JavaScript syntax, key reserved words and variables

A Grammatical composition:  Case Sensitive: Everything in ECMAScript, including variables, function names, and operators are case-sensitive. For example, text and text represent two different variables.  identifier: The so-called identifier refers

JavaScript Basic Series (vii) function (definition and allocation function)

A function is a statement that can be run at any time, simply by saying that a function is a set of statements that completes a function that accepts 0 or more parameters.The basic syntax for a function is as followsfunction function Name ([arg0,arg1

JavaScript Basic Series (vi) loop statement (for Loop)

If you want to run the same code over and over again, and the values are different each time, it is convenient to use loops.document.write (Cars[0] + "");d ocument.write (cars[1] + "");d Ocument.write (cars[ 2] + "");d ocument.write (cars[3] + "");d

What is the difference between the trinocular operator and the If else in JavaScript

What is the difference between the trinocular operator and the If else in JavaScriptToday wrote a picture of a small demo of the carousel, used to judgeTry it first. If else, the code is as follows:if (n >= count-1) {n = 0;}else{n + +;}Then the code

JavaScript Advanced Path (i)--History and introduction

the previous blog post is now four months, have been trying to write something helpless work relatively busy. My mentor Lao Wang in the Graduation dinner day with a breath of wine told me to insist on writing down the blog, so today determined to

JavaScript uses the HTML5 file API to read files

JavaScript uses the HTML file API to read files, noting that "read" is read-only and does not take the initiative to get a list of files from the host on which the browser resides. HTML5 in Fileapi mainly have FileUpload,

JavaScript Basic Series (v) Conditional statements (comparison operators)

As in other languages, JavaScript also has conditional statements that judge the process. Includes various operations in accordance with logical statementsComparison operators The usual comparison operators are equal to = = , not equal to! = ,

JavaScript example seven (analog send button)

The Selenium1.0 era is implemented with JavaScript and should be used in a similar way. send analog keys Click the button to send the analog button to the text box (only valid for Firefox) This article is from the "Empty" blog, make sure to keep

JavaScript example seven (analog send button)

The Selenium1.0 era is implemented with JavaScript and should be used in a similar way. send analog keys Click the button to send the simulation button to the text box (only valid for Firefox) JavaScript example seven (analog send button)

A detailed description of JavaScript operating mechanism

JavaScript running mechanism in detail-reproduced: First, why is JavaScript a single thread?One of the main features of the JavaScript language is single-threaded, meaning that only one thing can be done at the same time. So why can't javascript

Break, continue, function cannot be overloaded in JavaScript

In JavaScript, break has a significant difference from continue.If a break statement is encountered, the inner loop is terminated, regardless of the number of calculations that follow.If a continue is encountered, only the loop is terminated, and

Prototype inheritance in JavaScript (i)

"Object-oriented" has three basic characteristics, namely encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism. Generally speaking, three features are fully satisfied, we call it "object-oriented language", while the language that satisfies some features is "

Whether the JavaScript function parameter pass is a value pass or a reference pass

Tips: This article is after listening to the four-foot cat JS course after the search, in-depth understanding can see two blog:  JavaScript data types-value types and reference types  JavaScript data manipulation-the nature of primitive and

Native implementation of the JavaScript removal space trim ()

The people's brains were kicked by the donkey until javascript1.8.1 support the Trim function (and trimleft,trimright), but now only firefox3.5 support. Because it is too often used to remove whitespace on both sides of a string, each large class

JavaScript basic Syntax &2

7.number && Data conversion to number typeInitializationvar number = new Number (' 23 ');//Use the constructor to create * use the TypeOf operator to return ' object '; Use the type function to return ' number ';var number = 23; Direct

Effective JavaScript Item 62 uses nested or named callback functions in asynchronous calls

At the outset, it is somewhat difficult to understand the order of the asynchronous program's invocation. For example, in the following program, starting will be printed first, then finished:downloadasync ( " file.txt" , function (file ) {

Four ways to define objects in JavaScript 2012-5-10 15:19 read (0)

recently in reading the JavaScript Advanced Program design, is a bit forgotten to read the content, it is intended to do some reading in the form of blog notes. Today is about Four ways to define objects in JavaScript, in addition to these

JavaScript DOM, what exactly is it-------Day32

I have a headache this evening, why?After all, halfway decent, my understanding of JavaScript just stuck in: invoking JavaScript, changing the page style, elements and implementing some of the response of the event, although the need for the time

JavaScript Replace () method

Article transferred from character Replace text $, $ 、...、 The text that matches the 1th to 99th sub-expression in RegExp. $& A substring

Reproduced A detailed explanation of JavaScript running mechanism: Another talk about event Loop

Source: A year ago, I wrote an article, "What is Event Loop?" , and talked about my understanding of the event loop. Last month, I happened to see Philip Roberts's speech, "Help, I ' M stuck in

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