Trim in BOM and JavaScript

Today encountered a IE7 under the Json.parse failure problem. A troubleshooting Discovery: The server-side profile encoding is UTF-8 + BOM that the output string starts with the BOM character, not the legitimate JSON.IE7 does not support native JSON,

Use JavaScript to get the lunar date for the current date

Source: code 1:/* Set Lunar date * / 2:var calendardata=New Array (100); 3:var madd=New Array (12); 4:var numstring="1,234,567,890"; 5:var monstring="is 234,567,890 winter wax";6: var

In layman's JavaScript variable scope

Before learning about the variable scope of JavaScript, we should make a few clear points: The variable scope of JavaScript is based on its unique scope chain. JavaScript does not have block-level scopes. Gambling King Casino

Learning JavaScript Design Patterns the Observer Pattern

The Observer PatternThe Observer is a design pattern where an object (known as a subject) maintains a list of objects depending on it (observe RS), automatically notifying them of any changes to the state.When a subject needs to notify observers on

JavaScript Source Map Detailed

Original link: is the last new version prior to version 2.0, with a number of new features, one of which is support for source Map.To access

JavaScript implicit type conversion

in programming, you have to convert a data type to another data type. Where a function or method call and a cast are called display transformations, conversely, the "intentional" conversion, in the case of "unknowingly", is called a hermit

Dom manipulation of JavaScript (iii)

1. Related element operation:var a = document.getElementById ("id");var B = a.nextsibling, find the next sibling element of a, note the spacevar B = a.previoussibling, find the previous sibling element of a, note the spacevar B = A.parentnode, find

JavaScript Basics Knowledge Summary--[1]

Introduction to JavaScriptJavaScript is a scripting languageJavaScript is a lightweight programming language.JavaScript is a programmatic code that can be inserted into an HTML page.When JavaScript is inserted into an HTML page, it can be performed

Understanding and using a callback function in JavaScript-2

Callback functions are very important in JavaScript and they are almost ubiquitous. Like other more traditional programming languages, there is a callback function concept, but it is very strange that there are few online tutorials to talk about the

JavaScript Base Object creation mode private properties and methods (024)

JavaScript does not have a special syntax to represent the private properties and methods of an object, and by default all properties and methods are public. Objects that are literally declared as follows:var myobj = { myprop:1,

In-depth understanding of the JavaScript series: the principle of solid five principles of interface isolation ISP (reprint)

In-depth understanding of the JavaScript series: the principle of solid five principles of interface isolation ISPObjectiveIn this chapter we are going to explain the 4th of the S.o.l.i.d Five principles of JavaScript implementation, the interface

JavaScript Object-Oriented programming

Javascript Object-oriented programming (i): encapsulationNanyiWhat is the hardest part of learning JavaScript?I think object is the hardest. Because JavaScript's object model is unique and different from other languages, beginners are not easy to

JavaScript Document Object

1.document Properties Cookie-User Cookie Title-the text defined in the title tag of the current page URL--The URL of the current page Document represents the contents of an HTML document, so it can be used to represent elements

"Functions in JavaScript are the first class of objects (first-class object)"

In itself this sentence is very good explanation, the function has two main characteristics, quoted from the Chen Xin translation of "javascript mode": 1. The function is the first class of objects: Functions can be created

3. Types, values and variables-javascript authoritative guide notes

began to become interesting, but the third chapter is to understand the basic knowledge of the concept of interpretation of the relevant concepts, and did not go deep into the combination of code and the functions to be implemented in terms of usage

Implementation of native JavaScript generation GUID

A GUID (global uniform identifier) is a number generated on a machine that guarantees that all machines in the same time and space are unique. Typically, the platform provides the API to generate the GUID. The generation algorithm is interesting,

The strange If-else if-else in JavaScript

Recently the head is a little dizzy, in JavaScript write If-else If-else code, actually to else added conditions. The code is as follows:IE9 and Chrome under the execution of this script, found not to prompt the JS error, the program's execution

JavaScript Weekly #183

This week ' s JavaScript News Read this issue on the Web | Issue Archive JavaScript Weekly Issue 183May 30, 2014

24 JavaScript Beginner Best Practices

One of these is that when you use a loop to create a new string, you use the join (), which is more efficient, often with push (); When you bind an action, you define the binding content that you want to execute as a function and then execute it.

9 large sorting algorithms implemented by JavaScript

Written interview often involves a variety of algorithms, this article briefly introduces some commonly used algorithms, and implemented with JavaScript. 1. Insert Sort1) Introduction to AlgorithmsThe algorithm description of Insert sort

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