JavaScript Basic Knowledge Collation

1. The main difference between null and undefined in JScript is that the operation of NULL is like the number 0, while the operation of undefined is like a special value Nan (not a number). The comparison of null values and undefined values is

What is the result of the "translate" in JavaScript {}+{}?

Original link: What's{} + {} in JavaScript?Recently, Gary Bernhardt mentioned some interesting javascript tricks in a flash speech called ' Wat '. When you add an object and an object or an array, you get unexpected results. These results will be

JavaScript Console Usage Daquan

For front-end developers, when it is necessary to monitor the value of certain expressions or variables during development, it can be cumbersome to use debugger, instead of outputting values to the console for easy debugging. The most commonly used

Simple analysis of basic types and reference types for JavaScript

Because of the use of ExtJS as a front-end framework in recent projects, it is not necessary to use JavaScript, so I recently studied JavaScript on my own to facilitate the development of the smooth. But in real-world development, I found that

Analysis of the principle of JavaScript self-executing anonymous function (function () {}) ()

An anonymous function is a function that does not specify a function name or pointer, and the self-executing anonymous function is just one of these functions: self-executing functionThe following is one of the most common self-executing functions:1

JavaScript Property Type (data property accessor property)

ECMA-2 defines an object as: "A collection of unordered attributes whose properties can contain basic values, objects, or functions." ”Strictly speaking, this is equivalent to saying that the object is a set of values that do not have a particular

ES6 new features: Map and Weakmap objects in JavaScript

Map ObjectThe Map object is an object with corresponding key/value pairs, and JS object is also a key/value pair.There are several differences in ES6 in the map relative to object objects:1: Objecthas a prototype , that is, he has a default key

Basic JavaScript Tutorial (8th Edition) PDF

Brief introduction:The basic JavaScript Tutorial (8th Edition) introduces JavaScript and related CSS, DOM, Ajax, jquery and other technologies. Starting with the JavaScript Language Foundation, the book discusses images, frames, browser windows,

Front-end Practice--javascript--Control class name (ClassName property) + change style

To set the style of an element by using the ClassName property: The id= "P1" element is added to the "class name one" style by classname. When you click the "Add Style" button, the first paragraph of text adds a style. The id= "P2"

JavaScript generation uuid (Method 1)

You can create a UUID directly online, preview it,This site is good, you can choose the UUID version, you can also directly remove the underline, easy to use Ah, haha  /*! Math.uuid.js (v1.4) http://www.broofa.commailto:[email 

JavaScript generation uuid (Method 2)

You can create a UUID directly online, preview it,This site is good, you can choose the UUID version, you can also directly remove the underline, easy to use Ah, haha creation of a UUID object, set it ' s initial

JavaScript sorting algorithm (Hill sort, quick sort, merge sort)

Take var a = [4,2,6,3,1,9,5,7,8,0]; for example.1. Hill sort. The hill sort is an upgrade done in the insert sort above. is a comparison of the distance with a number of methods.function Shellsort (arr) {var i,k,j,len=arr.length,gap = Math.ceil (LEN/

Talking about the Promise object in JavaScript by a pen question

Because a few days ago did a promise object to catch the wrong interview topic, so these days again revisit the Promise object. Now take this question to share some very basic knowledge points.Here is an interview topic, three examples of promise

How JavaScript modules are written

JavaScript is not a modular programming language, it does not support the class, not to mention the module. (The ECMAScript standard Sixth Edition, which is under development, will officially support "Class" and "module", but it still takes a long

3 Ways to program JavaScript event handlers

First, what is a JavaScript event?Event is the heart of the JavaScript app beating, and the glue that sticks everything together, and the event happens when we interact with the Web page in the browser for some type of interaction.An event might be

JavaScript scopes and scope chains

Each programming language has a valid range of variables, beyond which the variable is invalidated, which is the scope of the variable. From a mathematical point of view, it is the domain of the independent variable.Scope is the accessible scope of

JavaScript Learning Basics "1th article": Getting Started with JavaScript

JavaScriptQuick StartJavaScript code can be directly embedded anywhere in the Web page, but usually we put JavaScript code in , the included code is the JavaScript code, it will be directly executed by the browser. The second approach is to put the

JavaScript Basic Learning (v)-Other reference types

JavaScript defines two built-in objects: Global and Math.First, global object 1.URI encoding methodThe encodeURI () and encodeURIComponent () methods of the global object can encode the URI for sending to the browser. A valid URI cannot contain

JavaScript get element size and size operations summary

First, get the inline style of the elementCopy CodeThe code is as follows:var obj = document.getElementById ("test");Alert (obj.height + "\ n" + obj.width);200px 200px typeof=string just show the values in the Style propertySecond, get the

Introduction to JavaScript Design Patterns (iii) prototype pattern extension knowledge

Prototypes and in OperatorsThere are two ways to use the In operator: use separately and in the for-in loop. When used alone, the in operator returns True when the given property is accessible through the object, whether the attribute exists in an

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