Read more about the advanced programming of JavaScript 第6-7 Chapter

The sixth chapter object-oriented programming1. Understanding objects: A collection of unordered attributes whose properties can contain basic values, objects, or functions1) attribute type:Data properties:4Properties --[[Configurable]]Indicates

JavaScript Advanced Programming (3rd Edition) Note--chapter5: reference type

Chapter5 Reference typeThe contents of this chapter:L Use objectsL Create and manipulate arraysL understand basic JavaScript typesL use basic type and basic packing typeTechnically, JavaScript is an object-oriented language, but it does not have the

JavaScript advanced Programming-Reading notes (6)

20th Chapter JSONJSON is a lightweight data format that simplifies the effort to represent complex data structuresThe JSON syntax can represent three types of valuesL Simple values: using the same syntax as JavaScript, you can represent strings,

JavaScript cross-domain Summary and solutions

What is a cross-domain1, the Document.domain+iframe setting2. Create script dynamically3. Using IFRAME and Location.hash4, realization of cross-domain data transfer5. Use HTML5 postMessage6. Using FlashThis article is from the network

3 Ways to program JavaScript event handlers

Recently this time because every day to modify the site, for the site to do special effects, so see a lot of JS contact events, they will only use a small part, sometimes used when also more chaotic, now the system of finishing a bit, The first

Iteration and merging of JavaScript arrays

5 Iterative Methods for arrays:Every (); Runs the given function for each item in the array, and returns True;filter () if the function returns true for each item; Runs the given function for each item in the array, returns a list of items that the

Try to define the JavaScript component by using the finite state machine approach


This article is a learning article, learning to use the idea of finite state machine to define the method of JavaScript components, welcome to read, follow-up plan will write a few specifically to use the finite state machine to help themselves to

JavaScript type conversion

JavaScript type conversions: Value Convert to: String Digital Boolean value Object Undefined "Undefined" NaN False Throws TypeError Null "NULL" 0

About JavaScript custom objects (from the network) (not in recent days)

Some simple ways to define a JavaScript object1. Constructor mode, all properties and methods of the object are defined in the constructor method.Advantages: Dynamic Transfer of parametersCons: Every object created will create the same method

Delete array repeating elements for JavaScript pen questions

When the written test tense did not write out, calm down after the heart found simple to die.DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//w3c//dtd HTML 4.01 transitional//en" "Http:// ">HTMLLang= "en">Head> Metahttp-equiv=

JavaScript RGB conversion to hex hex

This article refers to Zhang Xin Asahi's JavaScript hex hexadecimal and RGB color of the mutual conversion you use the Color picker today, you find the following

JavaScript Date collection (Today, yesterday, this Monday, weekend, early month, month end)

Small Talk: The first day of the new year to work, looking at the end of their 15 years writing code, really feel very bad, because there is no time to write at the end, a thought to do backstage management need to get a week start and end date,

Client-side scripting language JavaScript

2015.11.27 Client-side scripting language JavaScript. (The reason for calling this name.) Want to marrying up, hope to become as common as him. The relationship between names is similar to Lei Feng and Leifeng Pagoda, and the relationship between

JavaScript design Pattern Practice iterator-jquery plugin with shutter switch image effect (i)

Similar to the transition effect of the slide, sometimes you need to complete some pictures in the Web page, such as advertising, propaganda, product introduction, and so on, then the simple cut is not interesting, need to switch in the time through

JavaScript creates an object without the New keyword example

DOCTYPE HTML>HTML>Head> MetaCharSet= "Utf-8"> title>Untitled Documenttitle> Scriptlanguage= "JavaScript"> functionP (name) {if (!( This instanceofP))return NewP (name); //return new P (arguments); //var _this = this = = =

Moon JavaScript Introduction Chapter 1th and using JavaScript in HTML Chapter 2nd

JavaScript basicsJavaScript is a scripting languageis a lightweight programming a programmatic code that can be inserted into an HTML page.After inserting an HTML page, it can be performed by all modern browsers.JavaScript consists of 3

Encode (transcoding) and decode (decoding) Summary of JavaScript processing HTML

HTML encode (transcoding) and decoding (Decode) are often dealt with in normal development, summarizing the common ways of using JavaScript to process HTML encode (transcoding) and decoding (Decode).First, using the browser internal converter to

JavaScript Basics-Episode

JavaScript basicsIn 1:js we'd better use single quotes, but we can use double quotes, but in order to make a difference, JS uses single quotes. Comments are the same as in C #. The order of execution in the Web page is executed from top to bottom,

JavaScript Summary-Arrays

Array typeEach item of the ECMAScript array can hold any type of data.There are two ways to create an array :(1) using the array () constructorvar colors = new Array (20);var colors = new Array ("Red", "Blue", "green");(2) array literal notationvar

JavaScript: Synchronous, asynchronous, and event loops

A. Single threadWe often say that "javascript is single-threaded".The so-called single-threaded, refers to the JS engine is responsible for interpreting and executing JavaScript code of the thread only one. You might call it the main thread.But

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