JavaScript image processing-Affine transformation depth understanding _javascript techniques

Preface In a previous article, we explained the image pyramid, and this article is about affine transformations. A copy of the gun? Any affine transformation can be converted to, multiplied by a matrix (linear variation), plus a vector

Javascript detection keyboard key information and key code value correspondence Introduction _javascript Skill

JavaScript has 3 event handles in the input state of the corresponding keyboard: KeyDown, KeyPress, and KeyUp. The corresponding meaning is: The key is pressed (press the button but has not been lifted), click the button (press and lift the button),

JavaScript nodetree navigation Bar (menu item JSON type/homemade) _javascript tips

Recently more leisurely, I made a JavaScript nodetree, online similar things in fact quite a lot of functions than this whole, I do this purely to practice practicing. Icons can be customized (16X16), and menu items are entirely JSON-type-defined

JavaScript three methods to get and set and remove element attributes _javascript Tips

Take the following HTML as an example Copy Code code as follows: Baidu 1. Get and set element attributes through the properties of the HtmlElement type (object) Copy Code code as follows: var div =

Ambiguity description of JavaScript plus "+" _javascript tips

A single plus sign as an operator has three functions in JavaScript. It can represent string concatenation, for example: Copy Code code as follows: var str = ' Hello ' + ' world! '; Or a unary operator that represents a

Object-oriented _javascript techniques for JavaScript are also implemented without the constructor (constructor) New keyword

The object model in JavaScript is not widely known. I have written a blog about them. One reason why it is not well known is that JavaScript is the only one of these widely used languages that is inherited through a prototype (prototype). However, I

JavaScript modularity: Encapsulation (closures), Inheritance (prototypes) Introduction _javascript Tips

While JavaScript is inherently casual, the language is becoming more and more often sat as the browser can do more and more things. In complex logic, JavaScript needs to be modular, modules need to be encapsulated, leaving only interfaces for

JavaScript garbage collection mechanism and memory leak detailed parsing _javascript tips

JavaScript has an automatic garbage collection mechanism, which means that the execution environment is responsible for managing the memory used during code execution. In languages such as C and C + +, a basic task for developers is to manually

JavaScript implements Virginia (Vigenere) cryptographic algorithm Instance _javascript skill

Traditional cryptography does not play a big role in today's network security, but every book that tells cryptography is the first to introduce them, because they are the basis of cryptography, the history of cryptography. Almost every cipher book

How to use JavaScript dynamic call function (two ways) _javascript skills

Recently users, more and more emphasis on UI interface interaction, gradually originally for a little dragon is only supporting the JavaScript (hereinafter referred to as JS) into the protagonist, accounted for a large piece of the use. Like the

How to implement private properties in JavaScript Write Class (ii) _JAVASCRIPT skills

The previous article has written a tool function $class, this article consummates below. Implement the following features 1, inheriting 2, the private property of the parent class is not inherited when the subclass inherits the parent class

How to implement private properties in JavaScript write Class (i) _javascript skills

Previously discussed how to write in JavaScript. However, private implementations are not discussed. Look at this article. We know that the implementation of JS private property is the essence of Var + closure. As follows Copy Code code as

On the trap _javascript techniques of JavaScript prototype inheritance

JavaScript defaults to prototype inheritance. Although there is no concept of Class (class), its functions (function) can act as constructors (constructor). Constructors combine this,new to build a Java-like class. As a result, JavaScript can

JavaScript user Registration Prompt effect Simple example _javascript skill

Copy Code code as follows: User name: --Company Limited-- --Hangzhou apt Real Estate Agency Co., Ltd.-- --Unlimited store-- Password: Confirm Password: Email Address: Verification Code:

Use _javascript techniques in the For In loop and hasOwnProperty in JavaScript

In contrast to the in operator, for-in loops through the prototype chain when iterating over the object's properties, for-in does not read an enumerable property, such as the length property of the group. Summary when you detect whether an object

In JavaScript for.. Introduction to _javascript techniques in loop traps

As you know, there are two ways to iterate objects in javascript: (1) for loop; (2) for. in circulation; Using a For loop to iterate over a group of objects must have been commonplace. However, use for.. In the cycle, we should pay attention to, why

JavaScript implements floating-point hexadecimal character _javascript techniques

A recent embedded project requires Web functionality, so think of using html+javascript to implement some parameter configuration functions, the parameters from JavaScript generated hexadecimal data, submitted to the microcontroller by post, and

JavaScript Object property method Rollup _javascript Tips

Array: Ordered collection of series elements Property: Length: Used to get the number of array elements, the largest subscript plus 1 Method: Sort (function): In the case of unspecified sorting numbers, sorted by the alphabetical order of the

JavaScript garbage collection mechanism analysis _javascript skills

In the company often hear Daniel talk about memory leak God horse, often amazing unceasingly, recent energy mainly used in the web development, read the "JavaScript Advanced Program Design" (the title is very scary, the actual author writes

JavaScript verifies that the type limit of the uploaded file must be _javascript for some formatting techniques

Copy Code code as follows: Verifying the format of a file function Validatefile () { var fileobject=$ ("#filename"); var errorobject=$ ("#error"); var filepath=fileobject.val (); var filearr=filepath.split ("//"); var

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