Conditional statements are used to perform different actions based on different conditions.Conditional statementsOften when writing code, you always need to perform different actions for different decisions. You can use conditional statements in

JavaScript Learning 7:dom Basics

The DOM is all called the DocumentObject model, the Document object models, which are APIs for HTML and XML documents. It depicts a hierarchical node tree that runs a developer to add, remove, and modify portions of a page. Dom was developed by

JavaScript URL escape Escape (), encodeURI (), and decodeURI ()

We can tell that escape () escapes all incoming strings in addition to ASCII letters, numbers, and specific symbols, so it is best not to use this method if you want to encode the URL. encodeURI () is used to encode the entire URI because the

JavaScript in isPrototypeOf, hasOwnProperty, constructor, prototype and other usages

hasOwnProperty: is used to determine whether an object has a property or object that you give a name to, and this method cannot check whether the object has that property in its prototype chain, and that property must be a member of the object

JavaScript bitwise OR (|), unsigned Right shift (>>>) operations, combination techniques to achieve ———— password strength hints, four cases??

Directly on the code, the original code, switch in the first case, after judgment, less add a break out of judgment statement, harm I checked for a long while, "how the style is always wrong, not science Ah, oh, the original is not out of case

JavaScript Design patterns and development practices--javascript polymorphism

The word "polymorphic" originates from the Greek polymorphism, which is poly (plural) + morph (form) + ism, which is literally understood to be plural form.The actual meaning of polymorphism is that the same operation acts on different objects and

Dataurl and File,blob,canvas objects convert JavaScript to each other

Canvas converted to Dataurl (get dataurl from canvas)var dataurl = canvas.toDataURL(‘image/png‘);Convert file object to Dataurl, Blob object to DataurlThe file object is also a Blob object, with the same processing.function readBlobAsDataURL(blob,

JavaScript Data type Casting

First, convert to numeric type 1.number ( parameter ) converts any type to a numeric type A. if it is a Boolean value,false is 0andtrue is 1B. if it is a number, the conversion becomes itself. Remove the meaningless back guide 0 . C. if Null is

Browser client Smart Automation: How do I get a dynamically generated URL from the JavaScript runtime on the page?

Browser Client Smart Automation: How do I get a dynamically generated URL from the JavaScript runtime on the page? Demand"Page Smart stitching" refers to the use of heuristic query Dom tree, the "next page" link, take out its href attribute.

JavaScript Learning-identifiers, keywords, reserved words

I am a beginner, blog essays are basically a record of their own learning knowledge, the primary level. The great god please ignore, thank you.* IdentifiersThe so-called identifier refers to a variable, function, attribute name, or function

JavaScript keywords and reserved words

ECMA-262 defines a set of keywords (keyword) supported by ECMAScript.These keywords identify the beginning and/or end of the ECMAScript statement. By regulation, keywords are reserved and cannot be used as variable names or function names.The

[Leetcode] [JavaScript] Pow (x, N)


Pow (x, N)Implement Pow (x, n). Note that both X and n can be negative numbers.Recursive solution, such as 3 of the 4-square, can be split into 3 2-time multiplication, 3 5 times is 3^2 multiplied by 2.1 /**

JavaScript time difference calculation function code instance

JavaScript time difference calculation function code instanceThe example of calling this method is as follows:JavaScript calculates the time differenceAsk for the time difference between two date subtraction with JavaScript!var oldtime=date.parse ("2

JavaScript event bubbling and event delegation

JavaScript event bubbling and event delegationJiang Jianyu-2 reviewsIt's not too much to learn before you touch JavaScript. Light rain is the habit of the usual learning to share things out. On the one hand to strengthen their impressions, on the

JavaScript Dom_ Gets the element method _getelementbyid () Gets the node of the specific ID element

First, the tag node is obtained by the ID attribute value of the tag.  Accepts a parameter: Returns the Htmldivelement object of the element if the corresponding element is found, or null if it does not exist. Test div The result is:

JavaScript Array object manipulation, location object manipulation

Array Object PropertiesFf:firefox, Ie:internet Explorer Properties Description FF IE Constructor Returns a reference to the array function that created this object. 1 4

JavaScript reading notes (5)-array REGEXP

1. Array typeEach item of the ECMAScript array can hold any type of data, and the size of the array can be dynamically adjusted;(1) Creating an arrayFirst method: Array constructor  var colors=new Array ();var colors1=new Array (20);var colors2=new

JavaScript Date Object

Original: JavaScript Date ObjectDate and Time object 1. IntroducedA Date object that is the object that operates on the date and time. The Date object operates on dates and times only through methods.2. Constructor 2.1 new Date (): Returns the

JavaScript syntax, key reserved words and variables

A Grammatical composition:1, case-sensitive:Everything in ECMAScript, including variables, function names, and operators are case-sensitive. For example, text and text represent two different variables.2. identifiers:The so-called identifier refers

Mathematical operations in JavaScript

1 varA1 = Math.pow (2,3);//2 of 3 power2 varA2 = Math.Round (. 6);//Rounding3 varA3 = Math.Round (0.6);//rounding, self-testing complete decimal rounding4 vara4 = Math.ceil (. 6);//To seek the whole up5 varA5 = math.floor (. 6);//

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