How JavaScript uses a 2-D array

Reader_1» reader_2» Reader_3» var arr = new Array ([1,2,3],[4,5,6],[7,8,9,10]); for (Var e in arr) alert (arr[e]); Reader_4» JScript is available with VBArray reader_5» Declare an array first: A=new Arrray (First_num); Again is: A[first_num]=new

JavaScript Object-oriented learning notes-function, anonymous function, callback function, self-tuning function __ Block chain

function In JavaScript, a function is also a data type, and there are two ways to define a function: function f () {return 1;} var f=function () {return 1;} So, the function in JavaScript is a kind of data, but it has two important features: it

JavaScript callback function (schema) principle and example in-depth analysis

The vast number of netizens read my previous discussion of the JavaScript principle this article is easy to understand The callback function comes from a well-known programming paradigm-functional programming, at the basic level, functional

37-way Web front-end development questions JavaScript Chapter!

Ajax, cross-domain, JSONP Reference: JavaScript Advanced Programming Chapter 21st: AJAX operations in Ajax and Comet jquery Usage and differences for apply and call: Usage:Can inherit the methods and properties of another object,

JavaScript Native provides two Base64 related methods

JavaScript Native provides two Base64 related methods. btoa(): Any value converted to BASE64 encoding atob(): Base64 encoding converted to original value var string = ' Hello world! ' // "SGVSBG8GV29YBGQH"// "Hello world!"Note

JavaScript operators you don't know

Operators are not unfamiliar to everyone, as long as the usual writing code will be used frequently. It may be that everyone is only concerned about their use of the layer is still on the surface only know its usage, but operators have some

What is JSON? Data format prepared for JavaScript

What is JSON? Data format prepared for JavaScriptNot yet understand what JSON is? After reading this article, you should be able to have a clearer idea of what JSON is.JSON is JavaScript. Object Natation, which is a lightweight data interchange

JavaScript's branching judgment with built-in objects

One, branching structure Single selection structure (IF) Two-way selection structure (IF/ELSE) Inline ternary operator?: Multi-channel selection structure (switch) var condition = true; if (condition) { alert ("I will

How JavaScript works (JavaScript works) (12) Network layer Quest and how to improve its performance and security

Personal Summary: Reading this article takes 20 minutes, this article mainly explains the modern browser in the network layer transfer of some of the techniques used.This is the 12th chapter of how JavaScript works.As mentioned in the previous

The garbage collection mechanism of JavaScript

Original Understanding garbage collection mechanism2. Principle of garbage collection mechanism3. The labeling strategy of garbage collection mechanism4. Garbage collection mechanism and memory

Basic overview and syntax for front-end Foundation-javascript

1. JavaScript overview 2. JavaScript Introduction method 3. JavaScript Language Specification 4. JavaScript Language Basics 5. JavaScript data type 6. JavaScript operators 7. JavaScript Process Control 8. JavaScript

JavaScript DOM Programming Art (2nd Edition)-Comprehensive notes

1th Chapter JavaScript History 1.1 JavaScript originsJavaScript was developed by Netscape company in collaboration with Sun Corporation.JavaScript is an implementation of the ECMAScript standard, but in a general expression, the two refer to the

Explore true nonblocking loading JavaScript scripting technology, we will find a lot of unexpected secrets (reproduced)

The image below is the HTTP request I recorded when I browsed Baidu homepage using Firefox and Chrome.Here's the Firefox:Here's the chrome:Before browsing the homepage of Baidu, I will all clean out the cache of the browser, let this scene is

JavaScript-2 the difference between an equal sign and 3 equals sign

In short, = = equality equivalent, = = = Identity identity.= =, when the value types on both sides are different, type conversion is performed before comparison.= = =, do not type conversion, different types of certain range.Or:= Assignment operator=

JavaScript Codex: 68 Effective ways to write high-quality JS code (i) (by-law)

68 effective ways to write high-quality JS code (i)Get to know the JavaScript version you're usingTips: Decide which versions of JavaScript your application supports. Make sure that the features of any JavaScript you use are supported

Web Front end "sixth piece" JavaScript object

Data types other than null and undefined are defined as objects in JavaScript, and variables can be defined using the method of creating objects, String, Math, Array, Date, RegExp are important built-in objects in JavaScript, and most of the

JavaScript Learning notes: Array of sort () and reverse () methods

In the actual business, it is often time to reorder the well-defined arrays. With two methods in JavaScript, you can sort operations on an array. These two methods are the same sort() as reverse() . Learn the knowledge of these two methods

A detailed explanation of the difference between property and Attribute in JavaScript

Property and attribute are very easy to confuse, and the Chinese translation of two words is very similar (properties: attributes, Attribute: properties), but in fact, they are different things and belong to different categories. Property is an

Javascript seamless scrolling 2

using less Code to achieve the same effect, we should write the Program ultimate goal, of course, readability cannot be lost. In the last run box of the first part, I have made such an exploration. However, if you do not change the value of the

Father of jQuery: insist on writing code every day

Last fall, my branch code project encountered some problems, and the project was not progressing well, and I cannot find a way to complete more code without affecting my work in Khan Academy ). I mainly run my branch line on weekends, and sometimes

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