Custom class writing and invocation examples in JavaScript

There are already some standard classes in JavaScript, such as date, Array, RegExp, String, Math, number, and so on, which provides a lot of convenience for us to program. But for complex client programs, these are far from enough. Unlike Java,

JavaScript regular judgment Password type (pure alphanumeric start + any character)

Let's take a look at the regular rules. Text /^ (\d+) $/corresponds to "pure digits"/^ ([a-za-z]+) $/corresponds to "pure letter"/^ ([a-za-z].+) $/corresponds to "beginning of letter + any character"/^ ([0-9a-za-z]+) $/corresponds to "number +

An array reference problem for JavaScript strings

One recent project encountered a pit, which is an array reference to a JS string: Javascript var str = ' ABCDEFG ';A character that refers to the 3rd position of the stringAlert (str[2]);Most browsers output normal value of C; However, some

Arguments object usage in JavaScript

The arguments object is not an array and accesses a single argument in the same way that it accesses an array element. Index n is actually one of the parameters of the 0...N property of the arguments object. In JavaScript, you do not need to

Loading JavaScript files without sending HTTP referer information

In WEB development, we often encounter problems with cross-domain requests. Cross-domain problems, there are many solutions: Proxy request, domain settings, flash mode, Jsonp way, Access-control-allow-origin. The JSONP is the most versatile and

JavaScript string concatenation method detailed (performance test)

JS string concatenation has two kinds: with "+" connection, with the join of the array connection. The code is as follows Copy Code var a1=10;var a2=20;a3 = A1 + a2/Digital plus numberAlert (typeof (A3))//numberAlert ("a1

JavaScript scopes, anonymous functions, and closures examples (1/3)

Anonymous functions are functions that have no names, and closures are functions that can access variables in a function's scope. A anonymous functions The code is as follows Copy Code normal functionfunction box ()

About variable scope understanding in JavaScript

Now in conjunction with an article on the Web, review the scope of this thing. Scopes and contexts are not the same thing, and many people may confuse it. Each function call is associated with a scope and a context. Fundamentally, scopes are based

A summary method of rounding function in JavaScript

Before I was a JavaScript little white, the understanding of jquery was limited to the use of basic functions. I've been reading "JavaScript DOM programming Art" for a little bit of basic knowledge. There is a function in the instance that needs to

JavaScript array Operations Common examples

1. The creation of the array var arr = []; Create an empty arrayvar arr1 = new Array (5); Create an array and assign 5 lengths (empty)var arr2 = new Array (' PHP blog ', ' JavaScript blog ', ' MySQL blog ', '. NET blog ', ' It blog '); To create an

JavaScript dynamically gets the current date, time, and week code

Copy the snippet directly and paste it into the HTML structure to display ( paste here ) Get format: Year, month, day The code is as follows Copy Code var date = new Date ();var year = Date.getfullyear ();var month =

JavaScript Comparison object Equality method detailed

It's a bit of a hassle to compare the members of two objects in JavaScript, but if it's just the first level comparison, it's easy, but the attributes in the child object may be an object, so you can only recursively The code is as

JavaScript get URL parameter value method summary

Instance 1 The code is as follows Copy Code function getquerystring (name) {var reg = new RegExp ("(^|&)" + name + "= ([^&]*) (&|$)");var r = (1). Match (REG);if (R!= null)Return unescape (r[

JavaScript document.getElementById syntax

Syntax: oelement = document. getElementById (SID) Parameter: SID: Required option.   String. return value: Oelement: Object (Element). document.getElementById ("link"). href;document.getElementById ("link"). Target;document.getElementById ("img").

JavaScript binary (array of arrays

Array.prototype.binarySearch = function (obj) { var value = 0; var left = 0; var right= this.length; while (left { var center = Math.floor ((left+right)/2); if (this[center] = obj) { value = center; } if (obj { right = center-1; } Else {

JavaScript Action Form

In addition to using all of the DOM-related operations described above, the form element has its own set of properties and methods to simplify.In addition to supporting mouse, keyboard, change and HTML time, forms also support some form-specific

JavaScript Learning notes: Detecting array methods

Many times we need to have data types in JavaScript ( Function , String , number, Undefined , Boolean and Object ) to make judgments. typeof operators are provided in JavaScript to make judgments about these commonly used data types. But to use

Summary of common JavaScript functions

JavaScript functions:• General functions• Array functions• Date function• Mathematical Functions• String Functions. cookie function1. General functionsJavaScript general functions include the following 9 functions:(1) Alert function: Displays a

"repost" JavaScript Operations Dom Common API summary

JavaScript Operations Dom Common API summaryText collation of JavaScript operation of some of the Dom's common api, according to its role in order to create, modify, query and other types of api, mainly used to review the basic knowledge, deepen the

Bootscript/javascript components

(1) each plug-in (with JS function components), want to use the bootstrap plug-in, one is to write his html, the second is to use CSS to modify it, and then introduce the corresponding JS File. Bootstrap frame in the carousel diagram, he has his own

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