Installing the Linux_[centos] System

Lunx Operating System Installation Virtual machine: VirtualBox. Operating system options: CentOS 6.3. (64-bit/32-bit is available). (CentOS: Enterprise-class operating system born in the community). Install Or

WIN8 Network configuration for installing CentOS on a virtual machine under wireless WiFi

First, the operating environmentHost: win8.1 64-bitVirtual machine Software: Vmare8Virtual machine in System: Centos6.6Ii. Description of the problemBecause it is a notebook computer, usually with WiFi, generally set to virtual machine NAT network,

Password reset under CentOS and Windows2003server systems

1 mysql password hack under Linux systemFirst of all, you need to confirm that the server is no one can connect, because during the period of resetting the MySQL password, the database is completely without password protection in the state of the

VM VirtualBox Installing CentOS 6.7

One: The configuration of the virtual machine: Install VM Virtualbox, as it is free to download on the official website: Configuration of the virtual machine:650) this.width=650; "src="

Installing CentOS 6.7 and CentOS 7.1

installing CentOS6.7 and CentOS7.1First install a software such as VMware Workstation and then create a virtual machine650) this.width=650; "src=" "/>is to create a good virtual

A little Talk. (iii)--solving the problem of 404 errors in the yum command under CentOS

recently using x64 yum will report a 404 error as shown in 1: 650) this.width=650; "src=" "alt=" error message " Style=

Configuration of Samba under CentOS

For personal use, do not do too much permission, can be used asphp# Yum Install sambaYum InstallSamba Samba-common Samba-client-y# Add User (the system user set a password will be OK) smbpasswd-a root# configuration SAMBACD/etc/SambaMVsmb.conf

CentOS sets System variables for OPENJDK

On CentOS, the default is self-openjdk, and when executing java–version, you can see output similar to the following:However, when you execute Javac, you are prompted to find the command you entered. The reason is that the CentOS default only comes

CentOS 6.5 Installation Deployment Zabbix (Agent client chapter)

DownloadHttp:// agent versions Download: ) Create a user #groupadd Zabbix#Useradd-g Zabbix Zabbix2 ) decompression can#

Centos 6.5 KVM Virtualization Platform Deployment


About KVMKernel-based virtual Machine is an open source system virtualization module that has been integrated into various major distributions of Linux since Linux 2.6.20. It is managed using Linux's own scheduler, so its core source code is few

CentOS Build kernel: No space left on device solution

1. Problem: The original source code in the root folder belowCompilation appears no space left on deviceUse the df-h command to see the root folder space consumption complete2, change the source code in other places very sufficient to compileIn Make

Hang to 65% when installing on the CentOS 6.3 X64 platform

When you install an Oracle grid with a VMware virtual machine, always install to the 65% system without moving, and then view the log discovery log and not respond:650) this.width=650; "src="

Nginx load Balancing in CentOS

Nginx powerful Web server, or reverse proxy server, and Nginx can also follow the schedule rules to achieve dynamic, static page separation, you can follow the polling, IP hash, url hash, weight and other ways to load balance the back-end server,

How to install Zabbix-agent on CentOS 7

=============================================================================================How to install Zabbix-agent on CentOS 7Step 1:add Required Repository#rpm-UVH

CentOS 7.x Setup Custom boot, add custom system service

Centos System Services Script directory: /usr/lib/systemd/ System and users (user),If you need to boot the program can be run without logging in, there is system services (systems), that is: /lib/systemd/system/  

Use of the RPM command in CentOS

Although now more than n people use Yum to replace the rpm, but rpm in some special occasions still have its role, such as query and verify the installed RPM package, RPM full Redhat package Manager, is a packaging and installation tools for

Analysis of system startup problem after cloning CentOS

Issue background: Virtual machine:VMware Workstation. Operating system: CentOS, is one of the Linux distributions. Problem:Cause: The service of the virtual machine is not turned on (the virtual machine turns on a general comparison of

CentOS Installation VSFTPD

Purpose: only allow users to access the specified directory with the FTP toolSee if the VSFTPD is installedRpm-qa|grep vsftpdInstalling VSFTPDyum-y Install vsftpd(if installation is unsuccessful, download RPM package, install manually)Edit the

Boot configuration file for Docker under CentOS

The first step, locate the Docker.service fileThe contents are as follows:After=network.targetWants=docker-storage-setup.service[Service]Type=notifyEnvironmentfile=-/etc/sysconfig/dockerEnvironmentfile=-/etc/sysconfig/docker-storageEnvironmentfile=-/

Hadoop (1): CentOS installation Hadoop & Hive

1, about HiveHive is a Hadoop-based data Warehouse platform. With hive, we can easily work with ETL. Hive defines a SQL-like query language: HQL, which converts a user-written QL into a corresponding MapReduce program based on Hadoop execution.Hive

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