JavaScript rounding Math.Round () with Math.pow () Introduction _javascript Tips

Copy Code code as follows: javascript Rounding (Math.Round () and Math.pow ())

JavaScript cookie Settings Get delete detailed _javascript tips

Set Cookies Each cookie is a name/value pair, and you can assign a string such as the following to Document.cookie: Document.cookie= "userid=828"; If you want to store more than one name/value pair at a time, you can use a semicolon plus a space (

Examples of false values for exotic flowers in JavaScript application of _javascript techniques

Usually in the following statement structure to determine the true and false If branch statement While Loop statement For the second statement in the Such as Copy Code code as follows: if (boo) { Do something } while (Boo)

A summary of _javascript techniques for JavaScript if condition judgment

Conditional statements are used to perform different actions based on different conditions. Conditional statement Usually when writing code, you always need to perform different actions for different decisions. You can use conditional statements

You may not know the JavaScript new Function () method _javascript Tips

Most of us have used JavaScript, and in recent years the popularity of JavaScript frameworks has made JavaScript more magical and easy. "Anonymous (anonymous) function?" I don't know what it is, but it seems to be the same as what I wrote. ”You may

Javascript/jquery method to get URL parameter of Address bar _javascript tips

Using jquery to get URLs and using jquery to get URL parameters is an operation we often use 1, jquery get URL is very simple, the code is as follows Copy Code code as follows: Window.location.href; Actually just use

Algorithms and examples of parsing arithmetic expressions in JavaScript _javascript tips

When writing code we sometimes encounter situations where we need to parse the arithmetic expression ourselves, this article simply describes using JavaScript to implement the parsing of simple arithmetic expressions. First, familiar with the

JavaScript Form Validation Usage example (JavaScript verification mailbox) _javascript tips

The typical form data that is validated by JavaScript is: Has the user filled out the required items in the form?is the e-mail address that the user entered legal?Has the user entered a valid date?Does the user enter text in the Data field (numeric

The variable declaration in JavaScript has the difference between Var and no Var example introduction to _javascript Tips

This paper discusses the difference between the variable declaration in JavaScript and VAR, and the scope of the variable declaration in JS is in function, so we often see that the method of avoiding the global variable pollution is

JavaScript Classic code for IE operations (recommended) _javascript tips

This period of time has been using AJAX technology to do things, so there will be more opportunities to learn JavaScript knowledge. Earlier on the internet to collect some about the JavaScript of IE operation code (specifically where cope, so the

A method of translating the operations between different types of data in JavaScript _javascript tips

JS in different types of basic data can be converted between, this conversion is a rule can be found, not arbitrary random. There are 5 basic types of data in JS: String, number, Boolean, null, undefined, where the type commonly used for calculation

JavaScript implements hexadecimal color value (HEX) and RGB format conversion _javascript tips

In daily development, the conversion between color gamut values in different formats is often used, and a workaround is given below. Copy Code code as follows: Regular expressions for hexadecimal color values var reg =/^# ([0-9a-fa-f]{3

Use JavaScript to control cookies display and hide background _javascript tips

Whenever major festivals, the main mainstream web site will be covered with festive costumes, designers generally use large background images to achieve better visual impact, of course, but also to consider some users are not accustomed to this

JavaScript (JS) Decimal Multiplication Division problem detailed _javascript skills

First, with JS calculation12.32 * 7 How much is the result? Answer: 86.24000000000001 Why is there such a problem? How to solve?JS in processing decimal multiplication and division of the time there is a bug, the solution can be: The decimal into

JavaScript Traversal HTML table example (including content and property values) _javascript tips

1: Traverse and output the value of the table function f () { var T=document.getelementbyid ("TB"). Childnodes.item (0); for (var i=0;i 2: Traverse table, read checkbox state and other column values untitled page 1

Implementation example of native JavaScript generation GUID _javascript tips

A GUID (global uniform identifier) is a number that is generated on a single machine and is guaranteed to be unique to all machines in the same space-time. Typically, the platform provides an API to generate GUIDs. The generation algorithm is

Using JavaScript to convert a string to decimal _javascript tips

JS is a very magical language, the internal system of many functions can help us make a number (into) system conversion; JS can be directly used in the 16 system;var a = 0xFF; 255 Converts arbitrary feed strings to decimal, such as binary, octal,

JavaScript running mechanism of event loop (events Loop) detailed _javascript tips

One, why is JavaScript a single thread? One of the main features of JavaScript language is single-threaded, that is, one thing at a time. So why can't javascript have multiple threads? This will improve efficiency. A single thread of JavaScript,

JavaScript verifies that user input URL address is empty and the format is correct _javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: Copy Code code as follows: Url: PHP detects URL address validity The code is as follows Copy Code code as follows: ? function Is_url ($STR) { Return Preg_match

JavaScript determines whether the variable is an object or an array method _javascript tips

typeof all Return Object All data types in JavaScript are strictly objects, but in practice we still have types, if we want to determine whether a variable is an array or an object using TypeOf, because it all returns object Copy Code code as

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