Adobe Air and Dreamweaver for JavaScript developers

Author: David Tucker Adobe Air has excellent support for html/javascript applications and desktop integration, but in addition to all the additional features, additional tools and techniques are required. This article explores the differences

JavaScript implementation clicks the link, multiple page content simultaneously changes the effect

This example mainly uses the frame principle, when clicks the link, the other two pages simultaneously changes, the concrete method is as follows: first define a method: When you click the link, call the method onclick= "Initrightframe (

JavaScript determines whether a string is numeric (integer or floating-point) __java

JavaScript isNaN (VAR) function, returns a Boolean valueUsed to determine if VAR is a non-numeric value, if the Non-numeric value returns True, or False if it is not. Cases:var intnum = 4;var floatnum = 3.1415;var str1 = "I am a student";var obj=

10 ways to cross-domain access for JavaScript

In the client programming language, such as JavaScript and ActionScript, the homology strategy is an important security concept that is important in ensuring data security. The homology policy stipulates that scripts across domains are isolated, and

JavaScript prototype attribute detailed (reprint) __java

Objective: This is a reprint reprint, I would like to only collect an address, found here to share can not be used, so reproduced again, only to do their own learning notes to use. I reprint the source:

JavaScript (function () {}) ()

The code is as follows:(function () {This ignores all implementations of jquery})();(function () {//This ignores jquery all implementations}) (); When I first contacted jquery six months ago, I was as excited as anyone else to see what the source

Use of Date objects in JavaScript __java

JavaScript does not have a basic date data type, so we can only explicitly create the Date object. We create a new Date object and create a string object the same way, using the keyword new and date constructors. The following line creates a Date

Use JavaScript Regular expressions to verify that the URL format is correct __ regular expressions

Using JavaScript Regular expressions to verify the URL format is correct, a lot of ways, this is only a way to achieve.The code is as follows: Call Method: Explain: (http\:\/\/)? Represents

JavaScript is such a weak type of language, in the judgment of equality is very troublesome, obviously not a thing, but equal. This example shows the equality of NULL, undefined, 0, false, and "". var Arr__java

How to Judge-null js in JS How to judge-undefined JS how to judge-string type of number The following is an incorrect method: var exp = undefined;if (exp = = undefined){Alert ("undefined");} When exp is null, it also gets the same result as

Another talk about JavaScript user-defined objects __java

We have written a [log of the original]javascript object processing], which introduces some concepts of creating user-defined objects in JavaScript. However, I think the text of the prototype object, the object of the direct volume, simulation of

JavaScript plain and prototype chain detailed __java

JavaScript Plain and prototype chain detailed Submission: Junjie font: [Increase   Decrease] Type: Reprint time:2015-02-11  I want to comment on this article mainly introduces JavaScript Central and prototype chain, this article explains the

JavaScript event bubbling, event capture, event handling, event delegate __java

Early events, as a means of sharing server computing load, are specific interactions that occur in real documents or browser windows, such as click Buttons, drag and drop files, and so on. We can use listeners to schedule events and respond when an

JavaScript FAQ (22)--Client information __java

19. Client Information 1, browser name (Browser name) Q: How do I detect the browser name. A: to get the actual name of the user's browser, you can use the Navigator.appname and Navigator.useragent properties. The UserAgent property is more

JavaScript anonymous function Summary __ function

Previous blog about JavaScript anonymous functions: first, enumerate several common ways to declare JavaScript functions: Function Demo () { //Functions body part } It is the essence

JavaScript Regular Expression Summary (test|match|search|replace|split|exec) __ Regular Expressions

Learn JavaScript regular Good Article one: Test : Tests whether string contains a matching result, contains return true, and does not contain return false. Match: A regular match

"Supplements" understands the arguments in JavaScript

ObjectiveRecently in the reading JavaScript related knowledge point, saw a foreigner of a JavaScript for WEB developers, encountered a knowledge blind spot, feel that the foreigner writes very clearly very thorough, the record to deepen the

Object of JavaScript syntax

today, summarize the focus of the object and the easy-to-understand points of knowledge.  1 There are two main types of JavaScript, basic types (including string,number,boolean,null,undefined) and objects. Whereas functions, arrays, built-in objects

JavaScript functions and scopes

Knowledge Content:1.JavaScript function2.JavaScript ScopesReference: JavaScript Advanced ProgrammingFirst, the functions in JavaScript1. Definition of functionsAfter learning Python, the definition of the function is no longer unfamiliar, and the

JavaScript Boolean (Boolean) object

1.JavaScript Boolean (Boolean) objectA Boolean (Boolean) object is used to convert a non-Boolean value to a Boolean value (True or false).1.1 Complete Boolean (Boolean) object reference manual1.2 Creating a Boolean ObjectA Boolean object represents

JavaScript in-depth parameters are passed by value

In the third edition of JavaScript Advanced Programming, 4.1.3, about passing parameters:Parameters for all functions in ECMAScript are passed by valuePass by value That is, to copy the values from the outside of the function to the

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