JavaScript Basic Learning (v)-Other reference types

JavaScript defines two built-in objects: Global and Math.First, global object 1.URI encoding methodThe encodeURI () and encodeURIComponent () methods of the global object can encode the URI for sending to the browser. A valid URI cannot contain

JavaScript get element size and size operations summary

First, get the inline style of the elementCopy CodeThe code is as follows:var obj = document.getElementById ("test");Alert (obj.height + "\ n" + obj.width);200px 200px typeof=string just show the values in the Style propertySecond, get the

Introduction to JavaScript Design Patterns (iii) prototype pattern extension knowledge

Prototypes and in OperatorsThere are two ways to use the In operator: use separately and in the for-in loop. When used alone, the in operator returns True when the given property is accessible through the object, whether the attribute exists in an

JavaScript (ES5) uses reserved words for function names

ES5 agrees to use reserved words directly as property names. But do not agree to use reserved words directly as function namesSet the existing class Nsmap to add the Delete method to the Nsmap prototype, such asfunction Nsmap ()

Using JavaScript in HTML

Chapter Content Using " string anywhere in your code. For example, when the browser loads the code shown below, it generates an error:");}Because by parsing embedded code rules, when the browser encounters the string "", it is considered to

Basic JavaScript Learning--typeof,null,undefined

NullIn JavaScript, null means "nothing".Null is a special type with only one value. Represents an empty object reference.var person = {firstName: "John", LastName: "Doe", Age:50, Eyecolor: "Blue"}; var NULL ;d Ocument.getelementbyid (typeof

Using the map and reduce methods in JavaScript functional programming

Everyone is talking about the amazing new features that workflows supports in ECMASCRIPT6, so it's easy to forget that ECMAScript5 gives us some great tools to support functional programming in JavaScript, These tool methods we can now use. In these

How to check a isn't defined variable in JavaScript

How do you check for an undefined variable in javascript?In JavaScript null was an object. There ' s another value for things that don ' t exist, undefined. The DOM returns null for almost all cases where it fails to find some structure in the

JavaScript Learning Notes-Reference type Date

Three DateNew Date () the newly created object automatically obtains the current date and time without passing parameters. Timestamp of the parameter receive millisecondsDate.parse () receives a string representing the date, returning the

Gets the length of the object in JavaScript (the length of the map object)--js The length of the associative array

var n = {1:100, 2:101, 3:102, 4:103};How to get the length of this object n?Method One:function GetLength (obj) {var count = 0;for (var i in N) {count++;}return count;}Improvement plus a hasOwnProperty judgment filter the properties in the prototype

JavaScript function arguments and calls

Function call: /* 1. Function call */var temp = distance (0,1,2,3);/* 2. Method call */This. CName = "global";var o = {CName: "Class O",M:function () {var = this;Console.log (this = = O); TrueConsole.log (this.         CName); O Classf

Understanding of arguments objects in JavaScript

arguments is a reference to an argument object. It can use the square bracket syntax to access each of its elements (that is, the first element is arguments[0], the second element is argumetns[1], and so on), using the Length property to determine

JavaScript knowledge to achieve the effect of tab switching

Practice Questions-Tabs Real estate home Resale 275 the total price of Changping neighborhood triathlon 200,000 buy one 200 in the five rings of the three-home 1.4 million East third ring Beijing 0 First pay property 530,000 buy East 5 ring 50

The JavaScript operator

First, what is an expression???is a phrase in ecmscript, the interpreter can be computed to turn it into a value, the simplest expression is a literal or variable name, a single literal and a combination literal is collectively referred to as an

JavaScript script exceptions due to special character \u2028

It was a small mistake, but it took a lot of time to troubleshoot, so write it down and share it with you.CauseThrough Ajax dynamic from the background to read the article content, and displayed on the page, loaded into an article, reported

JavaScript DOM-7 Window Common sub-object (Navigator object, Location object, History object, Screen object)

First, navigator objectThe role of Navigator objects-The Navigator object contains information about the browser-commonly used to obtain client browser and operating system information650) this.width=650; "src="

JavaScript Common Objects Array (1)

The array type is almost the most commonly used type in JavaScript. The concept of arrays in JavaScript is similar to that in Java,c, but there are two points to emphasize:1. Each item in the array can be saved in a different data type. For example,

JavaScript DOM-9 HTML DOM (HTML DOM overview, common HTML DOM objects, HTML forms)

I. Overview of the HTML DOMHTML DOM Overview-HTML DOM defines a series of standard objects for HTML, as well as a standard way to access and manipulate HTML documents-HTML Tag Object-Treat every element in a Web page as an objectCommon HTML DOM

JavaScript Process Control Statements

One, if statementThe IF statement is the statement that is used when the code is executed based on the condition.Syntax: if (conditional){Execute code when condition is set}Example:Second, If...else statement (two choice one)The If...else statement

The first chapter of the JavaScript Advanced Program Design notes-----

Chapter I.JavaScript consists of ECMAScript, DOM, and BOM. Among them, the BOM function has the formal specification in the HTML5, makes the BOM compatibility more and more high.Chapter II1. The async attribute in the anywhere else, or it will be

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