Link a virtual machine's CentOS via Xshell

Today in the WIN7 environment through Xshell link VirtualBox centos; always link not, originally because the virtual machine chooses the network link way is not the [Recommended connection method: Host-only Adapter (host mode). Knowledge Summary:

Install and configure spark under CentOS 7.0

Installation Environment: Virtual machine: Vmware®workstation 8.0.1 (network bridging) Os:centos Version 7JDK: Jdk-7u79-linux-x64.tarscala version: Scala-2.11.7spark version: spark-1.4.0-bin-hadoop2.4 User: Hadoop created when installing CentOS,

CentOS minimizes installation and then installs graphical interface

1. Yum-y Groupinstall Desktop2. yum-y groupinstall "X window System"3. Yum-y Groupinstall Chinese-support4. Edit the/etc/sysconfig/i18n file and change the en_US to ZH_CN5.init 5If you choose Chinese in the installation, you can skip the 3rd and 4

CentOS Install and update git

1.#yum-y install git#git--versionThe downloaded version is displayed at this time 1.7.12. Import the certificate#rpm--import Http:// Installing the Rpmforge sourceOpen URL

CentOS System Installation Saltstack installation

CentOS 5 System Installation Saltstack installationRecently the company has some new requirements and needs to deploy some saltstack to manage some of the servers. So I recently studied the installation and deployment of Saltstack.To tell you the

CentOS NTP synchronization

The newly installed CentOS system server may be incorrectly set, and the time zone needs to be adjusted.The following is a CentOS system using NTP to synchronize from a time serverAdjust the current time zone to Shanghai is +8 district, want to

Quickly upgrade the CentOS 6.5 kernel to 3.10.28 using Yum

There are many articles on the Internet that upgrade the CentOS kernel, such as "CentOS 6.5 upgrade kernel to 3.10.28", most of them are compiled by download source code, a bit of trouble.In the Elrepo source of Yum, there are 2 kernel versions of

CentOS Time synchronization problem

The question troubled the river for days. The consensus did not arouse my attention. Because, I manage the code through SVN, I need to update the source code from the SVN server. But sometimes, my code has been submitted, but updated on another

CentOS Server Operations

Create FTP login user under CentOSYum Install vsftpd2. Start/restart/shutdown VSFTPD Server[Email protected] ftp]#/sbin/service vsftpd restartShutting down VSFTPD: [OK]Starting vsftpd for VSFTPD: [OK]OK indicates that the restart was

CentOS installation Maven

1, the official website found the latest version of the installation package: file name is *-bin.tar.gz.Link address;2. Download # wget

How to install the GIT server in CentOS

Install GIT1. Git needs to call the code of the library such as Curl,zlib,openssl,expat,libiconv, so you need to install these dependencies first. Yum Install Curl-devel expat-devel gettext-devel Openssl-devel Zlib-devel Perl-devel2. Then go to the

CentOS Install Tomcat

1. Tomcat Official website ( Take the tar.gz file2. Download: #wgetHTTP://APACHE.FAYEA.COM/TOMCAT/TOMCAT-8/V8.0.24/BIN/APACHE-TOMCAT-8.0.24.TAR.GZ3, Decompression:# TAR-ZXVF Apache-tomcat-8.0.24.tar.gz4, copy to the working

Configuration of Centos 7 network and SSH in virtual machines

I. Configuration of the network1. View MAC Address: The command to view IP information in Centos 7 has changed.IP addr2. Modify the network configuration to open the VM virtual machine's network settings.The above information is counted:IP address

Initial configuration of the Centos 7.x system after installation

1, configure IP, gateway, edit/ETC/SYSCONFIG/NETWORK-SCRIPTS/IFCFG-ENP5S0Type=EthernetBootproto =none //default is DHCPDefroute=Yespeerdns=yespeerroutes=Yesipv4_failure_fatal=Noipv6init=yesipv6_autoconf=Yesipv6_defroute=Yesipv6_peerdns=

CentOS deployment Tomcat is optimized with Apr mode

1. Install JRE the tar package for the JRE TAR-ZXVF Jre-1.x.tar 2. Setting Environment variables Vim/etc/profile Jre_home=/data/jrePath= $PATH: $JRE _home/binclasspath=./$JRE _home/lib/dt.jar:

Centos Open 80 Port

#/sbin/iptables-i input-p TCP--dport 80-j ACCEPT#/sbin/iptables-i input-p TCP--dport 22-j ACCEPT Then Save:#/etc/rc.d/init.d/iptables Save Check to see if it already has:[Email protected] ~]#/etc/init.d/iptables statusTable:filterChain INPUT (Policy

USB flash Drive Installation CentOS cannot enter the CentOS system solution

Transferred from: using U disk installation system gradually because of its convenience and people's welcome, but the use of a U disk to install the CentOS system is prone to a problem,

Centos 7 Installation jdk1.7

Installing the JDK in Linux is a trivial matter, just learn Linux to leave a note for yourself. Just install CentOS, which can come with JDK, but this does not affect, just download your own JDK and then replace the corresponding environment

CentOS 6 Graphical interface custom open terminal shortcut keys

English Menu:System->preferences->keyboard shortcutsIn the desktop category, find "Run a terminal" click Run a terminal, press the desired shortcut, such as Ctrl+alt+t, you can. Chinese Menu: System Preferences keyboard shortcuts find "Run Terminal"

Install Maven in CentOS and maven in centos

Install Maven in CentOS and maven in centos1, the official website to find the latest version of the installation package: the link address with the file name * -bin.tar.gz;2. Download # wget

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