CentOS 6.4 Linux under compile and install MySQL5.6.14

In CentOS 6.4, the installation of MySQL via Yum is version 5.1, older, so you want to install the high version of 5.6.14 via source code.Text: One: Uninstall the old versionUse the following command to check if MySQL Server is installedRpm-qa |

Linux Learning: Installing CentOS 6.7 and CentOS 7.1

Install the CentOS Linux platform with VMware Workstation 11 virtual software to achieve basic lab requirements. Set up a directory to store the CentOS guest system; 650) this.width=650; "title=" image "style="

CentOS Install python2.7 and install Easy_install,pip,ipython

1. Install PythonDownload python2.7.10# wget Https://www.python.org/ftp/python/2.7.10/Python-2.7.10.tgz# TAR-ZXVF Python-2.7.10.tgz# CD Python-2.7.10#./configure--prefix=/usr/local/python# Make && make installThen test if Python is installed

Troubleshooting a CentOS system custom script in rc.local cannot perform issues with a little memory

Date: 2015.8.27Troubled the question of the afternoon, and at last the evening was settled, and put him in the record hereThere are several situations in CentOS where rc.local cannot start on its own: Rc.local file does not have executable

CentOS deployment simple tomcat and load balancing

CentOS deployment simple tomcat and load balancingExperimental topology:650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/72/3C/wKioL1XfCwSQQVWJAADCOoTe3tI052.jpg "title=" Tomcat.png "alt=" Wkiol1xfcwsqqvwjaadcoote3ti052.jpg "/>

How to use CentOS under Useradd,groupadd, etc.

Learn about the Linux user and group management commands below. Useradd : Useradd-create A new user or update default new user informationUse format: useradd [options] LOGIN- u : The UID is followed by the specified user UID. - G : The GID is

CentOS 6.7 Installation Considerations

On the network on how to install CentOS system Tutorial Countless, I centos6.7 installation of the problems encountered to do a brief description, if there is a problem, please give your testimony:1. When installing the System configuration network,

CentOS 7 Modify hostname

In CentOS or Rhel, there are three defined host names: A, static, B, transient (transient), and C, flexible (pretty). The "Static" hostname, also known as the kernel hostname, is the host name that the system automatically initializes

How to install CentOS 6.7

How do I install centos6.7?First step to create a new virtual machine, click Advanced Hardware Compatibility I chose 9.0.650) this.width=650; "src="/e/u261/themes/default/images/spacer.gif "style=" Background:url ("/e/u261/lang/zh-cn/

Centos Key Login System

There are two machines have been placed in the IDC room has not been how to formally use, today suddenly said a project to go online, so hurriedly configure the environment, do some rights control, has been using the password to log in, and now

Centos 7 Installation VNC step

Let's just say what VNC is. (Virtual Network Computing) VNC allows Linux systems to access Linux desktops like Remote Desktop access in Windows. This document configures the machine to operate in a CentOS 7 HP server Environment of the Xingning

How to set up a DNS server under CentOS 7

In CentOS 7, manually set the DNS in the/etc/resolv.conf, after a while, found to be re-overwritten or removed by the system. Unlike the setup DNS method under CentOS 6, there are several ways: 1. Use the new command-line tool NMCLI to set#显示当前网络连接 #

Install FTP under CentOS and configure the virtual user access mode

1. Preparatory workYum Install pam*Yum Install db4*First install the PAM (for user authentication) and DB4 (the db file used to generate the user name password for the virtual user).2, Installation vsftpdYum Install vsftpdSet VSFTPD boot:Chkconfig

CentOS Setup Iptables to enable intranet access via NAT

Http://www.pxue.com/Html/1261.htmlNeed to enable IP forwardingVi/etc/sysctl.confNet.ipv4.ip_forward = 1If the host does not have a firewall enabled, the following iptables statement can set up NAT intranet share Internet:Code:Iptables-t nat-a

CentOS Add bulk Add IP hint Invalid parameter

Bringing up Interface Eth0:SIOCSIFNETMASK:Invalid argumentSiocsifnetmask:invalid argumentSiocsifnetmask:invalid argumentSiocsifnetmask:invalid argumentTranslation:Creating a NIC Eth0:siocsifnetmask: Invalid ParametersSiocsifnetmask: Invalid

CentOS Modify NIC Name

TurnA Problem descriptionA small problem occurs in the test environment because the virtual machines are frequently duplicated to replicate, resulting in inconsistent behavior of the NIC configuration.Configuration file Information:[Email protected]

Centos 6.6 Create desktop icons

#!/usr/bin/env xdg-open[desktop entry]version=1.0Type=ApplicationName= Phpstormicon=/root/downloads/phpstorm/bin/webide.pngexec="/root/downloads/phpstorm/ bin/phpstorm.sh" %fcomment=develop with pleasure! Categories=development;ide;

Build KVM server platform, network and storage, public and private key building based on CentOS 6.5

1. What is VirtualizationVirtualize a computer into multiple logical computers with virtualization technology. Each logical computer can have a different operating system that is independent of each other and does not interfere with each other.2.

CentOS 6.5 Installation Rstudio-server

Because there is no way to use Yum directly loaded R language, all to download the source code, compile, install.Statement: This article, reference http://www.dataguru.cn/thread-458580-1-1.html, and to be supplemented, perfect.1. Pre-Install R

CentOS Maximum file description limit change

File description is a kind of system resource. Linux management of system resources is a hierarchical level of management.System-Level management:/proc/sys/fs/file-max sets the maximum number of file descriptions that can be used by the system.You

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