CentOS Linux iptables Firewall

Quick Install, configure, start, check-off 5002-5011 ports open all other -F --iptables-a input-i lo-j ACCEPT5002:5011- Iptables-a INPUT-J Accept-a OUTPUT--a FORWARD-J Accept/etc/ rc.d/init.d/iptables saveservice iptables restartservice

CentOS Linux Solution Device eth0 does not seem to be present

1 problem Description: The CentOS Linux cloned in VMware uses the Ifconfig command, and we do not see eth0.  Then restart the NIC and report the following error. 2 Workaround: First, open the/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules content as shown

Connecting Windows Remote Desktop via rdesktop under CentOS

As we all know, Microsoft's Windows provides a remote Desktop system, the default port for this service is 3389, which allows users to log on remotely for system administration or run various applications as terminal servers.To connect to Windows

CentOS 6.5 Installation Desktop environment

1.yum–y groupinstall "X window System" You can see if it is installed: Yum grouplist | More, paging to view installed and active software groups650) this.width=650; "title=" 2015-06-22 18-03-19 "style=" border-top:0px; border-right:0px;

CentOS Load/Mount USB drive

1, log in as root userLoad the USB module first Modprobe usb-storageUse Fdisk-l to see the device of U diskIf the USB stick is sda12, make sure the folder/usb is established under directory/MNT, if not established can type the command: Mkdir/mnt/usb_

CentOS Build SVN server

The installation steps are as follows:1.Yum Install Subversion2. View the installation version Svnserve--version3. Create SVN repository directory mkdir-p/var/svn/svnrepos4. Create a repository svnadmin create/var/svn/svnreposAfter executing this

CentOS 6.x play mp3 music--Success

Reference: http://blog.chinaunix.net/uid-14735472-id-3472898.htmlCentOS 6.x AddRpmforgeSOURCE---CentOS 6.x installation rhythmbox MP3 plug-inInhttp://dag.wieers.com/packages/rpmforge-release/Find a range of rpmforge-release packages.[Email protected]

Centos 6.5 System Change Yum source to 163

1. Backup system Source# CD/ETC/YUM.REPOS.D# MV Centos-base.repo Centos-base.repo.bak2. Set the default source to 163# wget Http://mirrors.163.com/.help/CentOS6-Base-163.repo# MV Centos6-base-163.repo Centos-base.repo3. Perform Yum source update#

Original CentOS for Smart DNS

First, Environment:centos-6.6-x64 -bit operating system, IP Address:, Installation and Configuration Bind Service:1. command:yum Install bind2. configuration:1) Configuration /etc/named.conf File:ACL ip1{; Defining

CentOS deletes files other than the specified file

Delete files other than the specified file under Linux   A, delete files and folders under Linux Common commands are as follows: Delete files: RM file  www.2cto.com   Delete folder: Rm-rf dir Note that rmdir Only empty folders can be deleted.   (b)

CentOS Installation Flashplayer

For OEM to work properly, we need to install FlashplayerOne, download the installation filehttp://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/Version select 64-bit. tar.gz for LinuxSecond, decompression, get libflashplayer.soTar-xzf

CentOs Server Environment Setup

CentOs Server Environment Setuptags (space delimited): Environment build CentOS 引言:本文档是在全新的CentOs系统搭建JAVA工程相关的服务器环境的指导文档,阅读本文档请使用markdown阅读器,或者在IDE开发工具中安装markdown插件Step index:1. Installing the JDK2. Install Tomcat3. Installing Nginx4. Install MySQL5.

CentOS 7.0 Installation Configuration Vsftp server steps

Installation Vsftp said the most is in the centos6.x version, here Small to see a friend wrote a very good CentOS 7.0 installation configuration Vsftp Server Tutorial, the following collation to share to you.First, configure the firewall to open the

CentOS Local Yum Source configuration

Download the local CD-ROM to the system:Cent6.2The installation CD is placed in the CD-ROM and operates at the terminal command linemkdir/mnt # New Mount Directorymount/dev/cdrom/mnt# mount the disc to/mntdirectory undercd/mnt # go to mount

"Fix" The problem that the CentOS firewall does not start

[Author]: KwuThe CentOS firewall cannot be started, and the online server needs to turn on the Firewall service, which is the most direct and effective way to protect Linux system security.1. If there isService Iptables StartService Iptables

CentOS 6.4 startup error: system_call_fastpath + 0x16/0 x1b

CentOS 6.4 startup error: system_call_fastpath + 0x16/0 x1b Restart the system, press e to go to GRUB editing, and select kernel/vmlinuz -*****: Then press e to edit the selection item:Add enforcing = 0 to the end of quiet, press enter, and then

After Centos compilation and installation of jdk, JPS cannot be used

After Centos compilation and installation of jdk, JPS cannot be used 1. My java home Directory:/usr/local/java 2. First, my environment variable configuration is correct, because I use java-version to view the actual java environment 3. But I

Solve CentOS Warning: $ HADOOP_HOME is deprecated

Solve CentOS Warning: $ HADOOP_HOME is deprecated A warning message is reported when Hadoop is started. The Hadoop version I installed is hadoop1.0.4. The warning information is as follows: [Plain] view plaincopy [Root@localhosthadoop-1.0.4]

How to enable garbled txt files in CentOS

How to enable garbled txt files in CentOS In CentOS, garbled characters are displayed when the edited Chinese characters are displayed in Windows because the encoding used by the two operating systems is different. In Linux, UTF-8 is used, while in

Set up the CentOs Server environment and centosserver

Set up the CentOs Server environment and centosserverCentOs Server environment construction Tags (separated by spaces): Environment build centos Introduction: This document provides guidance on how to build a JAVA project-related server environment

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