JavaScript floating-point arithmetic correction


As we all know, JavaScript has always had problems with floating-point numbers, such as the 0.2+0.1 result is 0.30000000000000004.Here is my solution, put the code first:varCalmath = (function() { varIsfloat =function(a) {varReg

JavaScript object and Array reference types

First, create an object instance1. var person = new Object ();2, var person = {};Second, create an array1, (1) var arr = new Array ();(2) var arr = new Array (20);(3) var arr = new Array ("name", "Sex", "age");(4) var arr = Array ();2, (1) var arr =

javascript--parameters of a function function in the Replace function of a string

123456 - +Test environment: Version 40.0.2214.115 mTest results: A represents the complete substring of the match, such as: b indicates the successful part of the match, such as: LT c indicates the subscript of the matched complete

Javascript and CSS3 achieve progress bar effect

Javascript and CSS3 achieve progress bar effect A: css2 attribute clip implementation page progress bar; Before we do this, let's introduce the clip property, because this property is seldom used in css2.1, so we need to get to know it;Browser

JavaScript operator collation

Speaking of operators, basically all kinds of programming languages are involved, the use of a similar way. Here is a simple collation of JavaScript here today.In general, operators are more than the comparison, can be divided into the following

"Reprint" More than 100 useful JavaScript functions and a large set of basic notation

1.document.write (""); for output statementsThe comments in the 2.JS are//3. Traditional HTML Document order is:document->html-> (head,body)4. The DOM order in a browser window is:window-> (navigator,screen,history,location,document)5. Get the name

Method for JavaScript to get the value and text value of select dropdown box option

JS get Select drop-down box the value value of each option is relatively easy, but getting the text value is a bit of a hassle, for a beginner JavaScript novice, may not be able to find a moment, then please look at the method of this article, Take

JavaScript rounding (Math.Round () and Math.pow ())

CodeCode highlighting produced by Actipro Codehighlighter (freeware)>javascript Rounding (Math.Round () and Math.pow ()) CodeCode highlighting produced by Actipro Codehighlighter

Foreground processing Check trilogy before the "JavaScript" form is submitted

Originally a small form of parameter transfer is very simple, is the basis of the foundation, but considering the online criminals are more and more rampant, and those who do not usually have to do a bit of hacking hack technology more and more

JavaScript Math Object

The Math object is an intrinsic object of JavaScript, and its purpose is to perform common arithmetic tasks. This object is not used like a Date,array object New keyword to get the object, but direct Math. [{Property|method}], if an attempt to

JavaScript cross-browser Event object class Library

First, preface After learning the JavaScript event, the individual summed up the cross-browser Event object class library, convenient for later use, is now shared to everyone. Ii. Event Object Encapsulation Encapsulates the operation of the browser

JavaScript ranking up to the highest point in history

Absrtact: Some people advocate the product, some people advocate the operation, also some people advocate the strategy ... What should be respected in the end? Li Zhiyong systematically analyzed the ideas between the three, and quoted Hegel's

JavaScript inheritance in detail (iii)

In the first chapter, we use constructors and prototypes to implement classes and inheritance in the world of JavaScript, but there are many problems. In this chapter we will analyze each of these issues and give a solution.Note: The implementation

JavaScript word representable Unicode, by the way: GitHub's Oh no page is very bright

Encounter a lost character to do, because the characters are usually not out of the common most of the time even the name can not shout out, so want to ask Baidu Google is not very likely. If it is small white users will definitely go to the Input

JavaScript determines browser type and version

Do you know how many kinds of browsers are in the world? In addition to our well-known Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari, there are hundreds of browsers in the world.A few days ago, the browser family had just been born a little prince,

The difference between a label's href= "javascript:void (0)" and href= "#"

Fix a bug in the story. For IE6, clicking the gif pause bug only occurs when the javascript: pseudo-protocol does not have a semicolon. Let me give you a perspective.Adding an href attribute to a tag means the following: : The

JavaScript prototype Inheritance principle

For object-oriented basic syntax I'm not going to repeat this, for a friend who is not familiar with object-oriented can see the article "Creating Advanced Web applications using object-oriented technology."Prototype and [[prototype]]In the premise

[Javascript + Lodash] SortBy and Sortedindex

SortBy:var collection = [' John ', ' petteri ', ' Antti ', ' Joonas ', ' Zhentian ']; var sorted = _.sortby (collection); // [' Antti ', ' John ', ' Joonas ', ' petteri ', ' Zhentian ']var collection = [' John ', ' petteri ', ' Antti ', ' Joonas ', '

Share JavaScript to get web page close and cancel events off

In the web development, we often use the page closure event onbeforeunload, can give the user a choice to abandon the closure of the opportunity, such as this blog editor. If the user chooses to leave, then the OnUnload event will naturally trigger,

JavaScript III (syntax, key reserved words and variables)

Basic concept One, case-sensitiveEverything in ECMAScript (variables, function names, operators) is case-sensitive.The variable name test and test represent two different variables, respectively.Second, identifiersThe so-called identifier refers to

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