi/etc/init.d/nginxdInsert the following content #!/bin/Bash# # Chkconfig:-15# Description:nginx is a world Wide Web

CentOS under Nginx bind () to failed

Cnetos error in changing port to unconventional port2014/01/10 09:20:02 [Emerg] 30181#0:bind () to failed (13:permission denied)Cause SELinux restricts the port of HTTPMethod One: Turn off SELinuxMethod Two: Add the SELinux allowed HTTP

CentOS-7.0. How to install and configure Tomcat-7 in

Installation InstructionsInstallation Environment: CentOS-7.0.1406Installation method: Source InstallationSoftware: apache-tomcat-7.0.29.tar.gz: PrerequisitesThe system must have a configuration

CentOS Installation Configuration Samba

IntroductionSamba allows us to access files in a Linux system in Windows, which is very handy if you are debugging code in a Linux virtual machine.1. InstallationYum-y Updateyum Install Samba samba-client samba-swat-y2. Check the installation

Installing the LUA environment under CentOS

Lua's official website:Http:// following are the installation methods of the LUA environment in the LUA website:If you encounter problems, look at the Readme file in the download file:The Readme file reads as follows:Open

CentOS Timing Synchronization System time


Use Linux.vps the next day, found that the system time is incorrect, manual modification or synchronization of the correct once, run half a day to find time and fast a few minutes, anyway, the longer it runs, the faster, is the VPS through? and VPS

Centos Installation KVM


First, prepare the environment:1. Check whether virtualization is supportedcentos6.2_x864KVM requires CPU support (Intel VMX or AMD SVM) to check if the CPU provides support for virtual technology before installing KVM:Egrep ' ^flags.* (VMX|SVM)

Centos minimal terminal shortcut keys

CTRL + C: terminates the current command. You can also enter a large string of characters and do not want it to run directly with this command, the cursor jumps to the next line. Tab: Fill Command key. Not only the command, but also the catalogue

Centos Installation Configuration iSCSI

When testing Oracle RAC, iSCSI is used to simulate the magnetic array (the real magnetic array requires multipath software), which is simply recorded#scsi serveryum Install SCSI-target-/srv/if=/dev/zero of=/srv/iscsi/disk01.img bs=1m

Centos Compiler Installation Haproxy

I. Introduction to the Environment1.centos62. haproxy-1.4.25.tar.gzTwo. Installation$ Curl-o$ tar zxvf haproxy-1.4. -. tar.gz$ CD Haproxy-1.4. -$ make TARGET=linux26

CentOS Catalog File Management fourth session

CentOS Catalog File Management fourth sessionThe first half of the classThe second half of the classMkdir-pCreate multiple Catalogsmkdir 12 34 56Create multiple catalogs mkdir 12 34 56/BIN/RM: Skip directly to Alias and execute RM directly without

Zabbix------Simple Configuration Monitor CentOS

1 We recommend that you use the English interface2 Adding a host Host,centos hostSP1. Installing the agent on the client side./configure--prefix=/usr/local/zabbix--enable-agent or RPM installationSP2. modifying/etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.confserver=60.

CENTOS 6.6 NFS Server Setup

Directory An environment 1.1 System Environment 1.2 Software Environment 1.3 Software version Two-Installation 2.1 Server Installation 2.2 Server Startup 2.3 Client Installation 2.4 Client Mount Three-proof Body An environment 1.1 System

Centos directory Structure

The CentOS catalog can be broadly divided into four categories: Management class, User class, Application class, information class file directory.Management class Directory:/boot Linux kernel and the file directory required by the boot system

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