45 practical tips that JavaScript programmers should know

  In this article, I'll share a set of JavaScript tips, tricks, and best practices that JavaScript programmers should know whether they're in the browser/engine or server side (Ssjs--service Side JavaScript) on the JavaScript interpreter As you

Pure JavaScript Implementation HTML5 Canvas Six kinds of effects filter examples _javascript tips

A small test, the implementation of six simple common HTML5 canvas effect filter, and encapsulated into a pure JavaScript callable API file Gloomyfishfilter.js. the supported effects filters are: 1. Anti-color 2. Gray tone 3. Fuzzy 4. Relief 5.

JavaScript implementation of 3D transform three-dimensional circle example _javascript skills

This article describes the three-dimensional JavaScript implementation of the 3D transformation of the stereo circle. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: Here use JavaScript to realize the transformation of the stereo

Detailed JavaScript UTC time conversion method _javascript Tips

First, preface 1, utc:universal time coordinated, coordinate the world. 2, GMT (GMT)     Greenwich Mean Time (Greenwich Mean time,gmt) is the standard time for the Royal Greenwich Observatory, located in the suburbs of London, Because the

JavaScript Advanced programming function expression recursion and closure function _javascript techniques

There are two ways of defining function expressions: function declarations and function expressions. The function declaration is as follows: function functionname (arg0,arg1,arg2) { //functions Body } First is the function keyword,

ES6 Array method of JavaScript learning notes _javascript Tips

ES6 (ECMAScript 6) is the upcoming new version of the JavaScript language standard, code-named Harmony (meaning of harmony, obviously did not keep pace with our country, we have entered the Chinese Dream version). The last standard was enacted in 200

Javascript:javascript Style Wizard (end)

Order Go on to the top two, this is the end of the article. Blocks ? There is the code of {}, we wrap the line processing. Bad if (test) return false; Good if (test) return false; Good if (test) { return false; } Bad function () {return false;} Good

JavaScript constructors: JavaScript learning Notes (24) module Create construct letter

Module Creation Constructor (Modules that create constructors) In the previous example, a MYAPP.utilities.array object was created, but sometimes it is more convenient to create your object using the constructor, and you can implement it using the

Comparison of JavaScript test tools

When writing JS code, a validation tool can help me avoid stupid mistakes. Although I have many years of experience, I still have variable naming incorrect, resulting in syntax errors, and forgetting to handle errors correctly. A good calibration

JavaScript operator collation

Speaking of operators, basically all kinds of programming languages will be involved, the use of similar methods. Here's a simple collation of JavaScript here today. In general, operators are still relatively much more, can be divided into the

JavaScript Template Method pattern

Template Method Mode description Definition: Defines the skeleton of the method operation, extends some concrete implementations into subclasses, and uses specific implementations that do not affect the skeleton's behavioral steps! Description: A

JavaScript implementation Twoqueues Caching model

This article refers to the Twoqueues caching model, which is to say that data is cached in memory. In any language, you might want to put some data in memory, avoiding duplication and reading. The most common scenario is the jquery selector, where

JavaScript Instance Tutorial: Prototype Object

Article Introduction: Each function we create has a prototype (prototype) attribute, which is a pointer to an object that is intended to contain properties and methods that can be shared by all instances of a particular type. If understood by

JavaScript code obfuscation integrated solution-javascript online obfuscation device

Solution | online Article Source: Javascriptonlineobfuscator ">http://www.bizstruct.cn/javascriptonlineobfuscator The purpose of confusing Javascript code JavaScript is a scripting language that interprets execution and is used primarily in browsers

JavaScript objects and Array Reference encyclopedia

Javascript| Reference | objects | arrays JavaScript objects and Array Reference encyclopediaThis article enumerates a variety of JavaScript objects and arrays, along with a brief description of the work done on each of these objects or arrays, and

JavaScript tutorials-from Getting started to mastering (5)

javascript| Tutorial Create a new object in JavaScript Use JavaScript to create your own objects. Although the functionality within JavaScript and the browser itself is already powerful, JavaScript provides a way to create a new object. So that it

MD5 encrypted JavaScript Implementation example


/* MD5 message-digest Algorithm-javascript ' Modification HISTORY: ' 1.0 16-feb-2001-phil Fresle (sales@frez.co.uk)-Initial Version (vb/asp code) ' 1.0 21-feb-2001-enrico Mosanghini (erik504@yahoo.com)-JavaScript porting */ function MD5 (smessage) {

China&boy A detailed study of how VBScript and JavaScript pass variables! (including server side and client)

vbscript| Variable | server | Client about VBScript and JavaScript how to pass variables (both server side and client) A: Recently, often encountered a netizen asked, how to make VBScript and Javascipt pass variables. I don't know why I'm doing

JavaScript Object-Oriented programming (4) function

In many languages, functions (which are methods in Java) and objects differ in two different things. A function is defined as the action of an object, or it is global (like the main function in C + +). But in JavaScript, the boundaries between

JavaScript data types

One, basic data type: number string Boolean NaN undefindReference data type: (Object data type) object (function data type) functionNumber: Positive, negative, 0NaN: is not equal;=/is the meaning of assignment;==/is to judge whether the values of

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