CSS application: Keep the footer close to the bottom of the page

How to use Sticky Footer codeIntroductionGoogle can find many ways to keep the footer close to the bottom of the page. I tried many of them, but they always have some problems in some aspects. These problems may be caused by the browser version

Getting started with CSS: five simple but useful CSS attributes

You may be familiar with these five CSS attributes, but you may rarely use them. this tutorial is not about the attributes of CSS3, but still describes the attributes of CSS2. These attributes are widely supported by various browsers: clip,

Css tips: How to Use CSS to make menus horizontally

In the previous section, we talked about vertical navigation. however, most websites still use horizontal navigation, so you can learn how to implement horizontal navigation. how can we achieve the following results. you only need to avoid line

CSS uses labels to create navigation menus (sliding door tutorial)

Using tags to create navigation menus is a popular method. Learn how to use tags to create a navigation menu. : The HTML and CSS codes are as follows: Copy to ClipboardReference: [www.bkjia.com] Http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd>

Naming Conventions and specifications of IDs in div + css design

As we all know, standard css naming can enhance the readability of style rules, so that you or others can modify the page later. At first, when I wrote css rules, I used Chinese abbreviations to name them. Now it seems very unprofessional, and it

Summary about CSS browser compatibility and Solutions

IE problems:I. Bilateral distance issuesThe margin of the floating element is doubled, but the margin of other floating elements adjacent to the first floating element is not doubled.Solution: add the display: inline style to the floating element;Ii.

CSS implementation list rounded corner effect [compatible with ie/firefox]

(Www.bkjia.com) Tutorial CSS list rounded corner, used pictures in four corners, the advantage of using pictures is good compatibility, good performance in Firefox, IE, and little code, A friend who learns CSS may wish to use this code as an example

Benefits and examples of XHTML modular Layout

The modularization of the Helper House (www.bkjia.com) course refers to the process of dividing the software system into several modules from top to bottom when solving a complex problem. Each module completes a specific sub-function. All modules

CSS example Tutorial: Code attribute grouping example

DocumentThe topic on the Forum some time ago seems to have been discussed by no one, and I didn't want to talk about it. I am not very professional. SO, let's just put some ideas here. Although no one followed the post later, I

Css tutorial: CSS files with good readability and maintainability

In Zhan. liehuo. in most articles of Net, we do not pay special attention to the maintenance and readability of CSS files. After a front-end job is completed, many people will forget the structure and details of the project. However, the Code is not

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