Using VS2015 to compile V8 JavaScript engine (v5.5-2016/09) under Windows

Today's whim, download the V8, and then think about using vs compileBut everyone is upset that V8 does not directly provide a project file and solution (. sln) for VSSo, search on the internet to search, toss to toss to go;Finally 1.1-point attempt

The history of Lan native Js:js and the advantages and disadvantages of JavaScript

The history of Lan native Js:js and the advantages and disadvantages of JavaScriptLan 0 Basic Learning Html5-html+css Foundation Introduction  The history of JSIn the 1995 of the last century,

Notes on JavaScript buffered motion

JS inside about the movement of the framework is more, starting from the basic, I feel that the buffer movement is more important than the teaching basis, first provide a small example.This is about the buffer movement more practical ideas, should

In-depth understanding of the JavaScript series (19): Evaluation strategy (Evaluation strategy)

introducing this chapter, we will explain the strategy of passing parameters to function functions in ECMAScript. In computer science, this strategy is generally called "Evaluation strategy" (Uncle Note: Some people say translation into the

In-depth understanding of the JavaScript series (14): Scope chain (Scope Chain)

in the 12th chapter of the description of variable objects, we already know that the data of an execution context (variables, function declarations, and formal parameters of functions) is stored as attributes in the variable object. We also know

In-depth understanding of the JavaScript Series: S.O.L.I.D principles of the Five Principles of interface isolation ISP

Preface This chapter is to explain the s.o.l.i.d Five principles of the JavaScript language implementation of the 4th, interface isolation principle ISP (the Interface segregation Principle). English Original:

js-Secure method for detecting JavaScript base data types and built-in objects

in front-end development, it is often necessary to use the requirements for detecting variable data types, such as: Judging whether a variable is undefined or null for the next step, today reading "Writing high-quality code-188 suggestions for

Javascript Arrow Function Brief

ES6 the introduction of the arrow function has three advantages, first, a concise syntax, and the second, implicit return, can be written as a line, and thirdly, when you perform a click operation, the statement is not inside a function.Visit

Five words take care of JavaScript scopes

The scope of JavaScript has always been the front-end development of the more difficult to understand the knowledge point, for the scope of JavaScript mainly remember a few words, go all over the world are not afraid of ...One, "no block-level scope

JavaScript-based arithmetic operators, back-and-forth increment/decrement operators, comparison operators, logical operators, program flow control

1. Arithmetic OperatorsAdd, subtract, multiply, divide, and balance, where % is the remainder operation+ operatorA. If the plus sign is a string, then the plus sign is connected.B. If both sides of the plus sign are numeric, then the plus sign is

Deep understanding of the differences between constructors and prototype objects in JavaScript

A detailed description of the prototype property in JavaScript This article details the disadvantages of the constructor and the prototype (prototype), the prototype chain (prototype chain), the constructor (constructor), Some features of the

A tentative study of JavaScript objects (iv)---Built-in objects array

We 're not going to tangle with God. Horse is built-in object, God Horse is built-in constructor. By then you will find that they are all objects.Array () is a built-in constructor function that constructs an array:var Newis equivalent to the

Javascript Array custom sort, and get sorted to save the original index of the same bit array (heap sort implementation)

For example , array a:[0:5,1:2,2:4,3:3,4:1]The results are as follows: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5], but sometimes there is a need to keep the pre-order position in a single array, as in the preceding example: [4, 1, 3, 2, 0], so a separate array ordering

A preliminary study on JavaScript function (vi)---closure

First, let's look at a function:var a = ' global variable '= function () { = ' local variable '; = function () { = ' inner local '; return b } return N; } Cosole.log (b) // b:is not defind;The function f

JavaScript Chapter-----Function scope, function scope chain and declaration in advance

In some C-like programming languages, each piece of code within the curly braces has its own scope, and the variables are not visible outside the code snippet that declares them (i.e. we cannot directly access the variables declared within the code

javascript--function parameters and closures--detailed

This paper directly describes the function parameters and closures, if relevant knowledge, in order to save the chapter, will be related to the word.Recently learning JavaScript functions, functions are a class of JavaScript, and to learn JavaScript,

Overview of 12 DOM node types in JavaScript

xTable of Contents [1] element [2] attribute [3] text [4]CDATA[5] entity reference [6] Entity name [7] processing instruction [8] Note [9] document [10] Document type [11] document fragment [12]DTD FrontThe DOM is the interface of the JavaScript

Detailed the this pointer in JavaScript

ObjectiveJavaScript is an object-based dynamic language, which means that everything is an object, and a typical example is that functions are also considered ordinary objects. JavaScript can implement object-oriented programming through certain

Three ways to declare global variables based on javascript

JS in the declaration of global variables are mainly divided into explicit declarations or implicit declarations are described below respectively.Declaration Method One:The use of the Var (keyword) + variable name (identifier) is declared outside

JavaScript building blocks (i) variables, values, and objects

JavaScript variables, values, and object descriptionsThe understanding of variables, values, and objects in Javascript. In order to simplify the understanding, the first half of the shaving is temporarily related to the execution Context. In

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