Offline installation of mariadb 10.0.20 using RPM packages, based on CentOS 6.6-x86-64

Install MariaDB 10.0.20 using the RPM package [offline], based on the CentOS 6.6-x86-64 MinimalHunan Zhu Health 2015-07-01 in Shenzhen Futianqq:872007255 mariadb AC Group: 198111730Document Description:1. There are many web-based Mariadb/mysql

Linux/centos uninstalling the System original jdk1.4 and installing a new JDK

1. Uninstall system comes with JDKEnter in the terminalYum-y remove Java java-1.4. 2-gcj-compat 2. Install new version of JDK2.1 Environment variable ConfigurationVi/etc/profileInExport PATH USER LOGNAME MAIL HOSTNAME histsize INPUTRCAdd

Set up a CentOS Web-surfing method under VMware virtual machines

Core tip: What happens to CentOS for VMware virtual machines that can't get online? In the virtual machine installed CentOS, want to CentOS Internet, but found not on the net!! On the internet for a long time to finally solve the problem, the

Linux Grub repair in CentOS 6.5

In the process of using Linux, it is inevitable that the boot prompt grub > can not start, may be the system/boot/grub file loss and other causes, when this problem occurs as long as the system partition is not formatted generally can be repaired,

CentOS-6.3 Installation Configuration svn

Installation InstructionsSystem environment: CentOS-6.3 Installation: Yum Install (source installation is prone to version compatibility issues) Install software: System automatically download SVN softwareCheck for installed versions#检查是否安装了低版本的SVN [

"CentOS 7.1" Add delete user

Add user[Email protected] home]# AddUser Eric[Email protected] home]#Change Password[Email protected] home]# passwd EricChange the user's password for Eric.New Password:Invalid password: password is less than 8 charactersRe-enter the new

How to download Baidu Network disk/360 network disk Resources in CentOS

---Referer= reference address - file name "real"For example, I downloaded the resources originally on the page for Http://, actually: Xcode=9999267f350e17b6d0fdac3

CentOS boot hint unexpected inconsistency; RUN fsck Manually Workaround

1, problem descriptionDue to memory contact problems, a PC starts to have a dead loop problem, after the solution, the above installed CentOS in the boot process reported the following error: unexpected inconsistency; RUN fsck Manually650)

CentOS password failed when using key to log on to the server

ProblemConfigure the various settings for key login on the target server;Log in using SSH on the local machine.A password exception occurred;A password was found prompting for a user password instead of a key.Solution:CentOS is turned on by default,

Centos Check disk read and write performance

Start Tomcat finds the deploy war significantly slower, suspected disk problemsTest Write[Email protected] ~]$DD if=/dev/zero of=kwxgd bs=64k count=4k oflag=Dsync4096+0Recordsinch4096+0Records out268435456Bytes (268MB) Copied,127.514S2.1MB/S[[email

A gadget that installs real-time detection of network bandwidth under CentOS Bmon

First download the RPM package for the rpmforge-release extension32-bit operating system: wget operating system: wget

CentOS Open and close firewalls

There are two types of CentOS Linux open and Close firewall commands, one is temporary, the restart is recovery, the other is permanent, and the restart is not restored. 1) temporary entry into force, recovery after restart: Service iptables start

Reset root password (Debian CentOS)

First, debian7.81. On the Grub Boot loader menu, select the entry you want to enter, type "E" to enter edit mode 650) this.width=650; "Src=" Wkiol1wt84cjiyv3aaez10krv98882.jpg "title=" 111.png "alt="

J Troubleshooting CentOS Installation SDA must have a GPT disk label

Prompt when installing CentOS 6.5: SDA must have a GPT disk labelDo the following to resolve:When the partition is not being partitionedPress CTRL + ALT + F2 to enter rescure modePartedmklabelgpt/dev/sdayesprint/dev/sdaPress CTRL + ALT + F6 back to

iptable Nat in CentOS

Using centos5.3 with NAT is no good, reference n multi-configuration method is useless.Think is the operating system there is a problem, and 6.6, there is a configuration of the graphical guide interface, it is easy to get it done.Later found in the

CentOS 6 quickly builds local Yum source via DVD

First, put the DVD disc into the redhat/centos6.x server/PC CD-ROMSecond, mount the DVD drive to/mnt/cdrommkdir -p/mnt/Mount -T iso9660/dev/cdrom/mnt/cdrom/Third, modify the Yum configuration:# cd/etc/Yumrepos.d/mkdir -mv *.repo bak/vi /etc/ yum.

Centos Install Zabbix

Install PHP, MySQLYum install php php-cli php-common php-devel php-pear php-gd php-mbstring php-mysql php-xml mysql-serverTo change your PHP settings:Sed-i "s/;d ate.timezone =/date.timezone = asia\/shanghai/g"/etc/php.iniSed-i "S#max_execution_time

CentOS server, large traffic will cause log files to grow rapidly, about six months to clear

This morning opened QQ, a large group of customers said my site can not login, Google a bit, the original server can not store the session.Later asked the server Hoster, was told that my VPS has been running for too long and traffic is very large,

Install the tool bmon and centosbmon for real-time network bandwidth detection in CentOS

Install the tool bmon and centosbmon for real-time network bandwidth detection in CentOS First download the rpmforge-release extension rpm package32-bit operating system: wget

CentOS fails to use the key to log on to the server. centoskey

CentOS fails to use the key to log on to the server. centoskeyProblem Configure the key Logon Settings on the target server;Log on to the local machine using ssh.A password exception occurs;You are prompted to enter the user password instead of the

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