JavaScript for Unicode character conversion and kanji to pinyin

I. JavaScript for converting kanji to Unicode1. Conversion by means of a coded solution/**JS Unicode Encoding Conversion */var DecToHex = function (str) {var res=[];    for (Var i=0;i 2. Convert by Escape modevar DecToHex =function (s) {return

Html--javascript Introduction

First, Introduction:JavaScript is a scripting language that requires a host file, and his host file is an HTML file.JavaScript is a web-enabled language that works on PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.JavaScript is designed to add

Summary of the regexp exec function inside JavaScript

In our front-end, regular expressions are often used to retrieve strings, just as JavaScript provides regexp to support regular expressions, while the main method of RegExp objects is exec ().   Grammar Regexpobject.exec (String)

SELENIUM2 Learning -022-webui Automation Practical Instance -020-javascript application example in Selenium automation (get browser display area size)

How do we get the size of the browser display area by briefly outlining how to get and set the browser window size in the previous articles? This article provides a brief overview of this, please refer to the small master. If there are deficiencies,

In JavaScript if and switch,== and = = = Detailed

var a = ‘5‘;switch (a) {  case 5:    console.log(‘==‘);    break;  case "5":    console.log(‘===‘);    break;  default:}The last console display is = = =, it seems to be safe to use. Looking for a previous study note, well, it is true that the

JavaScript return false detailed

In most cases, false is returned for the event handler to prevent the default event behavior. For example, by clicking on a element by default, the page jumps to the page specified by the href attribute of the element.Return False equals the

ASYNC programing in Javascript[turn]

This article starts with the asynchronous style and analyzes the techniques, problems, and solutions that have become asynchronous in JavaScript. Specifically, from the problems caused by the callback, and talked about the use of events, Promise,

JavaScript Learning 14: Form processing

What is a form? In HTML, the form is represented by the element, whereas in JavaScript, the form corresponds to the htmlformelement type. Htmlformelement inherits HtmlElement, so it has default properties for HTML elements and is unique to its own

JavaScript Common Objects

Several common objects and their properties and usage:(1). Array ObjectThe Array object is used to store multiple values in a single variable.To create the syntax for an Array object:New Array ();New Array (size);New Array (Element0, Element1, ...,

"Talking about JavaScript series" series of technical Articles to organize collection

"Talking about JavaScript series" series of technical Articles to organize collection1 on the simulation of object-oriented technology in JavaScript2 talking about JavaScript function hijacking [transfer from Xfocus] 1th/3 page3 on JavaScript Object-

Javascript MVC Learning Note (ii) Controller and status

Today goes into the second part: controller.Controller and StatusFrom previous development experience, we have kept the state in the server's session or local cookie, but JavaScript applications are often limited to single pages, so we can also

Javascript--array Array Objects

Array ObjectAn array object is a collection of objects that can be of different types. Each member object of an array has a "subscript" that represents its position in the array, which is zero-basedMethod of array Definition:1. Defines an empty

10 JavaScript libraries common to developers

recently, a lot of students asked me, there is no commonly used JavaScript library, they do not know where to look when using daily. I am here to arrange it for the students of the Wheat Academy for reference. MooToolsMooTools is a concise, modular,

Use of the JavaScript triangle function

In fact, many programming languages have mathematical functions, and many of the mathematical functions include trigonometry, but sometimes we may not use much, I recently in a H5 game, one of the needs is to shoot the gun needs to change the

Two callback functions for JavaScript asynchronous programming

The previous section on the principle of asynchrony basically put back the function is also a few words, this section mainly to give a few examples to materialize. Before starting, the first thing to understand is that in JavaScript, functions can

Make Baidu map offline JavaScript API load local tile map

1. First get Baidu JavaScript APIFirst open the as shown in the browserWhere this link is the API file we're looking for,Also open it in the

JavaScript Tips dictionary "turn hidden"

each item is JS in the small tricks, but very practical! 1.document.write (""); Output Statementthe comments in the 2.JS are//3. Traditional HTML Document order is:document->html-> (head,body)4. The DOM order in a browser window is:window->

JavaScript data type conversion rules

ObjectiveJavaScript has 7 data types, including 5 primitive types (also called primitive values) number, Boolean, string, null, undefined, and 2 Composite type Object, array, which can be converted to one another according to some rule. The

JavaScript scope chain

Deep understandingJavaScriptSeries ( -): Scope chain(Scope Chain)ObjectiveIn the 12th chapter of the description of variable objects, we already know that the data of an execution context (variables, function declarations, and formal parameters of

JavaScript creates private members and static private members

Private Methods and propertiesIn JavaScript, because there is no concept of classes, you can only simulate classes by using constructors, assuming that you now need to write a phone class that needs to pass in a phone number and then call. The

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